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14 thoughts on “This Is What Happens When People Like Geraldo Think They Have The Answer to Hundreds of Years of Suffering of Black People

  1. Im a nobody, somebody to some, but I can agree with Geraldo. And everyone steals hip hop culture and calls it their own to fit in, so they entertain that image. But blacks dont get any more respect for that. We treat ourselves as we percieve our art, and thays anybody. But its so very extreme the image of the hip hop community, so unstable. Id rather go back to when blacks wore suits there was class, dignity and respect back then…

  2. Alysia G says:

    Everyone has an answer for us, everyone has a jab at it, the music we're known for, and the perceptions that come from it. Why must we forbid ourselves to dress and wax poetically in certain forms. It's art and enthusiastic about being young and black. The height and length of my pants never made me, I don't wear baggy jeans but am not perceived any more so equal to others 😛

    I and so many others love hip-hop for so many different reasons. It's not a solution but can't be the problem.

    If we stop making hip-hop will they stop shooting my sons and calling my ancestry ugly?

    Good try but I'm doubtful Geraldo Rivera.

  3. Que Hampton says:

    Class and respect by whom? During the time you are referring to, black people were seen as lower then animals and not respected in the slightest, and on extreme levels, even lynched in our suits on countless occasion.

    If this is so much about the music then what about all those white kids shooting up schools and classmates, and serial killers, which all the killers happen to be avid listeners of death metal. I have never heard one white person say "it's that death metal music that's making our kids do this."

    Please sister don't drink their kool-aid. Black people don't own or control hip-hop. White people own majority, if not all, of record labels and radio stations yet Geraldo cleverly names Russel Simmons. It's all to play into their agenda of black people thinking and believing that "We are our own worst enemy" bullshit.

  4. Que Hampton says:

    Until I hear these white folks and some black folks, start talking about getting rid of all these white people who are the source of all this bad music, then I'll take this conversation seriously.

    This country deals with "terrorism" by eliminating the heads of the snakes right? Example Al Queda, USA wasn't talking about "we need to get rid of these suicide bombers for Al Queda" USA said "motha fucka we want "Bin Laden." So do the same shit with these record labels owners and radio station owners who are the heads of hip hop.

  5. To eachother. Least for a time we had class and respect for ourselves no mater how they treated us.

  6. Hank Wilson says:

    Yeah right, Geraldo, "That old dog want hunt anymore," and it was never music that interfered with the progress of the African American people. However, it were folks like you, who was pretended during their younger days to be a liberal hip guy. Yet, soon as you took your first ride on that money train you have not looked back, but going far right and full ahead while proving your racism at the drop of an hat. Any notions that you ever had about equality for all enthnicities here in America were quickly discarded like an extra Ace of Spades tucked inside a dirty white shirt-sleeve.

  7. We cant expect others to make us a priority if we first dont make ourselves one. Im all for freedom and rights but as a culture we lack dicipline for ourselves as a people. We want shiny stuff we want attention amd want to be acknowledged by the wrong people.. then down and bash our own. A comedy of errors. But if they see us portrayed in certain lights thenwe all are subjegated for a standard. So instead of us talking about how we all are wearing cowboy hats nboots singing country ballads all the time we gotta be a party favor, seen in most cliches. Shakin ass out and seduction is the norm? We invent everything, everything is copied. So teach the world how to behave with class and style, loving ourselves and eachother with mutual respect. The "thug" with the dreadlocks and sneakers deserves the same respect as a "scholar" with a suit n tie?? Lol they both smoke gmo weed. A "light skin" girl with a collar and a vest should be respected just as the "dark skinned" girl with blonde weave and short skirt with the ass n tits hangin out? We will set our own standards..

  8. Lisa Jackson says:

    Rap music has done worse than Americas racism? Really? I guess Mr. Geraldo Rivera has never witnessed a kkk lynching of a black man who tried to teach black children to read and write. Because I think that did more to hurt future generation. And I guess he never attended a public school, who by the way removed geography, art and music programs as a class requirement. So instead of learning chord progressions kids had to use beats instead. And most kids don't know where other places are in the world. Geraldo uses the media to tell him who black people are in America?

  9. Why do people hate blacks everywhere? The answer is not far-fetched. JEALOUSY, in most cases, is the root of hatred.
    It has been so since ages. It has been transmitted from generation to generation. We all know this deep down in our hearts but we avoid saying the obvious. Once the world is bold And honest enough to accept this simple truth or once blacks themselves realize this, humankind or the black race would be on the path to solving this age-old anomaly.
    Do any sane people busy themselves throwing stones at a tree that have no fruits on it?

  10. As bad as some people want to make hip hap it is clearing ground for new artist. Rock n roll had the some start. But nothing can justify racist white supermacy.

  11. He actually isn't lying. As bad as racism was, blacks were doing much better than they are now, in every category that matters; the most fundamental of which was family.

  12. According to Gerardo if we all wore business attire the funds for inner city schools, and jobs will just start pouring out of the sky.

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