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Robert Mugabe Emphasizes The Need For Africa To be Proud of Its Own Institutions

Robert MugbabePresident Robert Mugabe, as the AU Chairman, implored all Africans to utilize African resources in financing African operations. His call for Africa to be for Africans meant that Africans should be proud to be identified with their continent where natural resources are plenty and second to none in abundance the world over.

As such African leaders should be proud of and have confidence in African institutions in fighting any vice that might befall the continent. While Africa has been under attack from diseases like Ebola, HIV and AIDS, Malaria and other diseases, African leaders have not come together to strategize on how to deal with such diseases. It has been a big problem for African countries to come together and deal with such vices in the continent.

The outbreak of Ebola in countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and other Western African countries late in 2013 saw the World Health Organisation (WHO) sending medical experts into Africa to deal with the situation. African leaders were caught unawares as nearly ten thousand people succumbed to that disease. It was disturbing that there was no plan put in place by African leaders to handle such an outbreak as it needed the intervention of experts from outside the continent to deal with that pandemic.

While it is not wrong to consult the international community when Africa is faced with problems ranging from diseases, wars, economic malaise, Africa should now realize that African problems need African solutions. It is high time that Africa becomes independent economically, socially, culturally and physically so that the continent is able to wean itself off from western dependence syndrome. Africans should have the expertise to deal with such problems without international intervention.

For that reason, Africa should embrace the call by the current AU Chairperson, President Mugabel, for Africa to be for Africans. It is high time that African leaders embrace African solutions to African problems. Africa should realize that it is endowed with natural resources which if utillised carefully and magnificently the continent can finance its operations without the assistance from western countries. In actual fact western countries got developed just because of their exploitation of African natural resources which are scattered around the continent.

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