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Robert Mugabe Emphasizes The Need For Africa To be Proud of Its Own Institutions

Robert MugbabePresident Robert Mugabe, as the AU Chairman, implored all Africans to utilize African resources in financing African operations. His call for Africa to be for Africans meant that Africans should be proud to be identified with their continent where natural resources are plenty and second to none in abundance the world over.

As such African leaders should be proud of and have confidence in African institutions in fighting any vice that might befall the continent. While Africa has been under attack from diseases like Ebola, HIV and AIDS, Malaria and other diseases, African leaders have not come together to strategize on how to deal with such diseases. It has been a big problem for African countries to come together and deal with such vices in the continent.

The outbreak of Ebola in countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and other Western African countries late in 2013 saw the World Health Organisation (WHO) sending medical experts into Africa to deal with the situation. African leaders were caught unawares as nearly ten thousand people succumbed to that disease. It was disturbing that there was no plan put in place by African leaders to handle such an outbreak as it needed the intervention of experts from outside the continent to deal with that pandemic.

While it is not wrong to consult the international community when Africa is faced with problems ranging from diseases, wars, economic malaise, Africa should now realize that African problems need African solutions. It is high time that Africa becomes independent economically, socially, culturally and physically so that the continent is able to wean itself off from western dependence syndrome. Africans should have the expertise to deal with such problems without international intervention.

For that reason, Africa should embrace the call by the current AU Chairperson, President Mugabel, for Africa to be for Africans. It is high time that African leaders embrace African solutions to African problems. Africa should realize that it is endowed with natural resources which if utillised carefully and magnificently the continent can finance its operations without the assistance from western countries. In actual fact western countries got developed just because of their exploitation of African natural resources which are scattered around the continent.

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14 thoughts on “Robert Mugabe Emphasizes The Need For Africa To be Proud of Its Own Institutions

  1. I think the countries of Africa would do well to look within.
    The continent is rich with resources and we all know this is what drives the world economy. Used wisely, Africa could be what we all think it should be, and that is a very powerful continent.

  2. He is a genius. When blacks start to see and understand what he is saying, Afuraka for the Afurakans, we look after our own, get the foreigners out doctoring on Afurakan people. Afuraka the riches continent on the planet, one time no one there but Afurakan people. Anyone thinks we are not loved, think again, the creator give us Aruraka, and only Afrukans. I feel loved, we do not neet them (our enemies) they need us.

  3. However, I do believe Mr Mugabes' leadership is sorely lacking.

  4. Gregory Moore We never see the perfect leader, considering the problems he was up against, the sanctions, it will destroy a country. Mugabe was the first one to lead arm struggle against white rule, he was on the battle field with the gurilla fighters.

  5. its the right time for the leaders of the world to lead thear people to love its fultime we begin to feed our people educate our chrilden to be rulers of this universe africa unite lets live in love throw away the war and strife and build the nation of love that's wat we are war is not the ansure its onley love can unite africa.

  6. Says the man who is wining and dining with Jacob Zuma in South Africa while his own people (millions of whom chose to move to South Africa than continue under his rule) are being butchered on the streets of Johannesburg, Durban etc

  7. Masimba Musodza You are moving too fast, get your information straight. Read the article in Africapost I believe the site, and they will tell you exactly what he is doing in SA, it is a beautiful thing. You realize there were sanctions on Zimbabwe for twenty or more years, do you realize sanctions can choke a country, you see how happy the Iranians are to be from under sanctions they have had on them for dozens of years. Sure Zimbabwe almost died, they tried to destroy Zimbabwe, and US still have the sanctions on Zimbaabwe, yesterday they said Iran were trying to build neuclear weapons, and today they are dropping sanctions on them. If Magbe had done anything that bad, with the US and the went controlling the UN they would have indicted him years ago, and brought him down to the Hague, prosecuted him for crimes, and he would be locked up right now. I hate to have to sit here and inform you about what is happening in the world especially Afuraka, but when you speak ill of Mugabe, I have to say, hands off Mugabe, he is our hero, blacks all over the world love him.

  8. Nzingha Shabaka The only person trying to destroy Zimbabwe is Mugabe and his coterie of kleptocrats. When the time comes, we will do our own prosecution, thank you very much. If you want him so much, why don't you take him so that we can all go home again and rebuild our country in peace and freedom? That way, everyone will be happy.

  9. Masimba Musodza Whatever you say. No leader is perfect. You do realize there were sanctions on the country for 20 years, he spoke about that today. Some of you hate Mugabe more than Cecil Rhodes and the rest of the invading, colonizing killers. You probably want Ein Smith back, as your leader, the racist colonizer who said, no blacks would ever rule Zimbabwe. Last post to you, do not post back. Good luck.

  10. The AU is a joke. We were better off with the OAU, at least then no one pretended that they were actually interested in a potent continental union. Mugabe and his peers are more interested in preserving their positions of power, holding whole countries hostage. Militarily, socio-economically, politically, Africa is weaker than it was when de-colonisation started. I proof-read a dissertation for a friend a few years back, you'd be surprised how difficult it is for the AU to get a helicopter flying- yet each AU government can keep its citizens in check and enter in to arrangements with foreign powers for them to milk resources for guns.

  11. Nzingha Shabaka Where did you learn history? Mugabe only came to power because the real leaders of the armed struggle were in jail, and many people felt that there ought to be a visible leader now that the fighting had started. He had just returned from Ghana, and everyone was impressed with how well-spoken he was etc. He was Ndabaningi Sithole's secretary (Find out what happened to Sithole afterwards) Find out about a man called Mujuru (or Rex Nhongo as he was known during the war) who had to introduce Mugabe to the guerillas in the bush as nobody knew who he was. Today, Mujuru's wife, former Vice-President, joins the list of politicians who have fallen out with Mugabe and are now enemies of the state.
    Zimbabwe's problems started way before the so-called "sanctions." Even if the "sanctions" are lifted, until there is a culture of democracy and publicly accountable government, those problems will continue. But, nice try at obfuscating the issue with your keyboard warrior piffle. It might make you feel good about yourself, having a made-up name and stuff, but it cannot possibly compare to growing up in Zimbabwe and being a part of that change from post Independence exuberance to disillusionment and dissent. Take several seats, I believe that is the American expression?

  12. I am going to respond even if I said I would not. You must be one nasty Afurakan individual, you got the nerve to criticize me as you said with my made up name, you should be proud of me trying to have my indegenous name, you do not have a monopoly on Afuraka, it does not just belong to the fortunate one whose did not get kidnapped like my people did. Mugabe spent 10 years in prison. Why don't you check your information before you post this silly stuff. Now you hate me because I love Mugabe, you are one of those mean hateful uncle toms aren't you, sure you are. You just said you would rather be under Cecil Rhoodes or Ein Smith, than a black, these evil whites caused Zimbanwe to suffer like they did, you go from white rule to black rule, and yu are not willing to give it a change to work things out, it may take another 20 years before things work out, I would rather be under black rule any day than those enslavers, struggling at that. By the way if it will make you feel better I will be changing my last name to reflect the area I am from in the very near future, Shabaka was from Kemet, you know where that is? Nzingha is west Afuraka, where I am from, therefore both my name will reflect where I am from. Yes I do like to type, you got a problem with that. I bet your face is ugly too, just like your attitude.

  13. Nzingha Shabaka With each post, you get even sillier. Cecil Rhodes died over a century ago. Ian Smith died a bit more recently, but he had been out of the political business for decades before. It is Mr Mugabe, who is on the rampage today, killing Black people and running a whole country to the ground, that I am more interested in.
    Notice how you cannot respond to the information I posted. Spot of dissonance, eh?

  14. I don't hate you. I like clowns.

    "You just said you would rather be under Cecil Rhoodes or Ein Smith, than a black, these evil whites caused Zimbanwe to suffer like they did, you go from white rule to black rule, and yu are not willing to give it a change to work things out," Now, we both know that is not true, not once did I say that.

    Mushavaka (or "Shabaka" as you call him) is a direct ancestor of mine. He was in fact from Nubia rather than Egypt. And for your information, Nzingha was actually a Southern African Queen, ruling over part of what is now the Republic of Angola. A bit more learning and less getting mad would be of great benefit to you.

    What would make me feel better is you getting a reality check. As for my face, well, there are loads of pictures of me online and they will show me to be sublime, handsome beyond belief. You are the one hiding behind a made-up name and someone else's picture because you've already been told that you look minging!

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