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3 thoughts on “This Is An Illustrative Explanation Of Why African People Need To Seriously Embrace Their Languages and Protect Their Culture

  1. Powerful. Truly upsetting. White people can't deny the Quran now! This is the Dawn. Surah 113.

  2. Brother Cecil, I don't mean to put you down, but, if you are truly of African descent, running from Christianity to Islam is just like jumping out of the frying pan, into the fire; we Africans worship the God of our forefathers, our churches, or mosques are called, 'shrines', and, as old school as it sounds, we offer sacrifices.

    Just think about it, for a second; if everything the oppressor gave you was misery, WHY IN HELL WOULD HIS RELIGION BE ANY DIFFERENT?

    Bear in mind, that it was the Arab (Saudi Arabia), that mostly sold your foreparents to the white man. The same Arab orchestrated 911. Even Osama was arab. Yet the Persian (Iraq) had to pay for the misdeed…

    And by the way, did you you know that both the so called, 'Holy' Bible and the Quran, strongly endorse slavery?

    Now, when we speak of slavery/slaves, we all know who everybody turns around to look/point at…

    The queen is talking about African culture being belittled. My question to you is; for how long are you going to be asking people to, 'speak english', so that you can understand what they are saying?

    True freedom will come to you when you start adopting African language. D.N.A. don't mean shit; you already knew you were African, the minute you realized that you were Black…. and, hopefully, culture.

    Look at me; they've been teaching me the english language since kindergaten level, yet I still haven't mastered it.

    Note: I only say this because, most… actually, all of the negative responses I receive for speaking bad english comes from my Black brothers and sisters…

    You can never win this war alone.

  3. If you understand. It means the setting of white civilization. They are the global minority. Their world is setting and thats why they are acting out. They can't stand to see another people come into power. The Darker people of the world will not turn back. We on the move. Rising.

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