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8 Unfortunate Myths That Continue to Perpetuate Negative Images of Black Women

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Black Women Are Unusually Sexual People

Many people have fallen for the false narrative that Black women are overly sexual creatures and, therefore, make the perfect fetish for a sexual fantasy. Their bodies are often displayed in a manner that makes them some sort of freak show — something that stems all the way from the 1800s when Sarah Baartman was put on display and treated as an attraction for European men. With depictions of Black stars like Nicki Minaj and Beyonce dominating mainstream media, these entertainers are often used to propagate this racial bias. As Minaj, pointed out, however, there are many white female entertainers who embrace sexuality in the media just as often as Black women do and they are never pelted with myths that they are unusually sexual beings.



Black Women Emasculate Black Men

As usual, mainstream media outlets have been adamant about keeping this myth about Black women alive and convincing the world that Black love is suffering because Black women are too abrasive to keep their men happy in the relationship. This stereotype is commonly referred to as the Sapphire, the “wise-cracking, balls-crushing, emasculating woman, is usually shown with her hands on her hips and her head thrown back as she lets everyone know she is in charge,” an article published by the University of Dayton explained. “… Ernestine Ward popularized the Sapphire image in the racist Amos n Andy televisions series from the 1950s. Ward played a character known as Sapphire, and her husband, Kingfish, was played by Tim Moore. Sapphire’s spiteful personality was primarily used to create sympathy in viewers for Kingfish specifically and African American males in general.”

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