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18 thoughts on “She Came Home and Told Her Mother She Wanted to Change Her African Name, But What Her Mother Told Her Was Impeccable

  1. Geree Morris says:

    Thdre is no video….

  2. Her Mother was soooo right.

  3. I have been seeing a lot of this lately, giving out false Headlines trying to sell or get you to do something! Must be trying to manipulate some minds into doing what they want you to do!

  4. Valerie Hall says:

    love her mother. she is sooooo right.

  5. Ash D Lowe says:

    The video comes on after the 30 sec advertisement.

  6. Valerie Hall says:

    what are you talking about? and if you can't reply with intelligence don't reply AT ALL!

  7. Breez Dennis says:

    I just watched the video.

  8. You guys are being impatient. I watched it

  9. Ray Watkins says:

    This was precious…….

  10. also watched the video, though it took longer than usual to load.

  11. I've been saying the same thing to Black folks and non-Black folks for years about Afrikan Ancestral names! Especially when Continental Afrikans claim they took European/slave names because their Ancestral names are too hard to pronounce. If you can say Espinoza-Rodriquez, or Angelique or Mephistopheles — you can say Uzo! It's only when it's Afrikan (or Asian) names! People of colour with non-European (and Muslim) names need to stop aquiescsing to the "dominant" cultures' BS and hold true to our ethnic/cultural traditions — especially our names. It's 2015 and folks are still expecting Black/Afrikan people to do that Toby BS!

  12. Omisade Sovi says:

    That is how I feel. Learn my name.

  13. Kouto Anyika says:

    I have quite a lot of mispronunciation of my name and some choose not to even call my name at all. They say that it is too hard. Three syllables only. It saddens me more when it is an African, home or abroad, that having problems with my name. I am proud of my self as an African and my name too.

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