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14 thoughts on “The Way the Preschool System Is Treating These 3-Year-Old Black Kids Is Seriously Heartbreaking

  1. How are you going to suspend a (3) years? Why our children? Home schooling 101. "What it takes to create a genius"

  2. Merl Seeker says:

    Continue to speak up & speak out. Shut these school down, lawsuit. Stand for something or fall for anything.

  3. Lewis Suki says:

    A public disgrace.

  4. Can you say Lawsuit? Lawsuit! And then keep your little precious gift's at home and find like minded mothers to home-school with.

  5. Robin Hughes says:

    Sorry but at three and four you need to be home with your Mother! Period.

  6. Toya James says:

    That is a shame and a sad truth.

  7. This is why we need our own schools. Smh

  8. No, a three or four year-old kid should be interacting with peers, not cooped up somewhere with his/her parent. But an all day care facility, I agree, is a bit much for this age range.

  9. Malcolm X said that we are fools to let our enemies teach and mold our children.

  10. Danita Ford says:

    I understand her because they do have a issues and they hide behind them when confronted and this is really sad that at three our little black children still today have to go threw this, I hope that this get worked out be cause it happens all over america.And this needs to stop.Our children regardless need not to be put under that kinda pressure because that will ruin a child , And in my opinion that is what they are trying to do destroy before they even become a adult so sad.

  11. Danita Ford says:

    No they do not pre school has been in place for years and it helps the child learn and get ready for first grade.And single mom and parents now days have to work who can stay home any more with your kids.Unless you have the resource to do so.

  12. Shana Belle says:

    I wonder if her kids follow the rules at home….

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