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9 thoughts on “How The Dominican Republic Continues To Disenfranchise Its Black Citizens of Haitian Descent Could Be A Gross Violation of Their Human Rights

  1. Terry Moore says:

    The worst colorism I have ever seen is in the DR! I was very disappointed to see it on my visit. We are just a messed up bunch of folk! But, we should know the root of it and overcome and stop perpetuating the maddness! The rest of the title said of Haitian descent, they are ALL of Haitian descent! Just because your grandma opened her legs to Spaniard by force or choice doesn't mean you didn't descend from Haiti!

  2. Tery Moore you sre talking like haitian ia a race, haiti is country and haitian is a nacionality, and is totally real that dominican we are really racism but your comment is out of focus ….

  3. Tulio my brother! Terry is absolutely on point we are all Haitian & Dominican on that Island. Our only problem is Mental slavery.

  4. If you want to help them please bring them to your contry you don't now how the are so don't comment ….. I live in Dominican Republic ware not rich so we don't have the money to maintain other contry or other people

  5. Thats why i dont wanna spend my hard earned money visiting the Dominican republic, i would rather go somewhere else. It

  6. Terry Moore says:

    How can it be out of focus if you just said, yes, Dominicans are really racist? Y'all are so busy trying to forget your history and past, that you have actually succeeded! Read a book! Haitians are people just like Dominicans!

  7. again you comemt is about like haiti is a race is just a nacionality, i ve been in many placee and i never felt more racism than my oen country, im a visual artist and my work is about is a critic about racism, im in the same side of your point just you are talking like haiti is a race ……

  8. So I guess you didn't know that Haiti was founded over 200 years after the Spanish arrived on Hispaniola? Hispaniola is the name of the entire island, as in Hispano/hispanic. It wasn't until 1697 that Spain formaly divided the island into Spanish Santo Domingo and French Saint Domingue. Yes, before Haiti it was called Saint Domingue the french translation of Santo Domingo. If you know basic math, that will tell you that hispanic culture has existed for over 500 years on the island while no more than 300 years of French influence.
    Of course, some people in DR will have Haitian descent and on the other side, some Haitians will have Dominican blood. You need to read a book before making unfounded and ignorant comments.

  9. There's always Virginia Beach buddy.

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