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11 thoughts on “These Ancient African Pieces of Art Are Nothing Short of Amazing, But the Way Some Europeans Tried to Discredit Them Is Despicable

  1. What about the pyramids. Isn't that complex? Or is that not apart of Africa?

  2. Believe me people they are awake and know the Black Man's history. He just does not want you to know. They spend Billions trying to keep us unaware.

  3. The racism continues. It's amazing that they thought that we went to the Walmart of ancient times and bought these. Europeans are so dismissive of everything Africans have done throughout the ages.

  4. liyaphuma iqiniso manje… question though… how the hell do you discover something in somebody's home? how? how?

  5. mr dewayne you are so right on this, they have known for ever they got to try you from finding out, remember they don't teach black man's history in school, they must keep us stupied so they can be on top that's what it's all about.

  6. liyaphums iqiniso manji you can't discover something in someone home when they built it, the Europeans want to dumb you down by using those terms.

  7. amber mcentire the pyramids are in afirka, they are complex, they want you to think the pyramids are in the middle east, you can reseach this on youtube.

  8. "Egyptians" built the pyramids as the Egyptologist would have us believe. The skin tone of their Egyptians are on the lighter side of a brown paper bag, even though the hieroglyphics, the artifacts, even the Sphinx itself clearly depict individuals with African features and colors.

  9. Don't be fooled by the lightening of the skin.The powers that be have been doing that since they discovered our ancestors were already living large before they knew how to get around the map. We were building pyramids and mounds all around the world. We are one people don't let them confuse you with names and titles. Peace

  10. Mandy Reed says:

    The majority of African/Black history is being hidden in British/American/European museums, and the Vatican. The popes pray to a BLACK Madonna statue. Euro lies are falling apart and the Gods are waking up.

  11. immagine if they could move the pyramids from Egypt.

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