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8 thoughts on “Many People Will Be Shocked by How These MLK Words Align With the Thinking of Minister Farrakhan

  1. The voice of truth.

  2. The one man White People always attempt to use against Black People's legitimate frustrations just back fired!!!

  3. Farrakhan, the voice of TRUTH!

  4. It's always good to go back to School and listen to the truth.

  5. This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most vial men in the African American community. He barks loud as a vicious dog but, has no teeth, when it comes to engagement on the battlefields of Black Social issues. He continues, as did his master, Elijah Muhammad, sequesters himself behind walls built on the crumbling infrastructure of African-American poverty. Never has he once engaged, but continually speak, as a barking dog chained to the purse of his Caucasian masters, for the want of coins from that purse, in the form of Religious non- taxation. He is an agent, as was his master, Elijah Muhammad, of the FBI>.

  6. You are very foolish

  7. What did you just say? You made no sense whatsoever! So smart you sound dumb!

  8. Mr. Robinson, do you really believe that the system would allow the Minister Farrakhan to have a non-Profit status like Christian churches? Surely You Jest Sir with this religious non-taxation talk!

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