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10 Major Contributions Ancient Egyptians Made to Modern Medicine

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Dental Bridges

Physicians in ancient Egypt proved to be masters of dentistry and had already learned how to craft effective dental bridges. According to the British Dental Journal, on several occasions early dental bridges were discovered on ancient Egyptian skulls, and three of the teeth are on display at various museums with evidence of the bridges still in tact.



Anesthesia Pain Killers and Anesthesia

For thousands of years, ancient Egyptians already had a thorough understanding of painkillers and laid the foundation for modern-day medical means of pain relief. Both the Edwin Smith Papyrus and the Ebers Papyrus make note of the fact that ancient Egyptians already had knowledge of the narcotics in natural herbs like the water lily and lotus, cannabis, the poppy and the mandrake. They used these natural remedies to control pain long before Europeans figured out the natural powers of such herbs.

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