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7 thoughts on “Did These Black Teachers At Howard University’s Middle School Really Get Fired For Teaching Children Their African History?

  1. Very disturbing to watch

  2. Did anyone catch what that young genius said? They were trying to teach us things about "our" African heritage! Something is real messed up when you can get your history at an HBCU.

  3. No no we can't hv that…knowledge is power they can't hv these young mines knowin too much now…smh

  4. I so wish that l was taught more about my ancestors story verses a made up version of His-story that filled with a load of whitewashing…..that fears Americans having that truth that would certainly empower the youth to take pride verse shame of our African ancestry.

  5. It's another sad day in AmeriKKKa.

  6. Reuben Hyman says:

    This is what we all need to know about black History.

  7. Sula Benap says:

    This is why black people MUST teach your kids BLACK HISTORY AT HOME from k through 12!

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