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15 thoughts on “This Is a Shocking Look at How Far Back in History the ‘War on Drugs’ Has Been Used as a Tool to Oppress Black People

  1. Make America know her sin! All behind fear.

  2. why do white people always want to tell other people what to do? why didn't they just stay in europe and conduct their society as they see fit.]? why do they impose their views on everybody else?

  3. When you pick up and take up the ways of your oppressors – your oppressors will control, manipulate and take you. 99+% of the people didn't put a gun to your head to find an escape and peace in drugs while turning your back on GOD THE CREATOR. geeez.

  4. um… if you actually knew GOD THE CREATOR – you wouldn't call them white people and you would know what happens when you take on the ways of those who attempt to oppress you.

  5. Dennis C. Latham what should I call them, the chosen ones? the God I worship is not partial.

  6. Rhonda Davis says:


  7. Lee Johnson says:

    If you fall for this shit your not as smart as I gave you credit for. This guy ain't nothing but a light skinned sharpton. Hes pulling your string just to see you spin. By reading these posts, its working too. LOL

  8. Marc Bagby says:

    classic dynamics of pedagogy of the oppressed

  9. Marc Bagby says:

    classic dynamics of pedagogy of the oppressed

  10. Marc Bagby ACTUALLY? GOD, CHRIST and THE HOLY SPIRIT are the only ONE'S who offer PEACE. Nothing missing and nothing broken.

  11. Farntella Graham Well… I've been working on that myself – for well over a year. Just like I don't call myself black – because I AM not black but brown – same with caucasions – they are not white – and most are a share of light tan – which is also brown…. when one starts to LOVE THE CHARACTER and not skin colors – THE HEAVENS OPEN TO BLESS….

    Cling to those who have characters as GOD, CHRIST or THE HOLY SPIRIT.
    and separate from those who have characters of satan.
    It's that plain and simple.

  12. He's right on the head

  13. Dennis C. Latham don;t be so simple minded. what do you think I am talking about? I am talking about the CHARACTER OF MANY WHITE FOLKS.

  14. Rhonda Davis says:

    We better stop believing the war on drugs was a long time ago. The kids of that war are in their late 30'z..many survivors of that black holocoust (war on nigga oops i mean drugs)are in their 50z……..

  15. Farntella Graham I AM not simple minded – and they are not white – just like you ain't black – now who's simple minded?

    You stated…. ""why do white people always"" – all caucasions don't do that – I know many your skin color who do the same.

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