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21 thoughts on “Watch Muhammad Ali Blast This Reporter About Hollywood’s Persistent Use of Negative Images of Black People

  1. Bayindo Zibula Menso says:


  2. Frank Johnson says:


  3. Khadijah Johnson says:

    Beautiful man. I love him, his courage, his values, his love. May Allah give him peace eternally in this life and the next.

  4. "I'm too slick for them tricks…" my man, Ali…the greatest!

  5. He stands for the best in black people. ..God Bless the Greatest!!

  6. Love him, lol. His legacy is profound!

  7. So true with all the great movies Denzel acted in he got the Emmy for portraying a dirty corrupt cop .


  9. this interview would not be air today. no one ask real questions today…..go back and.
    see the full interview.michael parkinson show.

  10. Tasha Simms says:

    Well said champ!!!

  11. Marshawn Lynch is following in his GREAT footsteps at the moment. We must SUPPORT all of our warriors!

  12. Dirkie Ja says:

    Homophobic trash

  13. Kuron Lark says:

    Like most people say when discussing the racist leaders this country has had "He's just a victim of the time he was born in!"

  14. "Get over it, it happened in the past".

  15. Kenny Johns says:


  16. Lamont Dowell its still happenng now. take a real good at the media even music look at the rap game bro dont be fooled by the glittz.

  17. Actually he's right, Rock Hudson was gay, the guy who played Pharoah in the 10 commandments was gay. Most of the Male leads of the 60s and 70s were Gay white males

  18. He spoke the truth decades ago, He was a Real Black Man that many Black men will never be no matter how much wealth and "power" they have.

  19. Kado Petoud says:

    Voice of truth.

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