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19 thoughts on “The Way This Panel Is Reacting To ASU’s Race Theory Class Perfectly Displays Some White People’s Inability To Recognize Their Role in The Race Problem in America

  1. Lisa Jackson says:

    Narrow minded, white privilege has driven this country down. Because when you're privileged you feel that there is no need to work hard or know much because opportunities will be given to you anyway.

  2. Malik Heru El-Shabbazz says:

    99% of 'conscious' the white mentality is expressed through violence, sex, or sexual violence (which includes sexual degradation and domination).

    99% of conscious Black mentality is expressed through love, community development, and spirituality).

    those Blacks who are unconscious of themselves, express themselves through the mentality of white consciousness – that is like a a lion behaving as a dog – it is unnatural.

    finally, it is patently impossible for a white to share or embrace Black consciousness.

  3. Aaron Grey says:


  4. Are white people really that clueless of what's going on in this country? Notice how the panel said "What if we have a class about Blackness" I mean damn from what I can tell the instructor is white. And why they had to use us as an example, like we the only other race to talk about. So glad people starting to wake up.

  5. Jay Be says:

    Fuck 'em. Do you REALLY think you can explain to THEM how their world view is skewed and that it needs to be re-examined?

    If you haven't accepted that THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE, they you haven't yet fully accepted reality.

    We are all skirting around what this inevitably all means…

  6. because they are the rot cause of most of the problems in the world. their desire to control wealth and citizenry is their disease.

  7. I would like to Add another book. The Invention of the white race by Theoore W. Allen

  8. Eto LongWood says:

    I would also suggest "The Iceman Inheritance" by Michael Bradley.

  9. Joan Coulter says:

    Oh, you are soooo smart! 🙂

  10. Whiteness is more than just race, just as Blackness is. It's about ethnicity, history, and social structure, including power and dominance. It's not a target of white people it's targeting the American ethno-cultural power dynamics (which uses race as a tool) of people who ascribe to a label of being white as a culture and an ethnicity. Which is why race and ethnicity need different titles and culture, which is rarely named needs to be understood as something separate from race and ethnicity, regardless of its interconnectedness. People of all races take part of and play victim of whiteness, but of course white people, as a race, typically remain dominant as a result to whiteness.

  11. I had to watch this "interview" twice to make sure I was hearing them correctly. Fox is really trying to rewrite history through the mouths of these two dummies. OF COURSE there is a problem with white people in this country. They either have the world's worse case of amnesia or they are deliberately trying to sweep all their NASTY history of slavery and genocidal conquest under the rug.

  12. Joe D Powell says:

    people take college courses in an effort to educate themselves n that field! your personal feelings about a subject is irrelevant when it comes to comprehending the topic! there should be black and white teachers teaching this course. and there should be black and white students learning about the "problem of whiteness"! ASU has tens of thousands of students, but she said that only 18 students were enrolled in the class! tendencies of white america isn't something white people feel they need to learn more about! they have that shit down pat! and they have no desire to know more about black america! they feel like racism is not that big of an issue! (majority of whites) the female student said that the books required fo taking the course depicted all whites in a certain light, and she didn't share the same views. if she is sincere, that's a beautiful thing! but if the teacher is also sincere in that he just wants to educate people on "whiteness" I think we may all be able to learn something about ourselves, and our brothers and sisters of all races!

  13. Thom Willi says:

    Historically the meeting of what is now as whites and blacks as we colloquially referred to presently was monumental . My individual research on this issue has placed my opinion on a firm foundation. As I understand this topic , blacks or as we were scientifically known Homo-erectus versus neanderthals the cave dwelling antagonist of our early existence. Due to a superior intellect the neanderthals homogeny was usurped by blacks as Homo- erectus , and eventually to the point of specific genetic extinction. As they followed their food supply to warmer climates due to the impending ice age our encounter was inevitable . Further the migration out of Africa of the remnant of all peoples to worldwide expanses is well documented and is widely excepted as dogma and archeological and anthropological fact. Any other treatise on the issues of our present involvement with each other or how we should comport ourselves
    As we coexist is not relevant to the plight of modern day blacks worldwide. As our homeland is at the present time being divvied up by our former colonial masters for the rich natural resources that are abundant on the soil of our birth.

  14. Jazzy Kat says:

    As a white woman I would like to say that not all white people are this clueless. In fact I cannot believe the utter stupidity of both of these women, especially the representative from the college. I weep for humanity, in all seriousness. This whole interchange just shows the blindness of white priviledge. The "outrage" that these two are manufacturing makes me want to smash my head against a wall. I am not at all surprised, however, that this is an interchange on Fox News. The media (especially this outlet) is doing an awesome job of keeping the races divided and breeding contempt for one another.

  15. Vide OSpuger says:

    When u fear that your kids are going to find out the truth about ya…. Meanwhile in education land ==>

  16. Mark Francis says:

    striking out with angry or guilty defensiveness in response to pointed fingers that many white people believe unfairly paint them all as racists—or at least as the recipients of white privilege.

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