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6 thoughts on “Watch This Black Man Make a Compelling Argument About Black People Being Anti-Gun in America

  1. John H Johnson III says:

    Having trouble viewing the video. It just plays the commercial and stops.

  2. Sorry. The 2nd amendment applies to us as well as any other American. I will NOT be weakened just because you refuse to see the light. Disarm us, and we are victims all the same.

  3. That why the Black community as well as the churchs need to stand up for what is right! We would not need guns to defend ourselves wakeup America!

  4. Frst Brn says:

    Though his argument is compelling the fact that their are guns in our communities is exactly why we our over policed, and have a high mortality rate. I grew up in a neighborhood where their was a body count almost every night. I developed fear of loud pops or bangs from post traumatic stress, my neighborhood was virtually a war zone. So I respectfully disagree with guns as an option in any home or area where children dwell. We are NOT IRAQ…..

  5. Gun lovers are such fear mongers!

  6. I agree with him so until we wake up Everyone else around the people that are sleeping Are supposed to suffer Not me and mine.

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