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10 Pieces of Evidence That Prove Black People Sailed to the Americas Long Before Columbus

Africans sail to America

Columbus Himself

According to renowned American historian and linguist Leo Weiner of Harvard University, one of the strongest pieces of evidence to support the fact that Black people sailed to America before Christopher Columbus was a journal entry from Columbus himself. In Weiner’s book, “Africa and the Discovery of America,” he explains that Columbus noted in his journal that the Native Americans confirmed “black skinned people had come from the south-east in boats, trading in gold-tipped spears.”

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220 thoughts on “10 Pieces of Evidence That Prove Black People Sailed to the Americas Long Before Columbus

  1. Where did we go wrong how did we end up in such a state with all of those great historical accomplishments and will we every be blessed with that type of skill set and knowledge again?

  2. You do know this article is full of shit, right?

  3. Wess Carson says:

    No Zachary Beasley I am not aware this article is "full of shit" and I curious why you would say so?

  4. Wess Carson Because none of these "facts" have a single reliable source backing them.
    Africans sailing across the Atlantic? I needed that laugh.

  5. Wess Carson says:

    Perhaps you should do some of your own research before claiming something is "full of shit".

  6. Wess Carson Perhaps you should do the same.

  7. Wess Carson says:

    Good advise took me about 2 mins plenty of references plenty of opinions no solid evidence one way or another. One theory I found laughable is African walked as an explanation for Olmec culture. Now that's laughable to me?

  8. Wess Carson "Claims of contact other than the Norse settlement of Greenland and the L'Anse aux Meadows settlement in Newfoundland[1][2] are generally controversial and considered debatable. These claims are often based on circumstantial or ambiguous evidence. The scientific responses to such pre-Columbian contact claims range from dealing with it in peer-reviewed publications to outright dismissal as fringe science or pseudoarcheology."

  9. Wess Carson says:

    To me "controversial and considered debatable" is different then "full of shit and laughable" words have meaning. Controversial and debatable to me, mean has not been proven or believed to incorrect by most, "full of shit and laughable" means to me that there is undisputable evidence that prove otherwise and you are foolish to think otherwise.

  10. Key Essense says:

    Well, one fact that I do know is that Christopher Columbus couldn't have discovered something that was already in existence. This land, "AmericaS" , was already occupied and had people living on it! And obviously they weren't white. So, I disagree with the founding fathers and holiday! Truth had to be erased so that the lie would be believed.

  11. Kai Wilder says:

    he wish this article was full of
    but its not the his-story books ur reading in class r tho u should do sm research

  12. Boss Dave says:

    Don't entertain this pale creature…he's just playing his role as a white man…nothing more to see. Nothing a white man says about black history is of any value to black people and we are not bound to honor it.

  13. We've been here billions of years and will be here a billion more.

  14. it is the reason why the land was known as E-TOP-Ya.

  15. Wess Carson Now that's how you handle white supremacist.

  16. Wess don't worry about him, you see he did the one thing that they always do when they get mad or don't like what they hear (MS archeologists and people who think blacks didn't do nothing in history). One he says there is no evidence but clearly the article is sourcing others and also telling you to look further with other European (not black European) explorers saying so. And two, he starts to cuss and say it's full of shit etc. etc. which I agree with you is proof that he doesn't want to look at.

    Did you know that blacks lived in China well before the Chinese today (China has pyramids and they won't let westerners see them, they buried them and planted trees). Some say that these where just the tombs of emperors and such that wanted their belongings to be stored with them. Or could it be that the Chinese of today or a few thousand years ago wanted no record of those blacks ever existing and so some emperor had them buried (being that it may have been to hard to dismantle them). Chinese scholars not black or white researched that blacks lived in china well before the Chinese of today or thousands of years ago.

    Blacks are found on almost all the continents of this planet and islands in the very distant past, but we didn't do anything? And if 20,000 years ago ship building and sailing was being done (writing and math was invented or re-invented 30,000 year ago by Africans), I see why the whites or Europeans don't like this. What where they doing in Europe around that time?

    Also Darren Giliam you said what we did wrong what happened, one, I think was the meteor shower or comet shower of debris that smashed into the north American continent aka the Ice sheets that ended the ice age and caused the massive extinction of the Ice Age civilizations of that time along with the megafauna. And two, I'm still working on it but many think that whites or that mutation of white didn't come into being until 20 to 15,000 years ago. When they came into being around the same time that many of those cultures where trying to dig themselves back out and rebuild what they knew from that Ice Age world.

  17. Wess Carson says:

    He is in high school, so if his high school history education was anything like my high school history education, then he is taught that people of color have achieved very little. I hope that his thirst for knowledge propels him to look past the color of someone skin to find the truth regardless if it is contrary to what you were taught in school.

  18. Lonnie Ruth says:

    Le sigh…there was no such thing as "Blacks" and "Negroes" back then.

  19. Lonnie Ruth says:

    Our coiled hair is made up of ether. When the different nations in Africa(Alkebulan) began to congregate and build their knowledge, they began building a utopia, which they eventually moved north to what is now Egypt(Kemet).
    Ether + Utopia = Ethe-opia.

  20. Lonnie Ruth says:

    There is never a time when man was not 🙂

  21. Their is reliable source materiel for those facts and assertions, Mr. Beasley. You need to do more reading. For starters read "The African Presence in Ancient America. They Came Before Columbus" by Ivan Van Sertima. And to answer your question Mr. Gilliam, "Where did we go wrong how did we end up in such a state…" you might read, "Into Egypt Again With Ships", by Elisha J. Israel.

  22. Their is reliable source materiel for those facts and assertions, Mr. Beasley. You need to do more reading. For starters read "The African Presence in Ancient America. They Came Before Columbus" by Ivan Van Sertima. And to answer your question Mr. Gilliam, "Where did we go wrong how did we end up in such a state…" you might read, "Into Egypt Again With Ships", by Elisha J. Israel.

  23. Their is reliable source materiel for those facts and assertions, Mr. Beasley. You need to do more reading. For starters read "The African Presence in Ancient America. They Came Before Columbus" by Ivan Van Sertima. And to answer your question Mr. Gilliam, "Where did we go wrong how did we end up in such a state…" you might read, "Into Egypt Again With Ships", by Elisha J. Israel.

  24. Steve Baker says:

    Can you prove it did not occur. The Olmecs were African people whether you believe it or not. Really, it is insignificant what you think.

  25. Omega Cooper says:

    Zachary Beasley Of course it's bullshit, they are talking about black people doing these things so it's a lie.They had to be white for it to be true, get the fuck out of here.

  26. Lonnie Ruth : The word Ethiopia is driven out from one of our forefathers name called Ethiopis (in Geez language) meaning Perfection, beauty and higher Peace. In general, Ethiopia means land of upper truth or land of higher peace or beauty! No wonder, the word "Utopia" copied from.

  27. Lonnie Ruth says:

    ስጦታ ሁን What I typed is just one explanation I've heard 🙂
    But isn't "Ethiopia" the Greek name, and the actual name is Kush?

  28. Lonnie Ruth: Alk – Bulan (Geez word) meaning a land who's inhabited by God's chosen people.

  29. Lonnie Ruth : Let me ask you a very simple question. who give a name to your father? I supposed you are not! The existence between Ethiopia and Greek civilization had at least 6000 years.

  30. Lonnie Ruth: Second, Why the word "Ethiopia" and "Utopia" are sounding similar? Hmmmm. The ultimate goal for the European is to destroy Ethiopia. No wonder, why they have and still try to replace Ethiopia with Abyssinia.

  31. Nathaniel Wilson says:

    First Americans were Black Aborigines:
    Some people will not believe stuff unless a white man says so. Well here you go Zachary young Florida high schooler

  32. Anthony J. Mitchell says:

    Humans have not been on earth billions of years. SMH! Try 6 million years for our ancestors, and 200,000 years for modern humans.

  33. Anthony J. Mitchell says:

    I got some afrocentrist for you. Your ancestors were black. Your mother's mitochondrial DNA is from the first woman who ever lived. She is black. Your white skin is the result of a mutations in the gene slc24a5 that turned black skin white thousands of years ago.

    Now… go look all of that up. The. Come back here and show me how butt hurt you are about reality.

    This article is nothing but another in a long line of articles that has approached this subject. We are not surprised you dismiss it. Nor are we surprised you provide not one shred of evidence to contradict it. And by the way, the first Europeans were black.

  34. Nyansapo Dickson says:

    David Johnson White people didn't exist 30,000 years ago, about 6000 or so.

  35. Nyansapo Dickson says:

    Lonnie Ruth it's the Greek translation of AETHIOPIA, at that time it pretty much referenced all of Africa.

  36. Alex Stevens says:

    Wess Carson I feel sorry for this Caucasoid you guys just ate him up in a worst way. I was going to play devils advocate and try to save him because the best debater is one who can handle both sides of the coin. I was born in Africa and growing up my daddy always say who educated the Americans? the British.. who educated the British? the Romans… who educated the Romans? The Greeks… who educated the Greeks? The Egyptians… where is Egypt? Africa… But Egypt is just a sub part of Africa and the way us Africans in Africa view Egypt is completely different from the way African Americans do… To us yes Egyptology is all good but they had to learn their knowledge from somewhere else to build pyramids and such and if one go back in time one will realize that most African American slaves are descendants of Western Africa so it pains me to see my brothers and sisters dropping their slaves names which is all good and dandy for Egyptian deities when their true ancestral past is further down southern and western Africa… No disrespect to the khemet heads and I say that with love…

  37. Nyansapo Dickson says:

    Alex Stevens I understand what you're saying, but I will say that West Africa is also connected to Egypt. Egypt is the culmination of the interior of Africa. Much love

  38. Alex Stevens says:

    Thank you and you and I both know its part of Africa. To me I look as Africa as a continent not just a section. Africa is way bigger than Kemet. I was born in west Africa and we have proof of civilizations almost seven thousand yrs older than kemet but nobody talks about that because westerners are concentrating so much emphasis in Egypt because its beautiful to them I guess so is that why African Americans are doing the same or do they really want to search for knowledge? Its good to know about Egypt but the true secret is really in the west.

  39. Nyansapo Dickson says:

    Alex Stevens Right, I think the focus is on Egypt so much because Whites are trying to steal it lol. If they were trying to go after other Black civilizations, many of us would be all over it. Trust, more exposure needs to be given to other civilizations outside of Egypt, as you said it's not the only great civilization. All of OUR civilizations are beautiful, believe that. 🙂 I have a lot of pride in West African history and African history in general, and I do my best to ensure that other civilizations are highlighted because it's needed. What's the site you're talking about that's 7000 years older than Egypt, I think I know which one it is, but I want to be sure.

    I swear when I tell you I've encountered Whites who have tried to say that Mansa Musa wasn't Black I'm telling the truth. SMH, crazy isn't it?

  40. Alex Stevens says:

    The inshongo bone for instance. proven to be over over 100000 years old. First signs of evidence of mathematics in Africa found in the D R Congo… Adams calendar in the Mpumalanga Province… The Per tu Tem Heru can be traced all the way to Malawi (not saying that's were its originated from but does that mean it came from Egypt? I could go on and on we need to wake up and realize we have an entire continent filled with ancient civilizations. Kemet heads need to understand that that's only 10000 years of our history. We were in south Africa building Astronomically aligned stone circles 200000 years ago. kemet was not even a though way back then. There's always more to learn! You have to be willing to open your heart and accept that the beginning but just a portion of what could be found. Why have just Egypt when you can have a whole continent or better expand yourselves to see that the whole world is yours. The know that built Kemet did not originated from kemet. ive been all over Africa and I can tell you with pride that African americans looked just like West Africans and that's a proven fact through DNA analysis… Plus when I was in 3rd and 4th grade in Africa history class told us that 80% of returned slaves got dumped back in the west. Nigeria Ghana Sierra Leone that's why the capital city of Sierra Leone is called Freetown… where I was born… we could do this all night let me rap this up… I said all that to say this. every time people ask me how come I have a western name and I'm from Africa at frist I didn't know so that's what ill tell them but I finally figured it out… These slaves got dumped and they kept their masters names/slaves names and passed it on to their kids kids. and that's that. So no not all of us change our names and to be honest I don't know why some do.

  41. To Zachary, stop laughing and read Torr Hydal: Ra Voyages. He proves it. He was a archaeologist who actually made the trip.

  42. Zachary Beasley based on what? Your ignorance? Go to the library and do some reading. You will find all the proof you need , fella.

  43. Yes, Julius, They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima is a wonderful read.

  44. Colombus was a bitch made liar js

  45. Imamu Frazier says:

    I can also say make assertions without real evidence but it does not make it true. Blacks have a rich history without ever mentioning who might have found this continent first. Embrace the heritage you know is true instead of trying to create one as the Europeans do time and again.

  46. Egyptians were not racially negroid then or now. Nubians were but did not sail other than rivers. Don't know what he is saying. Blacks from SW Africa? Very doubtful. Tell us more.

  47. Add to the list, Ancient Aliens Built Boats for Africans by Ima Nutso.

  48. Pak Posse says:

    Yes sir, and this article is 'light' and is good to introduce many to Van Sertima who like Diop was refused his Ph.D for telling the Truth. Sertima was asked to present to congress long time ago. But just to reinforce Julius point that the friggin books have been researched and written by us and IGNORED by them (as expected). But in 2015 even if one is too lazy to read one can YouTube Sertima, Diop, Henrik Clark etc etc.
    We have COMPLETED the so called primary research which was really just a blind spot of the white supremacist heath.
    We really , really have No excuse but our lazyness these days to wake up to our greatness.

  49. Juanita White says:

    Zachary Beasley….poor little white boy. You don' t have a clue, do you? You are the descendent of murderers, thieves and the worst history of a human ever.

  50. Nyansapo Dickson says:

    Alex Stevens ok yeah I knew about the Ishango bone, adams calendar and the 200,000 South African metropolitan city. Much love and yes I do agree!

  51. Jamar Bailey says:

    Lol what's funny is in Columbus own journals he talks about how people came Africa to the new world in his journals that he Columbus himself wrote.

  52. Jamar Bailey says:

    Columbus logged his expedition to the new world extensively pretty sick Zach you should try to read some of them.

  53. Jamar Bailey says:

    Columbus first expedition were to Africa

  54. Zachary Beasley Just explain step pyramids in two different places. the world would have been a better place if the moors had left Europeans in their own filth.

  55. Does history have to be rewritten again?

  56. Corey Jett says:

    IF you ARE having a hard time with believing that Africans were in a America before Europeans then you really are going have a hard time believing that EUROPEANS came from Africans.

  57. Anthony J. Mitchell new studies showing it may be way shortier then that.

  58. Zachary Beasley so who were the Tainos. and who were the carb indians. they were black and all over the americas when your boy christopher got here. how u think they got there. u so smart u actually dumb.

  59. Nyansapo Dickson Thank you, because as I said I've been doing some research and I'm stuck on white people. Don't get me wrong I'll continue to research it but the reason why it was older than 6,000 is that in a few articles I read it was almost as if they where giving it a bigger buffer. Of course that does match how they said the bible aka their belief said that the world and humans started. Maybe for their kind not ours.

  60. Nyansapo Dickson OOHH! Mansa Musa not being black that ain't nothen give them 25-35 years and Martin Luther King will be white.

  61. Shawn Mc says:

    rational statement but its too late, we have too many black people that want to compete with european explorers or ancient nations like greece and rome, they created all type of scenarios and stories that been unfactual and debunked.

    its become easier to live in the past or believe in fantasy than create a nation or become successful in the present.

  62. Shawn Mc says:

    Corey Jett its not about belief its about proof and there isn't any legitimate proof.

  63. Shawn Mc says:

    do me a favor and look up the genetic mix of native aborigines.

  64. Shawn Mc says:

    I didn't read that in the journals, you sure he stated that or you heard he did /.

  65. Shawn Mc says:

    some how people are mixing 21 century racial identity with ancient history.

  66. Shawn Mc says:

    Wess Carson isn't the onus on the person making the accusation and not the person questioning?,
    just because something is questionable doesn't make it fact, you must prove your theories and many of those professors never proved their theories that's why they are not introduced in schools, they are only bought at specialty book stores.

  67. Joshua Nichols says:

    Anthony J. Mitchell lol, thank god for gene mutations.

  68. Alex Stevens Thank you for that.

  69. For those of you demanding proof…ask YOURSELF why 87% of items banned from import into the USA are books. Any venomous reptile/animal sure…true knowledge, not so much. Land of the ego-ist; home of the truly IGNORANT!

  70. Have you honestly read the journals @ Shawn Mc. I HAVE and YOU SIR ARE A LIAR!

  71. Key Essense says:

    Joshua Nichols well I must say thank God for gene mutations but be careful not to be to arrogant because one would be happy to all have all his hair while mutating. Be blessed!

  72. Joshua Nichols says:

    Key Essense touche…..peace 🙂

  73. Imamu Frazier says:

    @Katrina Allen May I ask where you came by that 87 percent? What does the other 13 percent account for?

  74. Shawn Mc says:

    Katrina Allen give me your source or link because I don't remember him saying anything about people coming from africa.

  75. Shawn Mc says:

    Katrina Allen thursday oct 11 excerpt " their hair short, and coarse like that of a horse's tail, combed toward the forehead, except a small portion which they suffer to hang down behind".
    excerpt :Some paint themselves with black, which makes them appear like those of the Canaries, neither black nor white; others with white, others with red, and others with such colors as they can find.

    excerpt :Saturday, 13 October. "At daybreak great multitudes of men came to the shore, all young and of fine shapes, very handsome; their hair not curled but straight and coarse like horse-hair, and all with foreheads and heads much broader than any people I had hitherto seen; their eyes were large and very beautiful; they were not black, but the color of the inhabitants of the Canaries.

  76. Shawn Mc says:

    Katrina Allen you do know many books are online now, just a thought.

    what books were you trying to get?

  77. Shawn Mc says:

    David Johnson what ice age civilization? the ice age was over 2 million years ago.

  78. Key Essense says:

    I love the fact the if this is true, it is being put back in place of where it may have been taken out. It isn't hard to believe but when people state facts, scream facts, demand facts; one can't help but ask what is fact about anything we have ever been taught, read or half way seen. Our whole history in the states have been built on a lie so anything with a hint of our dna on it I am willing to believe. See this statement carries more truth than a little>>> The truth had to be erased so that the lie would be believed<<< Fact. So no one can give me facts about the past because facts have been lies told before.

  79. Doc Blak says:

    real evidence is in the pyaramids or youtube sarasten seti who breaks it down THE INFO IS THERE IF YOU CARE TO DO SOME RESEARCH.

  80. Shawn Mc says:

    Alex Stevens they way africans view africa is the correct way, just a place on the other side of the continent.
    many african americans only obsess over egypt because its a way to counter the argument that Rome or Greece were great societies.
    if egypt was in asia no one would give a damn but early afrocentrist writers knew egypt was a non european society who had equal advancements so they used it and tried to rewrite african culture by saying all of africa is the same.
    any rational person know that african tribes are very different not to mention you can see it in the people of different regions but that info falls on death ears to many AA.

    your trying to play both sides with out disrespecting anyone but your not helping matters because many AA have stopped trying to become successful in current times and are.
    now relying on egyptian accomplishments as their own, they even changed their names and created religions on egyptian beliefs, they believe the ancient egyptian accomplishments are trans historic.
    its almost a cult now and sad.

  81. Chris Dube says:

    Alex Stevens…..i say further down in Africa, Zimbabwe( house of stones) to be particular.

  82. What there is no proof of, is slave ships with the capacity to transfer "Africans" across the Atlantic for hundreds of years. That's what there is no proof of! But, proof that Africans left Africa by ocean and set sail somewhere else, look no further than Australia. Africans surely didn't swim there.

  83. It's called, "them mu fukkas had guns!".

  84. Zachary Beasley Where are the slave ships? Find me one. I got time.

  85. Shawn Mc Bro. You got major problems. But since you are so confident, can you please find me the fleet of great vessel with the capacity to transfer "millions" of Africas for "hundreds" of years?

  86. Jamar Bailey says:

    So you read about how he tested his weapons and children just to see how Sharp his blades were. I have more information on this guy than I've wanted.

  87. Hmmm… so they were dealing in drugs and their culture and community in the americas collapsed and no longer exists…..

  88. Pak Posse I not going to dispute,, who got here first, if it was found should be added to history. I want to know what they did when they got here, go on a hunt for herb, spices and trade, then leave, or did they work and making the country what it once was. Or was it until the English got here that things began to change and turn this into a country and not a wilderness.

  89. David Lewis says:

    Alex Stevens So what's the true secret of west Africa?

  90. John Havard says:

    This reminds me of "Chariots of The Gods" or "Ancient Aliens" books. Rich on conjecture with very little proven physical evidence. Read about Kennewick Man. Those people are declaring that Native Americans came from Polynesia and Asia! Anybody can write a book about what they WISH was true.

  91. I believe that the human species has been traveling the seas for almost as long as we have been here. We are a naturally curious bunch. We are also an adventurous bunch. Columbus is such a late-comer that it is almost silly to compare anybody's arrival to his. As the dogma slowly gets pushed out of science and history we are coming to realize that people of all sorts have been coming here since way before Columbus. The examples used in the original post are all much newer than the remains that have been found in the Americas. 13,000 year old remains have been accepted as correct for a few years. Now, ruins, remains and artifacts are coming to light that are being dated as 30,000 and 40,000 years old. There is, so far, no way of knowing who was here first.

  92. Corey Jett, I have a problem when someone claims that Europeans came from Africans. It sounds like you are speaking evolutionarily, saying that Europeans evolved from Africans. Or in other words saying that Eropeans are a more evolved, superior race. I cannot accept this premise. There is no evidence to back it up. None whatsoever.

  93. Zachary Beasley Dogmatist.

  94. Shawn Mc Some of the books that can only be bought in bookstores are not accepted by the mainstream of science and history, because, the author(s) had the audacity to be ahead of his or her time, to think outside the box, to question the mainstream dogma.

  95. Shawn Mc Yes, but, the ice lasted until 12,000 years ago, or so.

  96. Oceans are no barriers

  97. Complex mathematical equations====Africa, Astronomical observations and star charting===Africa, Physical calculating device==Africa (The Ishango bone is 20,000 years old) , Origins of all people===Africa. If they could chart the stars, they could sail the oceans.

  98. Corey Jett says:

    Charles Stover……. I laugh at people when they say that there is no way evidence…, ….. there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE. ..AT ALL of any story of the Bible. The only thing that supports its stories are other stories from the same book. The truth is, is that there is only ones race o. the planet and that is the Human Race………….and yes through time more people evolved. But you can not get DARK from Light but you can get Light from om Dark…….you do the math. God did not put 20 different races on earth. Lol yall funny.

  99. Corey Jett says:

    Our skill set has not very left us. As a nation of people of African decent……we continue to bring knowledge, wisdom, and science to the world but the invasion on Africa has left huge damaging scars in our mental armor. These scars are called…… slavery, oppression, hatred, incarceration, gang- violent, drugs/alcohol, poverty, mis-education/ignorance, homosexuality. None of this scars were indigenous to Kemet, Kush, and Nubian………lol. Let your research begin………prove me wrong. I read for a living………

  100. Shawn Mc says:

    Xavier Mahogany there wasn't a fleet, you must understand this was during 300 year period, it was about a 2 month trip from africa to the americas, each of the ships packed in over 500 to 600 slaves.

    i believe the records are 15 million people during that 300 years period.
    that would be 50000 people a year average. 50000/12=4166
    4166 people a month which would be 1041 people a week.

    that's doable with just a couple ships a week at those ports, these were independent crews who got paid of their loads and sold their stock when they arrived in the americas.

    you can actually find the ship logs and people actual stores on the trips from captains , crews and slaves.

  101. Corey Jett says:

    It was never written correctly in the first place.

  102. Corey Jett says:

    Sorry Jane……… in order to hide the truth from the kidnapped African who were stolen from Africa and forced into slavery, the truth had to be hidden as well from Europeans who came from England, France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal. Sorry for that…….nevertheless, the Africans circumnaviageted the globel before The arabs started enslaving africans and selling them to the Europeans. The people of this land prior to 1609 looked just live the Aborigines from Australia. The Aborigines like the natives traded and traveled the globe as well. The Aborigines came from Southern Africa. I hop this helps you Jane.

  103. Who remembers the TV series called Africa by Basil Davison. He was white and a historian too. People ignore African history and then claim they do not have one but.
    the evidence is so vast it is overwhelming. If history was engineering, then people would claim the wheel did not exist because it was invented by black people and then say that the whites invented a round stone later on.

  104. Sorry Zachary but you are out of touch. A white man called Thor Heyerdahl proved it. He wrote a book called the Ra ii Voyage. Try reading it.

  105. Corey Jett what I said was that there is no evidence to indicate that Europeans are in any way superior to Africans. If you accept evolution then you cannot claim that you can't get dark from light. Evolution makes all kinds of seemingly impossible things possible. Since I think Darwinian evolution has too many holes in it, I invite you to tell why you can't get dark from light. And how do you know that God did not put 20 races on the planet at the same time? Or maybe just 5, with permutations coming later from both mixing of the races and maybe a little bit from mutations.

  106. Xavier Blax says:

    Jane Jessee You can't be serious! Massacring 2 continents of people and enslaving the long-standing African immigrant, to produce wars around the world, spread lies of religion, which cause more wars, and produce toxins that will ultimately destroy earth, AND YOU SAY CIVILIZED??? You have got to be kidding!

  107. Wow, how about actually citing a source once in a while, Real historians would cite many including contrary theories and their data backing them up, none here as its nonsense. And PreColumbians of MesoAmerica simply built over previous temples that are absolutely nothing like, nor made for the same as Egypt. Stop being just as culturally imperialistic as whites, ridiculous. Most of the world is brown, always has been, get over it.
    This is hot history, its PR(Freuds niece and nephew invented that term s Propaganda sounded too hard, but what it is.)

  108. Besides, there is FAR more evidence of Polynesians being there, but the first Asians entered the Americas thens of thousands of years ago. Their DNA is close to Tibetans and the mongol and Inuits cousins in Siberia. Stop stealing others history, there dis plenty of sub saharans and african american history to find and reveal if you are not so lazy. This is politics, not history. I wrote histories 40 years ago of both Greeks in Trebizond and Great Zimbabwe, the information has been there, start studying. Americans are ignorant. ALL Americans, willfully so.

  109. Clint Marmon says:

    They would say that the African taught the Meso Americans! Lol

  110. We have been brain washed by the american school system far too long its obvious that since africans carry the dominate DNA we would have cover the planet and seed other races during pangaea.

  111. Yeah Indians they were darker than some of you Negros because they are from us not these modern day so called Indians

  112. Corey Jett says:

    @Shawn Mc……. Shawn, I have love for you brah, but your "Cognitive Dissonance" permits you from broadening your thinking. You have to allow your brain to open up see thing other than what you see or know from what you have learned through the American Educational system. Please understand, modern humans…you and I, have looked this way for two hundred thousand years. American is what is called the virgin country. It was one of the last in the world to be inhabited. Countries in Africa and Asia evolved and was civilized hundreds and thousands of years before there was a thought of America. This is why most of the books in the world that has the history of man and knowledge come from those 2 continents. If you are going to learn anything about the truth you have to study the information from libraries, museums, old universities in those countries. Just because you dont know where to find information does not mean it doesnt exist when you ONLY seek the information of American White Scholars you forget that the information written that changed the planet came from scholars who are black. Now you are going to ask for proof of that as well. See if this helps you. AFRICANS built pyramids all over the planet…… How? Think about it like this….. you are a smart man. The pyramids in Egypt can not be explained, can not be duplicated, and is aligned with the stars on Orien's Belt. How do you explain the technology that put them together. Is there more technology now or was there more technology back in 10000BC.

  113. Yes, Martin Johnson and Cory Jett, it is well known that genes for color are generally dominant. It did not require knowledge of genes to know that. Practitioners of animal husbandry have known that for generations. BTW, Cory, gene splicing is done in a laboratory. It is not what happens when you mix a dark person and a pale person. There offspring will be light because it has fewer genes for darkness. That is how you get light from dark. With no pale people to mix with a hypothesized original dark race, you would only get dark from dark. White people are not albino versions of darker people. Albinism comes in a few varieties, not all of which are equally pale. One variety even has a different hue or color tone. Some are not all over the body equally. Some include other symptoms, systemic malfunctions, as well. Albinism is a failure of one sort or another, always. That is why I though you were talking about evolution.

  114. Clint Marmon says:

    You need money to change the history books. #goodluck

  115. Only one problem…Egyptians aren't "Black" African yes but not "Black".

  116. Chris Munny says:

    The egyptians are not "black" and the olmec head being carved by africans has been debunked. Other than those 2 things, this is a pretty solid article. The people most related to the egyptians who were black were the nubians. They are a fascinating civilization, way beyond their years. I dont see why those who are indigenous to africa dont get praise for their inventions. In school, i learned about explorers going to africa and seeing remarkable things for the first time. I believe the nubians were the ones to come to america, egypt and nubia influenced eachother…so that can be the reason they saw egyptian artifacts in north america "Black man traveled through the universe and back while cavemen still thought that the earth was flat."

  117. Correction israelites

  118. Ja Milburn says:

    Ok sooo where are all the giants from ?
    They all reported giants and negros according to the article
    Sooo where are all the giants?

  119. Rich Stewart says:

    I suggest also take a deeper look into black native Americans before Ponce De Leon in the history in Florida. In particular Black Seminole Indians.

  120. No matter who is searching for evidence of whether whites or blacks were in America first the facts still point at indigenous people traveling throughout the world 35000 years before either of them so who cares

  121. Marcus Sup says:

    I'm not surprised at all because there were people in America before Christopher Columbus came here.

  122. I would have liked to see the documented proof to validate this article, however if everything stated is true then the premise is more than likely true. What I can say about most of Africa as a whole, it has been and continues to be a place of arrested development. The Europeans came conquered, destroyed the evince of awhat was there and rewrote history to elevate themselves and demote the African as a second class citizen while successful whitewashing the black consciousness into a state of self doubt and self hate. Henceforth many people of African descent cannot.accept the possibility of the African accomplishing anything noteworthy unless it is promoted by history written by their oppressors.

  123. European imperialism killed cultures and history…………………smdh.

  124. Rich Stewart says:

    The blend of culture has alway been a part of American history. However slanted as it maybe, the History is dominant in the early dominant population gene pool. Whether its Chino-Asian influence over the Berrien Straits to Alaska, or Scandinavian from the Mid-North and Northeast. Yet there are historical facts that the early Spanish explorers as well as French Explorers encountered very dark and red skin Natives. At least the we're smart enough to know their colors in their descriptions. Unfortunately their close contact exposed the natives to disease that their bodies were not immunity to fight off, which almost wiped out some tribes . However, some still exsist today in some families in Florida. Living proof! !

  125. Uneducated uninformed ignorant revisionist afrocentric idiocy at it's finest. Physical anthropology and genetics proves otherwise

  126. Foogan says:

    Blacks never never built a boat to get off the Continent. And one for thing, you aren't Egyptians…Talk about low self esteem….

  127. Collin Johnson yes read read read lol!

  128. This is some good history to research more into. This wouldn't put it pass me that Africans can travel on their boats to North America. Just as they done in Australia.

  129. Shawn Mc "Collin Johnson I'm not sure if you reading my comments or just like your sources deliberately picking and choosing things to read to prove your point but in the links I provides one source was E. G. Bourne, ed., The Northmen".
    Firstly, is E.G Bourne a linguist? If not, who's his source? Another thing, you criticise me for using sources a century old, and here you're citeing a source even older than Weiner's. Ludicrous. And, many of those current sources you provided rely on and cite the much older ones. Secondly, When you initially posted those translations I didn't see those sources, there was difficulty pulling up those sources like you said. The thing is, we are both picking and choosing things to prove our points in regards to the translations. The translations you and I provided are far from exhaustive and don't come close to the amount that was written in Columbus's journal. This makes the evidence that "Atlanta Black Star"provided controversial and debatable not incontrovertible or without question that evidence ABS provided is wrong or right, that's the point. Another thing, the fact that Ivan Van Sertima's assessment of a number of Weiners translations as being poor is an indication to me of a scholar who is trying to be as objective as he can with the sources he cites, and stands by. When it comes to translations there is a degree of interpretations, as a result, it's expected that there will be mistakes, it happens to the best of linguist.
    A side note, you mention Clarence E Walker seeing "afrocentrism"as a mental illness. What's interesting about Clarence E Walker is that he sees "afrocentrism"and a black movement of do for self as one and the same, and to paraphrase him, he can't stand black movements that want to do for self. Clarence believes the best solution for black folks to get out of the situation we are in is through integration via voting and protesting. The idea of do it ourselves politics is a turn off for Clarence, and in his mind is not doable for black folks. This makes sense why you seem to agree with his ideas.

  130. Shawn Mc maby if you ever went to africa you would see its nothing to be proud of. I live in Africa, and I can tell you…its a shithole, and the african states like zimbabwe have destroyed their economy and their lands.

  131. Dondi Smith says:

    Corey Jett created by, not from.

  132. Aaron R Rudolph Biblically proven the Egyptian was black people the European stole the history and made it their own….do you research fool

  133. Amali Cabral says:

    Shawn Mc What is legitimate proof Shawn resurrecting the past explores and getting first hand accounts…self hating Negro.

  134. Here we go again! A bunch of white people and their coon friends are upset because they heard something that didn't fit with their european teachings. I question the facts of everything the europeans taught you. You want evidence to prove everything except what white supremecy taught you. That eurocentric bull$#!+ don't stand a chance in the Atlanta Black Star. So instead of trying to push those white lies here, go somewhere else with that garbage!

  135. Yes, and many other crops. Remember they're just plants. The collapse was caused by war amongst themselves. Outsiders took advantage of that. And we shouldn't forget what Cortez wrote. The color of the people and the "style" of the clothes and "mosque" they built!

  136. Douglas Horne – I like that you use Kemet. But having been to Kemet 7 times, I can tell you first hand that the walls on the temples and ruins clearly show different shades of people. There are fair ones from the Assyrians and dark black ones from the lands south of Kemet. You should check out the Temple of Hatshepsut and her expedition to the land of Punt.

    I'm more interested in the proof of genetics and that doesn't seem to be forthcoming at all. For instance, I stayed with muslim and Christian families in Egypt and there is a big difference in facial structure and height, not to mention color. Some of the Christians looked like they had literally climbed down from off the ancient murals, but I never noticed that with the muslim families. They literally had the elongated limbs and neck, as well as the large ears. I'd read somewhere that it was because they had less inter-marriages with the Arabs and Turks that had taken over in the name of islam.

  137. Art Gamboa says:

    Confronting The Racist Afrocentric Attacks On Our Heritage.

  138. Corey Jett yeah no I don't buy that either I will post some evidence when I have enough time to care about you and your subspecies.

  139. Egyptains were black and that's a fact. Here's from people who actually visited and wrote down what they seen.

  140. In 1787, Count Constantine de Volney — a French nobleman, philosopher, historian, orientalist, and politician — embarked on a journey to the East in late 1782 and reached Ottoman Egypt were he spent nearly seven months.

  141. Constantine de Volney was troubled much by the institution of slavery. His expressed opinion that the ancient Egyptians were black Africans much departed from the typical European view of the late eighteenth century, but it gave many people cause for reflection. During his visit to Egypt he expressed amazement that the Egyptians – whose civilization was greatly admired in Europe – were not White!

  142. "All the Egyptians," wrote de Volney, "have a bloated face, puffed-up eyes, flat nose, thick lips – in a word, the true face of the mulatto. I was tempted to attribute it to the climate, but when I visited the Sphinx, its appearance gave me the key to the riddle. On seeing that head, typically Negro in all its features, I remembered the remarkable passage where Herodotus says:

    ' As for me, I judge the Colchians to be a colony of the Egyptians
    because, like them, they are black with woolly hair…

  143. "Just think," de Volney declared incredulously, "that this race of Black men, today our slave and the object of our scorn, is the very race to which we owe our arts, sciences, and even the use of speech! Just imagine, finally, that it is in the midst of people who call themselves the greatest friends of liberty and humanity that one has approved the most barbarous slavery, and questioned whether Black men have the same kind of intelligence as whites!

  144. Charles Seay says:

    Corey Jett, when you read many of the post from people who believe that it's not at all possible for the African to travel to the so-called New World, one has to take into account the following:

    "Sir, we have as far as possible closed every avenue by which light may enter their [the slaves'] minds; we have only to go one step farther,— to extinguish the capacity to see the light, and our work would be completed ; they would then be reduced to the level with the beasts of the field, and we should be safe; and I am not certain that we would not do it if we could find out the necessary process, and that under the plea of necessity…"

    – Henry Berry, Esq., himself a slaveholder, in the Virginia House of Delegates, January 20, 1832.

    I first heard the above while listening to Dr. Asa Hilliard on my audible app. Downloaded him on my Audible a while back ~

  145. Charles Seay says:

    I am sure that many are not going to believe the video.

  146. I think I'm reading right here…pity the black man. Well, for the black race it does seem to work with white people. MLKing got his Doctorate because white people pitied him (they know he'd plagiarized virtually his entire Doctorate Thesis); blacks got compulsory integration rights into white males political/ economic systems (1965 & 65) because white people pitied the black man (i.e. there was no right to integration..the black males' failure to provide for himself and his families all across America made white people pity him); blacks got affirmative action programs because white people pitied them; white people feed the black children because they pity them; blacks have received countless millions of jobs from white people out of pity. No people in human history have received more from another people than whites have given to blacks…all out of sheer pity. Blacks recognize none of the pity extended to them by white people, none of the charity or generosity of white people. White people have created a BULLY race, a race now out for black supremacy.
    Re-writing history is part of the black supremacy doctrine. As for me, I refuse to pity the black man. Blacks need to stop trying to get pity from white people.

  147. Stefan Leretseh Wow, You're a piece of work. The concept of fairness isn't even considered in your diatribe.

  148. Stefan Leretseh The whole pity story is irrelevant especially when you break nearly every agreement. Also even if you don't. It does not mean the one who breaks the agreement is stronger. It instead means he is of no functional integrity. I'm trying to help you out here. If you feel anxt towards that just let me know and I will refarin. Life will press the issue on it's own in natures persuit of re establising balance.

    We were told this story so that organized crime of that day could institute the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Both blacks and whites and everybody else for that matter got the desired lines that serves them.

    There are high profile white collar whites ( and non whites) that ourright bought the exam and crarmmed it. It's not that uncommon especially if daddy is in the right position. Thats life.

    Reality does not bear out what has been placed in our minds. Scrutinze and it just doesn't hold water. Look it up. You will find what illuminates. I can't write a book here Stefan and others probably wont bother with what you said.

  149. Glenn Tamir says:

    Vikings way before Columbus too. So what?

  150. Breno Nakao says:

    This just shows another way in which we all lose when whitewashing history

  151. Laverne Wood says:

    Leroy Eugene Hudson re: Stefan Leretseh "When ignorant people wish to advertise their ignorance, you really don't have to do anything, just let them talk" —Barack Obama Nuff said !!

  152. Laverne Wood It wasn't Barack Obama who wrote that, he was paraphrasing the saying "It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”

    ― Mark Twain

  153. Peter Brown says:

    European must be Qualified in that the SLC24A5 Genetic mutation which created white skin happened only 10,000 years ago. Prior to, there was no white skin. The Original Europeans were the Grimaldi, an African people.

  154. Peter Brown says:

    MY DNA comes back as Han Chinese, Polynesian and some Native america tribes match 100%, this means I am NOT Native american but the people here prior to them!!!

  155. Rosa Brown says:

    Read "They Came Before Columbus" Dr. Ivan Van Sertima–former Professor Rutgers University. He addressed our student group at MIT over 30 years ago. This is not breaking news. We have much scholarly research to prove Black people were in both North and South America before Columbus.

  156. Peter Brown says:

    MY DNA is that of Polynesian, Han Chinese and some native american tribes match 100%, this doesnt make me Native american, it makes me the people who came before columbus, the ones who made native americans, on this continent 50,000 years. The Ancestor of the Maori and Taino, the Mothers and Fathers of the Samoan and Hawiian, the Progenitor of the Nican Tlaca and South american peoples, the ones who GAVE LIFE and Black as a TRILLION MIDNIGHT!!!!

    Honor thy Mother and Thy Father that YOUR DAYS may be long upon this earth

  157. Charles Seay says:

    Art Gamboa, you are of the opinion that the Olmec heads have no African origin at all? I read the Nican Tlaca piece and your assumption that there wasn't any activity on the West coast of Africa and that there isn't evidence of an African people in a B.C. period is interesting.

    It is my understanding that there are more pyramids in the Sudan than Egypt. They are older as well.

    I think it's wonderful that many Hispanics, unlike yourself, are accepting their African roots and not finding it so necessary to side with their colonizer 'as" much as before.

  158. John Lindsay says:

    This is why we need more Archaeologists of Color.

    No telling what some racist White archaeologists have destroyed in order to support the myth of White supremacy.

  159. Kerry Davis says:

    This is the most idiodic post I've ever read. Why aren't there any Olmec heads in Africa?

  160. Simple. Olmecs migrated from Africa. That was 10's of thousands of years ago. The oldest fossil in South Amerca dates back 56,000 years ago and North America 53,000 years ago which both were BLACK (melanated) women. Africa has fossils that date back 5 million years ago. The cultures had changed at least 1 million times so it's no way to compare them. Although, only Africans carved large heads like Olmecs and the statues in Africa.

  161. Read The First Americans were Africans by David Imhotep Ph.D.
    Over 50,000 – 125,000 years before Columbus and so-called Native Americans.
    You can watch the video.

  162. I completely agree John Lindsay!

  163. Your dismissive " So what", personifies succinctly, that you as a european will never understand. The willful blotting out of our history is nothing short of criminal! It's been done to perpetuate a narrative of degradation for people of African descent and the exaltation of people of european descent.

  164. Heads of the spinx in Egypt and Elswhere in Africa, what do you call that??

  165. Zachary Beasley This what an honest white boy had to sayt about real History: Terrence Hussey · Top Commenter · Hogan Senior High
    This is one of the reasons history is so convoluted in the U.S., our media entertainment uses white actors for ALL historical roles when truth be told no one would have been white at those times. Egyptians would have been of dark skin, it hosted several huge ports throughout its history connecting it to the Mediterranean and land trade routes linking to Ethiopia and Persia, all dark skinned. During the time of Moses white people would still be living far north in tribal systems and it wasn't until the Roman empire started enslaving these northern tribes that white people were ever even introduced to the rest of the world, that would have been around 2500 years ago. The Romans were not white just like Moses and the Egyptians weren't white, the Roman empire even had several African emperors. White people only came in to a position of power after the Roman empire collapsed and trade routes were cut off, and even then they were plagued by the Persian empire spreading throughout Europe and rampaging Vikings from even farther north throughout the Dark Ages. White culture only truly came to power with the rise of Christianity and Catholicism, which was about 1200 years ago.

    But since all our historical movies feature all white casts people confuse that with actual history. The Egyptians, Moses and the Israelite's, the Roman empire, the Mediterranean, Persia…NOT WHITE.
    Reply · Unlike · 198 · Follow Post · November 26 at 11:18pm

    Terrence Hussey · Top Commenter · Hogan Senior High
    Matthew William Millett white people were incorporated into the Roman empire eventually…but that is only once the empire started expanding their legions northward moving all the way up towards Ireland. There were several slave led revolts that rampaged across Europe against the Roman empire by white tribes.

    So maybe you should do a little research yourself before spouting nonsense. Also I said that white people didn't come in to power until AFTER the Roman empire fell…which is historically accurate. White people were the lower caste which is why they flocked to the new religion of Christianity as it was rising.

  166. Please visit this link, Real black history. When black men ruled the world. Whites are RN blood type.

  167. Zachary Beasley Whites aren't entirely human (Africans Are The Only Pure Humans In The World)

  168. Whites aren't entirely human (Africans Are The Only Pure Humans In The World)

  169. Brian Smith says:

    That is rediculus. It's stupiness like that, that question one's crediblity when they say things likethat.

  170. Brian Smith says:

    Have you ever questioned Eurocentric history?

  171. Collin H Haughton school them up bro. their negropean minds want to accept their white daddy so bad. the greatest thing black people possess is melanin , the neurological dot that is found in every black, the make up of carbon and even the vastness of space, the absence of light. it is sooo abundant everywhere, everywhere even in black people when u have too much melanin it leaks into ur eyes. thats powerful!! but that tiny dot gives us the ability to do everything that white people have a harder time doing naturally. this is why black people are top entertainers and athletes, singers and inventors. why??? because we gave the word the arts, music, language, science, astronomy and anything else thats seen today as cirrculum in schools. and our ancestors back then gave reverence to nature and the creator for our gifts. so….WE DID THAT and we have proof. i aint gotta argue all day with disbelieving negropeans our proof is in the pudding.

  172. Charles Seay get em Charles lol. just saying that word Nican Tlaca sounds african in origin .

  173. Shawn Mc says:

    your speaking science on a site where ignronace and dated theories rule over such

  174. There's no difference in all human we are all created the same. But we blacks may consider ourselves as the first God creation with great history and ability. But its just a pity that we were deprived. Well we are not to debate on that, but, to debate on how to regain our ability, to know where we are coming from, also to sink in what we are capable of doing to impact life and make this world a better place for us now, also to those to come behind us.. #Gbam#

  175. There's no difference in all human we are all created the same. But we blacks may consider ourselves as the first God creation with great history and ability. But its just a pity that we were deprived. Well we are not to debate on that, but, to debate on how to regain our ability, to know where we are coming from, also to sink in what we are capable of doing to impact life and make this world a better place for us now, also to those to come behind us.. #Gbam#

  176. If the fact that even Jesus was B;ack makes Whites angry. I feel if you want the argument to stop then everyone should get the facts into one place and teach it to our children. I myself believe it to be true and that is why the White race has stolen and hidden all the truth so history can be lost. They know deep down it is true but don't want to admit it, because then they are less than a person bearing false witness. Isn't that one of God's sin's. Please get the truth out to the ones who have been erased and to the ones who don't know. I don't agree with segrigation of scools but, maybe this will be the only way to show our children how powerful they really are. All Black, White, Indiginous Indian, and Hispanics need to get together that believe the truth and keep putting it out there for all to see. If more of our influencial Black people would use their blessings from God to educate the young and put them through college to learn the truth and make history relevant again then maybe the racism will slowly come to an end. Yes there will be many out that will fight the process, but there are more that want to know the truth. Plus these so called Black mega churches have the financial wears to build Black colleges, cities, and businesses but don't and I don't understand why they keep helping he problem by voting for the GOP. I would be asking why they do if I belonged to their church and why they aren't helping the cause. People need to stop the craziness and get the facts and right the wrongs. They want you to argue the facts, they want you to kill each other, they want you to become drug addicts, they want you to stay poor, then they can say you did it to yourselves. STOP HELPING THEM.

  177. Learn ignorant one. Blacks never came to America, stop steal history. You weren't moors, Egyptians, Romans or Greeks. Idiot van serpent was never accepted by the academic community. This came from "The Journal of Current Anthropology, a true academic resource

    Look at this book written by a real scholar Gabrial Haslip-Viera

  178. Frank Scott says:

    Alex Gutierrez. You are the ignorant one. White people (and those who consider themselves to be white) are the biggest victims of white supremacy. You wrap yourselves in cloaks of academic certainty. You reject automatically what disagrees with your inflated sense of self. Facts destroy the conventional histories. Van Sertima opened floodgates that freed applied historians (not only black historians) from timelines that do not stand the test of evidence: hydrologists have re-dated the age of the sphinx, plant scientists keep finding tobacco in pre-Columbian Africa, African skeletons are unearthed regularly now in Brazil, Mexico, California from before the 10,000 B.P. dateline. Polish archaeologists continue their work digging at a 70,000 B.P. temple site in Sudan. As far as the identity of the moor, mauros – I will refer you to Roman and Byzantine authors. Manetho, the Greek mathematician/historian was a black African who never left Africa. As to the identity of the Egyptians – the physical evidence is overwhelmingly in Africa's favour. Find me a single mummified European/Asian in Egypt from before 1000 BC. Good luck. None have been found.

  179. Michael Mura says:

    Egyptians weren't black, Africans most likely never made it to America, though they [Mali empire] may have attempted to sail across the Atlantic.

  180. Michael Mura says:

    Frank Scott No, Gutierrez is correct.

  181. Frank Scott says:

    Michael Mura Please provide evidence. Where is Gutierrez correct? Which one of my statements is false? Facts only Michael. I am so beyond Eurocentrism and the Afrocentric reactionary reflex. I am as uninterested in race as the next person. But, I will not endure whitewashing history one more moment.

  182. Juju Bee says:

    alex gutierrez look up queen khalifa, find the cradle of civilization, find first man and woman find transmigration of blacks all over the world find the first native americans find pyramids made in the americas find knowlege in general and learn ignorant one

  183. Juju Bee says:

    africans never made it to america? then how and why are their paintings on walls and mummies have been found? they were excellent shipbuilders and navigators, lets not get caught up on names of different black geographic areas, lets just put it this way they were black, just as the egyptians, sumerians, and all others that are black.

  184. Juju Bee You're obviously very slow as well. You tell me about a book character as its real wow you're really slow. You know the first people to migrate out of Africa, Neanderthals. You know who has Neanderthal DNA Arabians Caucasians, Asians and Native Americans. When the Sub Humans met with Neanderthals they created the Modern human whose combined DNA made modern human which is not found in Black Africans. This is a FACT. With this marker is how they can tell where the migrations of humans went and to where. So before you try to make something up you should study all the facts.

  185. NO the mali empire was around 14th century years and years after the Mayans and during the empire of the aztecs so that civilization was already there and thriving. Stop with your racist Afrocentric BS. This blackwashing of history is annoying and offensive.

  186. Juju Bee says:

    Frank Scott Good for you frank, i feel exactly the same way, it is what it is not what they say His Story was, all that goes down in the dark eventually comes to light. Now lets just embrace each others differences views cultures and humanity and leave all the rest behind, when one realizes that we are all human and each race has his own unique contribution to society we can then reach the stars, until then the predjudice and discrimination will continue, We all bleed red we all are one God Bless

  187. Frank Scott in every academic literature they disclaimed this theory because there is no validity that west African blacks had the capability to travel outside of their huts. During the same time period he claimed they came to America the Phoenicians were traveling all over the Mediterranean and had logged huge amounts of information. They never mentioned anything of any sea traveling Africans. They never even built a ship the Phoenicians to go anywhere, the Phoenicians traded them Iron weapons for gold, they were so inept to what they had. I know you have no academic background and don't understand the means and measure one goes about to get information published let alone accepted but trust me with your minimum understanding it is very difficult and heavily investigated.

  188. Michael Mura says:

    Juju Bee None of those people you mentioned were black. Nubians, Axumites, Ajuran, Wagau, Mali, Soninke, Kanem-Bornu, Dmt, Sokoto, Hausa, etc, were black civilizations, kingdoms, empires. Cling to what was real, not what you wish were real.

    Also, notice I said, "most likely never made it to America," I'm not completely ruling it out. But the cultures are too disimilar to try and claim, even if there was contact, an influence. If Egypt or Nubia created Maya civilization don't you think we'd see the same or much more similar gods. The same or at least very similar burial practices. The temples would be layed out more like Egyptian or Nubian temples. Egyptians, I know, had a particular way they liked temples layed out. And if it were the Mali empire that somehow traveled back in time and created the Mayan civilization or rather the Aztec civilization, where is the similar architecture in West Africa? There is none. No similarities at all.

  189. Michael Mura says:

    To be fair, there were most definitely blacks who participated in the Moorish conquest of Spain. The vast majority were not though. But to deny the part of blacks in that war would be like denying the part blacks, Australians, Indians, etc groups played in WW1.

  190. Frank Scott says:

    Michael Mura You are WRONG! You are also a troll. You fool nobody by using that Benin bronze as a profile pic. Where is the evidence for Gutierrez's assumption?

  191. Frank Scott says:

    Alex Gutierrez and Michael Mura. A little education is a bad thing. Stone heads of Negroes are stone heads of negroes. Nothing can change them. They do not represent the facial features of Mayans, nor are their helmets anything like Mayans. The Mali Empire is a continuum that begins before 500 BC (see Basil Davidson). Plant scientists tell us that tobacco is regularly found in Mali from before 1000 AD, as is maize. You are offended by Afrocentrism. That's your problem and nobody else's. Counter our arguments with evidence. You have none.

  192. Frank Scott says:

    Michael Mura Alaric, Theodosius resisted Roman expansion. Alexander conquered from Macedonia. These are European men and European in name. Before 1000 BC, the European is silent. Euro names don't seem to appear in the historical record. Yet 1000 BC represents the end of the high Egyptian culture. It is the beginning of the times of constant invasion, the entrance of Asians and the fall. Yet you make the assertion that Egyptians weren't black. Amen-o-fi, Tutu-Ankh-Amen, Osori-Kon, Akhen-Aten, Akhufu, Na-Armah. Please tell me that these Egyptian Pharoahs were white kings who chose African names. I need a good laugh this morning. Learn to speak a Bantu language. Amen-o-fi – he who proceeds naturally from Amen, Tutu-Ankh-Amen – foundation and life of Amen, Osori-Kon – he rises to fight, Akhen-Aten – justice king, Akhufu – the general, Na-Armah – our ancestor Armah. These names are meaningless in European and Asian tongues. In Bantu these names open up and shine a light on the time the name-bearer lived in. In the same way, Theodosius and Alaric's names are meaningless in Bantu but are freighted with valuable information in the Indo-European tongue.

  193. Michael Mura says:

    Frank Scott Genetic evidence must be a troll as well.

  194. Michael Mura says:

    Frank Scott I respect actual black history. Our history isprimarially"Sub Saharan" Yes, there were ainority of blacks in Egypt and the rest of North African and other parts of the worls… That doesn't include the Americas.

  195. Michael Mura says:

    Frank Scott one more think, you seem to think saying Egyptians weren't black is the same as saying they were white. The world isn't that binary.

  196. Frank Scott says:

    Alex Gutierrez Huts? Come and see Benin City. Timbuktu in 1200 was more prosperous and had more large buildings than London. Two voyages are noted in the 13th century from Mali to Gulf of Mexico…alas, the sources are in Arabic. Tin mining by west Africans in the UK was so prevalent in antiquity that today 18% of Englishmen in Cornwall still carry West African DNA.

  197. Frank Scott says:

    Michael Mura I made no implication of a binary kind i.e. Not-black equals white. These names are not asiatic either. They do not follow their system. 20 yrs ago, I believed what you do now. I spoke out forcefully and convincingly for "real black history". I winced at every half-baked assertion by some African American youth claiming her ancestor was a queen. All that changed in the Cairo Museum standing face-to-face with Amenophi IV. He is, to put it crudely, a nigger. Tiye, the queen mother is thoroughly African in aspect. The colossi at Abu Simbel are negroid and the face on the sphinx is a wide West African type. Many honest people see it regardless of their race. The selection of the Pharoah by women' mummification with palm wine and oils and the entire funerary culture are practiced in similar fashion throughout Africa. I hope you come to the same understandings some day. Travel to Upper Nubia if you can (Sudan). The Nubians are an immense part of our past and they are eager to share if your heart is open.

  198. David Earl says:

    Frank Scott 100% ,the emergency room is still open they can assist you in removing your foot out his ass!

  199. Frank Scott says:

    Alex Gutierrez haha! You are a pathetic shill. but we'll give you points for creativity. Woops, you'll reject them coz they're brownie points. 1. Neanderthals were outcompeted by Africans…live with that FACT. 2. Sub-humans … Where is your evidence? Yawn you're probably a disciple of J P Rushton. I look forward to demolishing all of your gobbledegook. Time to collect your agency paycheque now.

  200. Michael Mura says:

    David Earl I'm not sure who you're comment directed toward. So you're agreeing with Frank Scott, right? and saying I have my foot up my ass, right? You have to clarify.

  201. Michael Mura says:

    Alex Gutierrez Actually, Neanderthals couldn't mate with humans. That has been proven. There probably was sex had between the two, but offspring would not have been born from this interaction. Here you are wrong. Also, the people who left Africa were already modern humans, not sub-humans.

  202. what do you mean by not black? what is black? and what were they?

  203. Frank Scott says:

    Michael Mura oh wow . How pathetic. Pictures of present day descendents of Asiatic immigrants living in present-day Egypt. This is your evidence that the ancients were not black!!?? Hey, Michael I have hundreds of pics of present-day Moroccans. They look nothing like the natives did as recently as 900 AD. I can find thousands of pics of native Americans who look nothing like Americans today as recently as 1492 AD. Asiatics were last successfully ejected from Egypt during the Nubian restoration – 700 BC. The history of modern Egypt is one of waves of immigration from Asia Minor, Persia, Greece, Rome, Arabia and finally Turkey. Yet a vestigial Nubian population still lives on the East bank of the Nile at both Luxor and Aswan. Dark as chocolate, they are. They maintain an old Nubian dialect and never make the cut of these photographers.

  204. Juju Bee says:

    Frank Scott Teach

  205. Juju Bee says:

    Michael Mura when i say black i mean skin color im not getting into geographical areas of tribes nations and such, dna everyone just about has negroid mixed in their dna, why? because adam and eve were black and their dna had all race capabilities within it, do more research into dna and try not to get so caught up in the different parts of the world you must remember that we are talking about thousands of years ago not anything that can and has been recorded in His Story, follow science dna and transmigration it will clear things up a bit, of course it will be a task because there has been a consistent cover up since forever good luck

  206. Juju Bee says:

    Exactly history has been whitewashed but more and more during this age and time things are coming to light for those who wish to see and those who really only want truth equality and justice for all no matter what race or skin color end of story, or maybe just the beginning of HIs other Story

  207. Juju Bee says:

    Frank Scott Great stuff very informative for those who dont know thank you

  208. So first you said they were not black and now you are saying some were black and some were mixed with black and somewhere in between black and something else, I'm not exactly sure what you mean.

  209. Barack Obama, Halle Berry, and Bob Marley are all of mixed lineage however we classify them as black. The false idea of white supremacy makes it hard for you to see that the ancient Egyptians were native African or what people call black.

  210. Michael Mura says:

    Frank Scott Funny how they're the majority when there was no large wiping out of the population like what happened to Native Americans. Yes, there were black Egyptians, they were a minority.

  211. Michael Mura says:

    Freedom Atu-Allah It was a mixed population, but the blacks were in the minority, that's not to say none held high offices. That's not to say their weren't black pharaohs. If we're going by Egyptian art, blacks had to be important to them at some point because a lot of the art clearly shows black features, which makes sense. Egypt (meaning when the nation was first united) started in the south where there was a larger population of black and mixed with black peoples but the blacks were still in the minority, but probably important. This doesn't make Egypt a primarily and especially not a wholly black civilization. Egyptians were minority "West Asian" (notice I wrote that in quotes, they were non-black North Africans primarily) with visually mixed, and black peoples as a minority.

  212. Michael Mura says:

    Frank Scott Also, most Moroccans were not originally black either.

  213. Michael Mura says:

    Juju Bee Adam and Eve didn't exist. We're all products of evolution. DNA also tells us that and tons of fossils

  214. Michael Mura says:

    Alex Gutierrez You are aware that peoples native to the Americas put even less value on gold than West Africans? They gave it away easily, then had it taken from them. Whereas West Africans created empires and traded it, usually for salt, West Africans were making their own iron since at least 1600BC. Outside of gold melting and shaping gold, the native people of the Americas never really managed metalurgy. I think you know nothing about history.

    They're military capabilities from all accounts were also inferior to many West Africans' and also East African's like Nubians. Once again, you're just as bad as these people claiming ancient Egypt and Olmec civilization were black invented. You're both ignoring science and actual evidence in favor of your own b.s. beliefs that make you feel good and superior.

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