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37 thoughts on “This Police Force Has Created The Perfect Propaganda to Convince The Public That Excessive Force Against Unarmed Men is Warranted – And It’s Unbelievable

  1. Quione Cooke says:

    Where are the non lethal weapons?

  2. Clever headline. Where is the context for critical discussion?

  3. Ahjii Ghani says:

    Hours at the shooting range is supposed to have you skilled enough to aim and hit a person in area's that are non lethal.

    For instance… a person walking up to me (unarmed) and I think he could do some physical harm to me… simple, I shoot him in the leg & he can't attack me any longer.

  4. Aaliyah Borst says:

    I see so many things wrong with this video, I'm not sure where to start.

  5. Elle V Elle says:

    BLACK MEN BEWARE… here comes the propaganda…. the "justification for murder" by law enforcement. Simple abuse, police brutality and reason for murdering "non complying", "unarmed" citizens because of "fear for your life". Most people are not combative, just tired of the abuse. "What would you do?"… ENGAGE and INTERACT with the community with RESPECT! When was the last time a citizen was able to have a simple, non combative, cordial conversation with law enforcement? THAT is the problem. Power, control and blatant DISRESPECT! Not ever going to go down well. Asking for war on the streets!

  6. Elle V Elle says:

    Most people are not combative, but would like to be compliant. But, with the serial killers with badge and gun on the loose, many citizens have simply become sick and tired of the racial profiling, police brutality, bullying and mafia behavior and attitude of law enforcement. Law enforcement around the nation behaving as judge, jury and executioner, littering the streets with dead bodies without accountability or indictment. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! No different then gang violence. Citizens are getting fed up with unjust and illegal militarization, ticketing quotas for revenue, stop and frisks and deadly tactical gestapo style arrests for the sole purpose of incarceration…. abuse overall, and injustices in the so-called justice system. "What would you do you asked?"… ENGAGE and INTERACT with the community with RESPECT and COURTESY! Law enforcement in this country is simply power tripping. Using citizens as target practice as if they were in a war zone encountering terrorists. When was the last time a citizen was able to have a simple, non combative, cordial conversation with law enforcement? THAT is the problem. Power, control and blatant DISRESPECT! Not ever going to go down well. Asking for war on the streets! Never ends well. No winners.

  7. This is a childish, self serving video to justify police state terrorism and summary executions of Africans in America and all American citizens, a sad justification of "broken windows" to so-called stop crime before it starts, but in reality to terrorize citizens. For one thing, none of the people who have been or will be executed on the streets were criminals. They were innocent unarmed unoffensive citizens either going about their way until they crossed paths with a skittish, scared, psychopathic pig hell bend on abusing his authority or overreaching the public's trust. The people they stop does obey the commands of officers, but not to the immediate satisfaction of the officer, God forbid asking a pig a legitimate question. They shoot people who hold their hands up to surrender or brutalize people already subdued in handcuffs. Instead of trying to justify brutality and murder, how about trying to teach those police state terrorists the constitution, the constitutional rights of the people, and who it is who pay taxes to enable them to do what they do. The American people should be fed up with police terrorism murder because this is not what we pay our taxes for. If we can't get what we pay for, then #SHUT'EMDOWN! #NOTAXATIONWITHOUTREPRESENTATION!

  8. This is the dumbest shit ever.

  9. That's BS.. You have no idea what you are talking about. Educate yourself

  10. Ahjii Ghani says:

    Christopher Hill: I would like to test my test my theory on the likes of you. Would you be game?

  11. Chris Lashley says:

    I bet they would be ready to shoot If the situation right before just got them shot it would've ended differently if they weren't on high alert already, put the sequences in a different order where guy approaches you first he could of hit him with pepper spray or taser

  12. A.B. Madyun says:

    That's a crock of unadulterated BS. That Reverend must have forgotten what he was even protesting about. I thought he was supposed to be protesting against the shooting of innocent and unarmed civilians. Did anyone know that the word pastor also means pig in Spanish? Duh!!

  13. You are savages who think you're above the law.

  14. Finding more ways to justify shooting black people huh…..What about Eric Gardner, Oscar grant, the boy in walmart, All these killing are not because they were not complying and I can fnnd many more episodes…Ecclesiasticus 12:10 Never trust thine enemy: for like as iron rusteth, so is his wickedness……..

  15. K-d General says:

    This is some of the most ignorant shit I've seen in a long time

  16. Matthew Moo says:

    Ever head of warning shots? Ever heard of shotting to disable and not to kill?

  17. This was a foul test. Why was he put in a situation of shoot or don't shoot? Where were all the other "tools" an officer has to defend himself without using deadly force? The billie club, the asp, mase, etc. They put him in a no win situation. There are levels of engagement that officers are trained to use. Deadly force is their last option.

  18. 52 fake out! Tricknology at the lowest level!

  19. Dave Soodeen says:

    this is pure shit…you shoot to disarm not to kill..if the person points a gun or threatens to shot then it may be possible to use deadly force.

  20. Matt Varner says:

    If you're an officer, you only draw your gun as a last resort. If you shoot, you shoot to kill. It really is that simple. Whether you agree with that or not is your opinion, but that's how officers are trained. There are non-lethal weapons at their disposal that should be used first, but if you pull a gun, you do it to kill.

  21. Ahjii Ghani says:

    Well Matt… according to your perspective, every time a cop pulls you over (or attempts to question you, me, We…) with his/her weapon drawn they intend to kill us, is this correct? Then this would mean that every time a cop draws their gun, people should fear for their life and ultimately shoot them dead (self-preservation is the 1st Law of Nature).

  22. Matt Varner says:

    Ahjii Ghani I think you're confusing my points or I wasn't clear (probably the latter). Officers generally don't draw a weapon unless there is a clear and present danger. Some are bad at recognizing what is dangerous and what isn't. That's separate from the main point I was trying to make. When an officer shoots, they are trained to kill, not injure or incapacitate. If the situation where they have their gun drawn escalates to a certain point, they are supposed to kill you instead of allowing you to injure others. When a cop draws a gun on you, you SHOULD be afraid for your life. But you'd never get a fair trial against a cop if you killed one.

  23. Ahjii Ghani says:

    I overstand…

  24. Jerry Dan says:

    Please stop the bull Rev.

  25. Jerry Dan says:

    Please stop the bull Rev.

  26. Karen Mac says:

    wow. propaganda at its worse – look who "agreed" conveniently to do this dumb experiment. speechless

  27. Gary Haire says:


  28. Nigel Hayles says:

    black people please don't get it twisted this video wasn't made for you. they don't care what you think anyway. this video was made for white people you know the ones who think al sharpton speaks for all of us, the ones who feel validated as lolng as one black person agrees with them.

  29. Body cameras will determine if an imminent threat exist. Police reports are historically untrustworthy.

  30. The problem is criminal justice have taken over what should be the job of a "social and family services" organizations. When there is a crisis in the community, home, or society in general, the only place people seem to know to call is for the people who are organized to deal with criminals, and crimes.
    Every crisis is not criminal, or a crime; But, the police are called just about every time; and that's the problem; we are giving unqualified organizations the authority to deal with situations they are not educated on, trained for, or prepared to handle. To make matters worst, some of the policeman being hired, are some of the most ignorant, careless, hateful, dumbest people, walking shamelessly among us.

  31. Uncle tom at work how to keep.
    the plantation in check.

  32. Al Johnson says:

    he took him down. don't have to shoot to kill everytime.

    said get on the ground well I would have shot him in the leg that would have.

  33. There was no way I could of shot him in the leg, or any non lethal area of his body, only deadly shots! Lol

    That black dude is so obviously an agent

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