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7 thoughts on “This Police Dashcam Captures a Routine Stop for a Minor Violation, But Things Turn Deadly for a Black Passenger; Did the Officers Overreact?

  1. Smeek Meek says:

    Dudes like him shouldn't be allowed on the police force, that dude is a nervous wreck. The only that kind of person does is bring panick on the rest of the officers because he can't handle the situation. Give that guy time off for mental stress.

  2. Ok. I have several issues with this, but none are with the officer. First, the title of the article leads you to believe that there is some racial injustice done by identifying the passenger as "black". The officer was not white, so race shouldn't have any influence in this article. Second, the officer did NOT overreact. He gave several commands for the passenger not to move, which he didn't comply. He proceeded to step out of the vehicle when no command was given to do so after a gun was located in the glove box. This entire incident could have been avoided, but for whatever reason, the passenger chose to take a different route. If the driver had communicated that he had a firearm in the glove box when asked for documents, the officer would've removed him & the passenger from the vehicle before obtaining the documents. Instructions would've been given to safely exit the vehicle and if complied with, shoots would not have been fired.

  3. you must of didn't see that the officer took the gun out of the car and tucked it away the passenger did not have no weopon he was scared for his life its like he know he was going to die so he tried to run this was def foul play for a typical traffic stop.

  4. You're correct. I did miss the officer grab the gun, however, that still doesn't explain the erratic behavior of the passenger. Why would he jump out the car with a gun drawn on him and simply not comply?

  5. Trai Luve says:


  6. Real simple… That cop didn't have to shot and kill that man… That lil dude needs a career change, like a cashier… Smh, vegetables don't kill people… I think he might be ok with that… Truly a broken state our country remains to be in…

  7. I hope that gun was registered and I hope this officer drinks himself to death for this shit. Slow damn miserable death. I am t;ruly tired.

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