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2 thoughts on “This Horrifying Footage Shows Black People Are Enduring Jim Crow-Like Racism In Athens and Other Parts Of Europe

  1. Pak Posse says:

    Only thing horrifying about this story is the Selfish Stupidity of these wannabe euros!
    If you really want freedom, that means Economic Freedom, free from dependacitus as Maurice Bishop said. That means staying in The ONLY mineral self sufficient continent on the planet, Africa. That means having a continental consciousness.
    That’s not the story here!

    Wot de Hell are these Africans, sorry I mean Senegalese, Nigerians etc doing in Greece? Oh freedom that’s right? It’s a new milleniuum, No More BS. Since I can remember we all knew how Greece, Spain, England etc etc was like for black folks. They don’t hide it from the time you enter customs. Yet these colonial coconuts somehow risk life and limb to enter a hostile country for what? Freedom… no. EEC Passport and chance to chase chubby hairy white wimmen… Yes!
    Save your pity on these losers and focus on the Africans with Continent Consciousness who are bussing moves for all of we, like Gambia which left the bwitish empire commonwealth headed by that big welfare queen.

  2. Take your continent back from your corrupt leaders.

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