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16 Monuments Around the World Honoring Black People That Everyone Must See Before They Die


The Monument to the Rt. Excellent Marcus Garvey, Jamaica

The Honorable Marcus Garvey, the renowned crusader for Black autonomy and pride, was Jamaica’s most famous citizen, and he is duly memorialized in his birth country. He died in June 1940 in England, and his body was brought to the monument in his honor. The burial vault is made from terrazzo and inset with marble and lies in the center of a black star, which was a symbol Garvey used in his enterprises, including the Black Star Line shipping company.

A bronze bust of Garvey that had been erected in another part of the park by the Kingston and St. Andrew Corp. in 1956, was removed and incorporated into the design.


Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument

This national monument gives visitors insight into Harriet Tubman’s life as an enslaved woman as well as conductor on the Underground Railroad. Located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the site includes Stewart’s Canal, which was dug by hand by free and enslaved people between 1810 and the 1830s. It is also where Tubman learned important outdoor skills that would help her guide enslaved people to freedom.

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