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5 thoughts on “Author Verna Myers Confronts a Mixed Crowd of People About Their Implicit Biases in The Most Direct Way Possible

  1. Powerful! Love Queen!

  2. So true! Preach Queen 🙂

  3. this is great , I love it.

  4. The reason white is the default "norm"or white is preferred by most ethnics including white, is because whites have the power world wide to project images of themselves associated with the positive. If you watch T.V., listen to radio or read electronic or paper news you'll be inundated with negative associations with black far more than any other race, especially more so than whites. This is by design, and don't think for one moment that the implicit association test has not been used for those exact nefarious reasons. How do black folks counter this? Power.

  5. Farntella Graham says:

    whites present themselves as super-human, as special, as chosen. they do not have a history like ours. they do not have the greatness of ancient egypt in their history, so, they use their resources to promote a god-like image for themselves. if we do not know outselves, we will get caught up in their illusion.

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