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5 Ways Child Protective Services Needs a Serious Overhaul

CPS reform
Improve Disclosure of Child Abuse-Related Fatalities

Reports from several states indicate that hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of abuse-related child deaths went unreported to the federal government. An Associated Press investigation revealed that 17 states decided not to provide the federal government with information regarding how many children had died from child abuse after they had been taken from their homes and reunited with their families within a few years as well as other important pieces of information. Current laws make reporting such deaths to the federal government voluntary and allow the deaths of many abused children to get swept under the rug.

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  1. Maggie Patnou says:

    Not to mention that just about anybody can become a foster parent, and foster homes are less scrutinized than the homes where children have been removed. Sooo much abuse goes unnoticed just because the home is in good condition and/or the parent/s are perceived to be good people. Children are more likely to be removed when the parent/s aren't 'normal' and/or the home isn't in good repair, even if the parent/s genuinely love and care for the child/ren.

    Being removed by CPS is incredibly traumatizing, as well, as it can be confusing and upsetting to be taken away from the only adults who've ever cared for you, even if they were harming you. Kids don't understand that being hurt by their parents isn't normal. They don't have any frame of reference.

    So much needs to be changed about CPS, but I think the biggest thing that needs to change is how we incentivise people to become agents–I wonder if turning it into something that could be voluntary would help. The biggest problem that I'm aware of with CPS, across the nation, is that they're under-funded, under-staffed, and most agents burn out because they are over-loaded. I think regular, paid volunteers who commit to a certain number of hours in a year could do so much good. Another huge problem on a state-level is that it's lucrative to pull all kinds of kids from their homes–in South Dakota this is a huge problem, with Lakota children being pulled from their homes for literally no reason–and worse, illegally being placed into non-Lakota homes.

    The whole system needs to be overhauled.

  2. Ardena Best says:

    Life in the arms of Children Institutions,

    Wanted to return back to my foster parents’ home which, the worker told me that my foster parents were too old. Using a formal excuse for the huge institutional Investors. I and my half brother were place into the state custody. Taking to the residential faculties.
    Graham home for children, as long the body counts are filled. You are left in unsafe children Institutions and will never go home at all.
    You must foster your own safety, negative labeling, sleeping quarters are disrespected, name calling, verbal wounds from other kids, low levels of leverage funds of free chores will continue to work undisturbed, remaining in a endless stair case of fear, you don’t know how to live in survival strategies, a career of theft is know, isn’t able to take a bath in a private suitable comfort zone, and isn’t able to deliver the relationship of Body survival strategies such as a certain need to manage that is related to your culture it enable us on how to really care for our bodies needs the learning of a number of rules from our birth mother, grandmother, aunts who share similar needs. We are unaware of putting our body into an unknown situation,
    Around difficult situations will enable you not to learn. You’re not able to create a study environment, and those who never were violent, they put you into a position to fight with certain trouble kids. As long you are in the system you will not be able to transform your situation into one that is safe, positive, and promotes learning. They try to keep me company in the loss of educational aspirations.
    Chronic neglect of children life.
    Children Institutions, places you in strange unfamiliar surroundings that are about to disrupt your lives once you are a victim and become an adult child they had cause general damages towards your pain and suffocations. They don’t promote or guide your behavior. It brings destructions to those who aren’t trouble. No appropriate parental supervision. They don’t have the qualification to black people culture tradition.

    You have an absent sense of right and wrong. It causes you to become blind towards your actions, not having any practical wisdom to gain from. Having a poor grasp of consequences of our actions and Unhealthy habits. Encouraging this type of behavior such as smoking cigarettes, freely to use Profanity Your young life is corrupt by them by a criminal act that could be consider perfectly legal.

    Willing to share unhealthy habits stuff that isn’t good for you. Have to endure other unhealthy smoking habits, distasteful attitudes, senseless drama.

    Security isn’t a paramount important for your safety against other resides who carry anger and argue meaningless, allowing the violets to grown. That you have to endure from others who aren’t able to resolve conflicts and manage their anger. Your personal property grows legs and walk off. The measure implemented to provide protection, comfort and privacy doesn’t exist, and roaches are residents also. They play a role in not arresting these problems. There always enough room for breeding space for those who are constantly causing problems. Putting a non trouble child in a bad situation among those who are trouble makers.
    Children homes have solitary confinement. It’s like locking you into a closet. Physically confined. If it is in the best interest of the child welfare then why do they have segregation cells? It’s not like I had a behavior problem. I was place in their care when they removed me from my disturb birth mother that their ancestor was responsible of her mental state of mind. Those seclusion room are a form of child abuse it self. Is emotionally damaging especially at a young age. Why child welfare isn’t charged with misdemeanor of child abuse its design the same way in the prison.
    When you have no inner resource when release out of the system, you are more at risk of inability to perform certain functions becoming, homeless, on drugs, prostitute, and perform illegal acts. It becomes some bad choices as an adult.
    They promoted the growth by prepare you for the role of becoming apart of the justice system. It’s no mistake. It is set up that way deliberately. (Gross negligence) was a factor.

    A paper orphans, linger in children Institutions. It causes you to close doors to life.

    Family court psychologist- use many plans to injure the case plans, containing a lot of boiler plate language know as substantial risk and sweeping in a scope. There is a lack of formal processes for making the decision to return a child back to their parents.

    Marybeth was this fourth grade typing teacher at holy cross campus, children Home. She would continue to call me nigger, nigger, nigger. Several times and she would start laughing about it. With her insulting. She knew I was unaware of those terms. But she knew not to say it in front of anyone else. She was cautions with her tongue.

    Incident of abuse from other residents. One resident who were sleeping was physically assaulted by another resident who stuck a soda bottle up his rector while he was sleeping.
    When I first came there that night I was assault with a dangerous object. Someone throw an object on me while I was sleeping.
    Best interest of child welfare do not provide a safety net (unrested drama.) they put you in more harm danger.

    Adoption: I witness those adopted parents would abuse those kids they had adopted.

    My half sister and half brother half sister had adopted two siblings. Her Abuse was impropriate. She would mistreat one of them real bad. The reason why she did not mistreat the other one because she would go along with the abuse to keep from getting abuse herself. And her aunt embraced a gay life style with the abuser and would help carry out the abuse on her own flash and blood niece. I believe this was a personal thing. maybe the intricate relationship between her and her sister, they did not get along with and she took it out on her decease sister daughter.
    Conclusion: The investor on Wall Street earns immense profits and continues to lobby for changes in the law that would increase their profits. Through children institutions, family court judges, attorneys that represent child welfare services, plays a role into those problems. They do not take you home to their homes but, their own children stands in moments of comfort and convenience.
    Their Dietary guidelines, in abolishing our own Culture, eating nutrition styles of our roots. Forcing us to eat institution food that is fatal that you don’t like by using European nutrition dietary personal impact as a long term portion control.
    House meetings, are conducting.
    inappropriate things are funny to the staff. Staff smiling about it as if it is a game. (inmature) see book.

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  3. Ardena Best says:

    This game of pain of child abuse.

    We discharge polluted wounds on our children’s conduct by, listening to other family members and others to mount fruitless assaults. We are venting our frustration out on our children when, our minds age backwards to subject our children to our issues. Inexperience was the culprits. We felt it was in our responsibility to use irrational force imposed on our children because, we look at the past to gain perspective on the present. We were programmed to feel connected to the past that justify the actions of the slave master causing our children to foster ill feelings.

    Our earth mothers exercise patience that, was taking away from them.

    Intimidation because a useful tool by, physically infective injury. Motherhood repeats emotional and physical beatings that a child has experienced. For example: when a person strikes a child’s body, a child’s brain will split off and disassociate itself for protection. The child’s brain will not process information in a normal way and doesn’t come back.

    together again without a combination of therapy. We are forced to pay for our silence when open to doubts. A mother isn’t able to call upon someone. We were crying shame a need to view the problems and relieve our difficult situation because those who uphold the system won’t see things in their actual context. It would be blown out of perspective to a worse degree. How can you seek assistance to those who were the ones that gave birth to mental tension? Involving them to jointing the problems they made. The physical abuse started in terrorist acts. There was beating of pregnant slave who were forced to lay face down on the round where depressions were made to shield the fetus from harm. The white boys stole our African ancestor’s milk, wears a tree of scars on her back and the slave master would beat the younger slave with switches.

    A new vehicle for learning.

    We cannot heal the broken past where the sadness used to be but, we can help our children to soften the bitterness by, bring a touch of comfort. We cannot silence our kids so, that we can excuse ourselves.

    Ask them is there any room for apology?
    Tell them you want to kiss away old hurts.
    Tell them that you will welcome a conversation with them.
    Inform them how the problems emanated.
    Write several letters explaining why, we endure a cushion of injury. With speech sound letters you can get your point across.
    Scars of the soul are why kids wear bandages.

  4. Feather Cre says:

    CPS doesn't need an overhaul, it needs abolishment. Too many kids are taken not because of their home being in bad repair or dirty, its because the CPS worker is a nut or doesn't like them so they don't do anything to help them. The CPS workers are hypocrites and bigots. God forbid you have a mental illness, cuz they really will take your kids then. They get money to take kids. These foster homes are even worse, often the foster parents are MORE abusive both physically and sexually.

  5. Feather Cre says:

    LOL! NO its not that easy to get your kids back after they take them. That's why I'm still fighting these people. They try to tell me my kids don't care about me, that's why they bought my fiancé and I Christmas presents. They pull this shit with white people too. They don't give two shits about kids. They threatened to take my kids away from me right in front of them and they were screaming and crying. There is a special place in hell for these people. Did you ever hear that a lot of people that work with kids are pedophiles? This includes CPS workers. Look up how many kids are killed in foster care because it outnumbers those who die in their parent's care far and away.

  6. Feather Cre says:

    Yeah but its perfectly fine if they are abused in foster care and die?

  7. We have been studying this subject for over 2 years now, and these 5 suggestions are so general as to be of no help at all in reforming this system. Yes, this system effects people of color disproportionately. How do the funding streams for adoption and foster care differ? How does that influence which parents are offered help? And which parents are destined to fail? How does this system compare to the privatization of prisons and the Prison Industrial Complex? What reforms are starting to show up there? How can they transfer here?

    If the author wants facts, data and stats, I suggest he contacts us at CPSdocumentary. Until we can pull people together, and start understanding the facts from the rhetoric, nothing will be changed and reform will not happen.

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