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16 thoughts on “This Special From Oprah Further Highlights the Devastating Impact White Supremacy Has Had on The Psyche of Some Black People

  1. Even though I was not considered dark, I still was not high-yellow as my sister. I was a second class citizen in my own home because my father who was dark actually worshiped my sister making my life a living hell even though my sister was nearly seven years older than I was. I was perpetually on punishment and at my tender age, I knew it was because of skin color. I blame black men for this one too.

  2. John Headen says:

    Why are you blaming black men for something your father, a singular black man, did to you? When these colorism issues come up, it is usually women speaking about how other women treated them based upon their skin's complexion and their features. I've spoken with many women on both sides of this issue. Their replies are almost identical. The only difference is what side of the fence they are on. So you can go on and blame black men for things you do to yourselves. We are blamed for everything anyway.

  3. have issues that must be changed by your own thoughts…heal them and be progressive in living the rest of your life…

  4. Actually black women are blamed for everything even the dismiss of our community. But I took the other part out.

  5. Karen Henderson Meachem No house niggers blame Black women for everything.

    Black Men are blame for people wanting to be thugs, White girls date non whites, and non-blacks committing crimes (they blame it on rap). I'm sorry Black woman for Black men not being leaders and providing the Black Patriarchal pedestal for black women like White Americans men do for their women. The only way is for this to change is for Black men to want their own land, infrastructure, and nationhood so they can bring equality to America. Only Black men can build that infrastructure not women (getting back on topic). That father was an asshole and if you think a weak ass social media like ytube holds any real substance in blaming black women for everything your are sadly mistaken because of those house niggers have 90% white supremacist subscribers (supporters). All the Global News media still have Black men at public enemy number one. Trust me even though lighter skin favoritism is a equal problem within Black genders. This is coming from a Black father who has a black (dark Skin) wife, but my daughter is as brown as you & other Black people say ignorant shit like my child is biracial.

  6. OPRAH is one of the main NEGROE BED WENCHES that have destroyed ALL damn women. IM still looking for Oprah, Whoopi, Alice Walker and Steven Spielberg. They spent 74 million dollars for the movie,"Color Purple", claiming to be uplifting Black women. They could have made movies about Harriet Tubman, Harriet Beacher-Stowe, Fannie Lou Hamer, etc., if that were true.

  7. Merl Seeker says:

    NEVER had any issues, if we could respect one another especially our own, the world will be a little bit better place.

  8. Stuart Jackson says:

    All the result of White Supremacy.

  9. Farntella Graham says:

    omg, the damage the white race has caused is extensive.

  10. Nyansapo Dickson says:

    You are a weak man

  11. I believe it's called intergration. Separation is what we are after!

  12. My husband said it best, people are mean sometimes. they even talked about Jesus. I often get ask what are mixed with. I say this black people come in all shades main thing is to love yourself and each other.

  13. John Allen says:

    A house divided cannot stand. Point blank!

  14. Heyward Johnson says:

    Excellent, powerful show. A lot of people are living with lots of pain, passed down thru generations of being oppressed. But as one psychologist said "once you know better, you do better", we know what colorism was created to do, what it did and how we must all work to end that destructive and psychologically damaging practice and thinking.

  15. I'll be so grateful to see the day when black men and women stop blaming each other for the things neither of us has caused.

  16. Cecil Max-George Dr King realised intergration was wrong and tried to warn folks and reverse his teachings but he was stopped… 🙁

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