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5 thoughts on “Randall Robinson Brilliantly Breaks Down Why Black People Living Without Knowing Their History Is Extremely Dangerous

  1. Lala Smith says:

    RANDALL ROBINSON is my TREASURE. His books "THE DEBT" and "QUITTING amerika" are phenomenal…..but I AM intoxicated with his book """"MAKEDA""….this book needs to be read at least 3 TIMES…( once silently, then aloud to yourself………..and it must be read to ALL chocolate children in this stolen country…….). It is the story of the 3rd EYE, of the richness of the past, of traditions that we either don't know or have had a spiritual encounter with and did not have the means to understand. "MAKEDA" will make parents of the 20th and 21st century get back to the traditions of ""griot""….. we ALL grew up with the storytelling ( Elders/grandparents/uncles/aunts….the neighbor next door) and technology will destroy it if WE DON'T CHANGE…

  2. Allen Thomas says:

    No batteries required.

  3. Randall Robinson, my Hero … a scholarly, gentle warrior. We count on him and others to remind us of what is truly important to a people. I am stirred by the truth that no people should have to live without their “Story!” It is important to the health, wellbeing and vibrancy of generations yet to be born. Thank you, Randall. Shalom!

  4. Ormond Ashby says:

    Randall Robinson is a precious resource, when rediscovering self.

  5. Randall Robinson gently makes the case, that Black History is bigger and more meaningful than simply knowing about Jordan and Oprah, that knowing self is true knowledge which empowers the soul.

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