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6 Interesting Facts About How Racism Against Dark-Skinned People Developed in India



Two Genetic Groups 

Research from Harvard geneticist Priya Moorjani suggests that all people in India trace their heritage to two genetic groups: An ancestral North Indian group originally from the Near East and the Caucasus region, and another South Indian group that was more closely related to the Black people on the Andaman Islands (shown above) off the coast of the sub-continent. Today, everyone in India has DNA from both groups in different proportions, according to Moorjani.



Indo-Aryan Take Over

Twenty-eight percent of the Indian population is identified as Dravidian (above), among the oldest inhabitants of India. They primarily live in South India, where people tend to have darker skin. However, it is believed by some linguists that the Dravidians lived all across the Indian sub-continent before a group of foreigners from the North, known as Indo-Aryans, migrated over various periods of time, took over and, as some scholars argue, eventually established the caste system to suppress the indigenous groups.

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6 thoughts on “6 Interesting Facts About How Racism Against Dark-Skinned People Developed in India

  1. no wonder you got a lot of people from india who think like the european.

  2. Your stupid magazine goes completely against historical facts about India, the caste system is not based on skin color, its based on job occupation and iq levels, the dark skin Tamil Brahmins are the ones that run Indias space program, while the light skin Punjabis live in mud huts in the north, and the Aryan invasion has been proven false.

  3. LMFAO, fair and lovely is to help bring the glow out in their appearance, and the British did not introduce fair and lovely retards, plus India's colonization wasn't based on slave and master crap, like your history, it was based on local Indian kings that lost against the British East India company and had to pay taxes to the British, but then Tipu Sultan with his Mysorean rocket innovations kicked the British's arrse in the third Anglo Mysore war, and if India were to go to war with the UK right now, they would nuke them off the face of this planet, most Indians want to look like their Bollywood actresses, that's why its called fair and lovely and not albino and lovely, which is what the retarded white Anglos at the time looked like, but the Brahmins of India were dark skin and had high iq levels, but you are right, caste is now genetic, but its not based on appearance, the Gurkhas are a Mongoloid group and they're apart of the warrior caste because of their bravery, you Africans are pathetic by nature, you get discriminated because of your low iq levels, not because of your appearance, a lot of Southern Indian Dravidians are charcoal skin, but they're respected because they can invent and they can contribute to society, your just pathetic.

  4. You are wrong, Abdul!

  5. Abdul I'msoshieksy Talib It's funny how the people with the lowliest occupations have the darkest skin. It is social engineering, it was designed that way, hence the the caste system is pale on top dark on the bottom. The same was the Arab colour bar works. You are lying to yourself/deluded or just lying.

  6. There is a discrimination against dark-skinned Indian women. I have written an article based on this topic. Do check out my blog at:

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