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8 Arguments Used to Blame Black People for Their Own Oppression — and How to Counteract Them

Black people are too intent on holding on to wrongdoings from the past. Therefore, they keep blaming someone else for their problems.

The list of wrongs done to Black people throughout their history in the U.S. that are still resonating in their lives today is extensive and extremely disturbing. As a result of hundreds of years of subjugation in an oppressive, racist system, Black households have one-tenth the wealth of white households in this country. While the Civil Rights Era enabled African-Americans to make great advances in the past 40 years — achieving high school, college and post-graduate degrees at accelerating rates — the disparities are still enormous and will take many generations to overcome without direct intervention. And by the way, the leveling of the playing field helps white people by enabling previously disadvantaged citizens to contribute to the nation’s economy to the full extent of their potential.

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

If Blacks weren’t committing so much crime, they wouldn’t get so much attention from police.

The common impulse of whites has always been to blame Blacks for pathologies that whites played a central role in creating. Criminologist Charles Silberman wrote in 1978 that “it would be hard to imagine an environment better calculated to evoke violence than the one in which black Americans have lived.” Pretending Black crime is a Black-created problem is like pretending New Orleans never got hit by a hurricane. Since the epidemic of unarmed Blacks being killed by police comes not when Black crime is high but when it is at its lowest level in generations, this argument that police are in Black communities because of the prevalence of crime appears not to be substantiated by the facts. Homicides committed by African-Americans declined by half between 1991 and 2008. Since the early 1990s, arrests of Black juveniles have plunged by more than half. In New York City, where Eric Garner was killed by police, the rate of homicides by Blacks is down by 80 percent. In Chicago, where most murders are committed by African-Americans, the number last year was the lowest since 1965 — and this year’s could be lower yet. And yet Blacks continue to be killed by police. Exploding crime in the Black community doesn’t appear to be the impetus.

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25 thoughts on “8 Arguments Used to Blame Black People for Their Own Oppression — and How to Counteract Them

  1. True Asiatic says:

    I have OCD about having to click 4 pages of an article that could fit on one page so I can get inundated with ads…..ABS should have a paid option to eliminate this!

  2. The useful idiots are the first to be exterminated once the Marxist paradise takes over.

  3. Pavement Apes always blaming Anyone but themselves.

  4. The author of this piece needs to invest in a mirror to see what is wrong with his community.

    This is the kind of garbage that excuses bad behavior, failure in schools, bad parenting and everything else that destroys a huge percentage of our nation, condemning too many people to a terrible existence.

    I’m tired of learning about some terrible murder only to find out it was committed by some 19 year old multiple felon who avoided prison because a liberal judge wanted to keep him from being another young black man put behind bars for a minor crime – in this case, carjacking. So, the life of an elderly, legal immigrant working third shift to support his family is worth less than that of a proven criminal.

    …and I’ve seen this happen twice in my little community in the past three years

  5. Kofi Robertson says:

    Danny, is that what Jesus would think! If so, you really really need to re-think your god!

  6. Erick Bolou says:

    white pig with small brain always open their hole when nobody asked them!

  7. Dae Giovanni says:

    *talks endlessly about Jesus*.

    *openly uses racial slurs*.

    just another hypocritical 'Christian', talking peace out of one side of his mouth while spewing hatred out of the other. move along, folks… nothing to see, here…

  8. Anunnaki Nichelle Ferguson says:

    Danny Ayers it's a sin to call your mother such ugly names, even if she does resemble an ape.

  9. Black people supported each other in the past, because now we dont support each other, we spend 1trillion dollars and only 5 percent go back to our community, were over ethics groups have 50 percent and up going back in their communities, if we spent have of trillion dollars in our community for 5years divided by 50 million African-American?

  10. Cons McYung says:

    This guy was in the military, clearly suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, perhaps he needs putting down….. Either him or his Staffordshire bull terrier dog. Also he clearly hasn't seen planet of the apes, apes be snapping crackers necks like twigs.

  11. Carly Lee says:

    Typical po white lice infested trash bag.

  12. Funny you should mention apes, Danny T. Ayers. Did you know that when apes are shaved of their hair they are pink, like you? Same goes for baboons, chimps, wombats and rats (lol) , pink, like you. Did you take notice of any of the primate's hair? It's not kinky, curly and wooly like ours (or Jesus's according to the bible, but that's another conversation *coughyourjesuswasblackcough*). Primate hair is straight, like yours. How about their lips? Not full and round like ours, but thin and almost non existent, like….wait for it….yours. You do know that to be Christian is to be "Christ like" yes? Yet you are racist, you are against helping those in need because you think they are looking for a "handout", and you are a supporter of Israel who incidentally does not even believe your Christ is who he is. You my friend are a walking ignorant contradiction, but I bet you think you're "different".

  13. Tim Donk says:

    You know Jesus, had he existed, would not have been the Berry Gibb lookalike you worship. The most extreme cases of 'Murcan dumb ass always seem to be wearing a cross.

  14. Susan Wynn says:

    Savanas Xavier, you should have been a sniper. Accurate and deadly. Look at what passes for a "Christian" in Amerikkka.

  15. Susan Wynn As soon as all my conservative republican clients started talking about how great it was it just solidified my resolve NOT to see that nonsense. The guy is a psychopathic, murdering, idiot good ole boy. He said in his book he was in Katrina picking off "looters" (supremacist code word for the black people wading through neck high water looking for provisions.) and still he was a "hero" to these types. Not……one….dime…from me.

  16. Susan Wynn says:

    Oh no Savanas Xavier, I was not at all referencing that piece of crap movie! NOT AT ALL. It just hit me when I read your reply that your narrative was so spot on and like I said, "accurate but deadly". I agree with the rest. Carry on…

  17. Susan Wynn Wow, I'm glad I kept the receipt on that speed reading class. You wasn't talking about the movie. Lol thank you.

  18. Wow Danny T. Ayers! Hope being a hateful asshole works out for you. Have fun being a lonely old racist! So true Savanas Xavier, so true!

  19. What a Monster, it is appalling that someone has to even write this article. I am sorry people like you exist.

  20. Someone please screenshot this comment. Lets Find out where this sucker works… and lets get this man Fired. Like that man did recently when his daughter was bullied. The racist father is now out of work..

    This comment should be VIRAL, and he should walk in shame. I am sick of seeing these sort of things on Youtube, and news sites.

    This man should not be working. I do not think the United States Government should be employing or paying the benefits of a backwards racist.. There should be some accountability for these comments. People like this take us back a decade in progression. Not to mention, they make me loose faith in humanity.

    As for his wife, Making silly little Tissue Box Cozies.. And Touting God, she is married to a monster biggot. Church is a social club for her to show off her ugly crafts.

    I find the religious people are the ones carrying the most hate in their hearts. This is a mask to hide the fact they are inferior bullies.

    I am at a loss for words, if I am not articulating well, please excuse me.

  21. What a "Christian" way to respond!

  22. Ashed Fined says:

    Angry white shit.

  23. Exactly. Black people may have supported each other in the past but definitely don't now. Of course, white people don't really support each other either but they don't need to because they are supported by the system. We, black people don't have such luxury so it is crucial that we use our energy and resources to really build up and support each other. If we did we would be rich.

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