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Spike Lee’s Latest Film, ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus,’ is Available Online via Vimeo

spike-lee-joint-202x300The latest film from Spike Lee is available. . . now. And you can view Da Sweet Blood of Jesus right where you are.

Lee has gone all new technology. The X and Do The Right Thing director used Kickstarter, the online fund-raising mechanism, to finance the movie. Now he’s using Vimeo to stream the film in advance of its Feb. 13 release in theaters. And you can buy or rent it now.

These methods show the difficulty in Hollywood to make films for Black directors, even someone as renowned as Lee. It also shows Lee’s commitment to telling his stories.

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus actually premiered in June. Lee describes it as “Human beings who are addicted to Blood. Funny, Sexy and Bloody. A new kind of love story (and not a remake of Blacula).”

Lee pointed out it was not a new version of Blacula, but it is a new interpretation of a cult film called Ganja & Hess.  Like many of his movies, the film is set in his beloved Brooklyn, the Red Hook area.

Getting Lee and his 40 Acres & A Mule Production is a coup for Vimeo’s on-demand service, which launched with the highly regarded It’s Such A Beautiful Day and Joss Wheldon’s In Your Eyes.

Vimeo is seeking to stream films that are funky and not likely to come from a major Hollywood studio.

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