10 Egregious Cases of White People Falsely Accusing Black People of Committing Crimes



Darryl Hunt case

In 1984, Hunt, an African-American man from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, at the age of 19 was convicted of the rape and murder of a white woman named Deborah Sykes — despite the fact that there was no physical evidence tying him to the crimes. Even with no evidence, he was sentenced by an all-white jury to life in prison. Ten years later, he was cleared of the rape when DNA testing proved he had never committed that crime. Despite the rape being central to the overall crime, he spent an additional nine years in prison until a man named Willard Brown confessed to both acts. After 19 years in prison, Hunt was finally exonerated in 2004.


Scottsboro Boys

Following an altercation with a group of white teens, nine Black teenagers were accused of rape by two women in 1931 in Paint Rock, Alabama. Eventually, one of the women admitted to fabricating the story. The Scottsboro case is considered a landmark case, leading to the prohibition on all-white juries.

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