10 Egregious Cases of White People Falsely Accusing Black People of Committing Crimes



Bonnie Sweeten

Forty-year-old Sweeten of Pennsylvania was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2012 after stealing money from her family and the law firm where she worked and telling authorities she and her daughter had been kidnapped by two Black men in a Cadillac — launching a massive search for the fictitious kidnappers. In actuality, Sweeten had used the stolen money to taken her daughter to Disney World.


Bethany Storro

Storro, 28, claimed that a Black woman accosted her in a parking lot in Vancouver, Washington, in August 2010 and threw acid on her face — a story she created so that she could be on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Media outlets across the country, and then across the world, picked up the story of the cute young woman whose cream-colored face had been disfigured by some crazed, angry, anonymous Black woman. They followed her as she underwent surgery. Then Winfrey called. But Winfrey’s folks suspected that Storro made up the story. When Storro discovered that they were on to her, she abruptly canceled her appearance — after she had collected more than $28,000 from charities wishing to help her. Storro eventually confessed to police. For her crime, Storro was sentenced to treatment for mental illness.

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