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Plagiarism Charges Leveled At Ben Carson for 2012 Book, ‘America the Beautiful’

9780310330714Ben Carson, the conservative former neurosurgeon who reportedly is considering a run for president in 2016, extracted huge passages from other works and placed in his book, “America the Beautiful,” without attribution, prompting charges of plagiarism.

Carson acknowledged the breach, saying in a statement to ABC News: “I attempted to appropriately cite and acknowledge all sources in America the Beautiful, but inadvertently missed some. I apologize, and I am working with my editors to rectify the situation.”

BuzzFeed News reported that several portions of Carson’s 2012 book were lifted from a variety of sources, including several online articles,, an article by CBS News and a host of conservative offerings.

“It has become apparent that further source citation is appropriate in Dr. Carson’s America the Beautiful. Any necessary updates will be made in subsequent printings,” a spokesperson of Zondervan, a Christian imprint of Harper Collins, said in a statement.

Conservative historian William Federer worked with Carson on his book and said he was “dismayed” at charges that Carson sought to steal others’ work.

“Any missing attributions were simply editor’s oversight,” he said in a statement “It is disingenuous for the writer of the BuzzFeed article to level the accusation of plagiarism against Dr. Carson.”

Federer was cited by Carson in the book, according to BuzzFeed. Federer says in the statement that he was cited with “correct attribution,” even though some of his work was not noted to be Federer’s.

He said he told Carson, “I hoped he would find (his writings) interesting and that he had full permission to use any of the material in the books as he liked.”

Federer said he also allowed Carson to “duplicate 10,000 words or less” as long as “acknowledgement is given.” He added that he read and approved Carson’s manuscript.

“He has shown an honest and sincere effort to give acknowledgment, and for this I am very grateful,” Federer added.

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7 thoughts on “Plagiarism Charges Leveled At Ben Carson for 2012 Book, ‘America the Beautiful’

  1. See what happens if to you when you get to cozy.

  2. Nikolas Wangler says:

    The left is trying.

  3. Marsha Iddings says:

    Let the smear campaign begin. So disgusting. I get so sick and tired of the mud-slinging. If this is all the left can find to smear Ben's reputation with, then they are digging from the bottom of the barrel. Reminds me of how they tried to smear Romney because he carried his dog in a crate on top of his van. Never mind that Obama ate dog as a kid in Kenya. Geez. So stupid.

  4. Lacubana Dematanzas Villamil says:

    Ben forgot who he is and they are showing him.

  5. Lacubana Dematanzas Villamil says:

    he is an Afrikan desc who is finally realizing that white people do not like him REALLY! He gets what he deserves EXPOSURE just like Cosby..

  6. Marsha Iddings says:

    That's one thing about getting into the public eye…every mistake you make, no matter how trivial will be used against you and everything you say, if it can be taken out of context will be used against you. Ben is an imperfect human just like the rest of us. The only difference is his mistakes will be made larger than life and plastered all over the headlines using a slant and words to make it seem far worse than it really is.

  7. Lacubana Dematanzas Villamil says:

    Marsha Iddings And he should have know the truth vs the myth imperfect will straighten him out LMAO.

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