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Now It’s Gotten Ridiculous: New York Cops Attacking Mayor de Blasio’s Wife, Incorrectly Claiming She Wore Jeans to Slain Cop’s Funeral

shot-funeralNow it’s come to this: New York’s defiantly recalcitrant police force is going after the mayor’s wife, too. But not for her or Mayor de Blasio’s policies—the force is upset at her pants.

Members of the NYPD apparently were so outraged by the city’s first lady, Chirlane McCray, wearing what the police force believed were jeans to the funeral of slain police officer Wenjian Liu over the weekend that they spread venom directed at her “disrespect” in text messages and on social media. The only problem: Her pantsuit wasn’t made of denim.

The anger directed at McCray comes at a tense time in the relations between City Hall and the police force. For the past two weeks, the department has been acting out in a prolonged temper tantrum directed at Mayor de Blasio because of his statement in support of the protesters angry at the killing of Black men, including a work stoppage that has seen officers across the city refusing to make arrests and write tickets—costing the city millions in revenue. In addition, cops turned their backs on de Blasio at the funerals for both of the slain officers.

It hasn’t been lost on many in the Black community that the last time the police force showed this much disrespect to a mayor was when a Black man was in City Hall—David Dinkins, the city’s first Black mayor. Now the office is occupied by a mayor with a Black wife and biracial children.

In fact, the nastiness swirling across the city directed at McCray got so bad that City Hall was forced to issue a statement explaining that she wasn’t wearing jeans.

“The dark pantsuit the First Lady wore to Detective Liu’s funeral was somber and appropriate,” said Rebecca Katz, a de Blasio spokesman.

“We should be talking about Detective Liu and his family, not fabric and fashion,” Katz added, according to the New York Daily News.

It was likely a first coming out of the City Hall press office, a statement discussing the pants of the mayor’s wife.

The vitriol apparently started hours after the Sunday service, with emails flying around the city containing pictures of the offending pantsuit.

“We found it disrespectful,” an unidentified officer told the paper.

The News went out and found the designer of McCray’s pantsuit, Anni Kuan, described as one of McCray’s favorites. Kuan said that although the outfit with matching blazer might look like jeans in pictures, it’s actually a polyester-rayon blend.

“It’s a very respectful suit you would wear to an important gathering,” Kuan said. “It’s not made of jean at all.” 

“It’s polished and elegant,” Kuan added.

These were some of the comments posted on Twitter leveled at McCray:

“The NYC Mayor’s “wife” couldn’t find anything decent to wear so threw on a pair of jeans for the police officers funeral. #noclass,” wrote @TejasGooner, who for some reason felt it necessary to put the word “wife” in quotes.

“Nothing says disrespect like rocking jeans to a cops funeral,” said another tweet.

Even the nationally syndicated radio host Howie Carr dedicated an entire show on Tuesday to the jeans scandal, with one caller saying, “These people have no shame,” according to the News.

The entire affair has a sleazy, inappropriate feel to it. One can’t help but wonder if those attacking the mayor’s African-American wife for the perceived fashion faux pas are motivated by more than the fabric used to make her pants.



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136 thoughts on “Now It’s Gotten Ridiculous: New York Cops Attacking Mayor de Blasio’s Wife, Incorrectly Claiming She Wore Jeans to Slain Cop’s Funeral

  1. Leonard Stewart says:

    And the Idiots are exposed again!

  2. De Blasio should play them like PATCO and fire the whole lousy lot of them.

  3. Jamella Smith Biegel says:

    Those who turned their back on the mayor showed total disrespect to the slain officer and his family. Their outrage about the pantsuit is ridiculous.

  4. Yemi Mshelia says:

    Just shows how uneducated they are.

  5. Athena Gay says:

    The NYC union police officers that participated are a national disgrace and embarrassment to even be called Americans.

  6. Athena Gay says:

    The NYC union police officers that participated are a national disgrace and embarrassment to even be called Americans.

  7. Truly sad once again NYPD exposed. Was it really about the clothing? Hmm

  8. Susie Dean says:

    O…..M….G…. If they would stick to "serve an protect" like scrutinizing fashion. We'd be lot better off!

  9. I don't particularly give a damn about the NYPD trying to be the fashion police, what bothers me are these words:

    "For the past two weeks, the department has been acting out in a prolonged temper tantrum directed at Mayor de Blasio because of his statement in support of the protesters angry at the killing of Black men, including a work stoppage that has seen officers across the city refusing to make arrests and write tickets—COSTING THE CITY MILLIONS IN REVENUE."

    What bothers me is they have been specifically ordered to "only make arrests and citations when they are absolutely necessary" which leads the rest of us to believe they have been making arrests and citations when it has NOT been necessary gaining the city millions in revenue all of this time!

  10. I said fr the beginning, these officers who act this way are acting like HS kids and then they want our respect..GTFOH! they're the ones playing a key roll in getting their own killed by non-sense foolishness and brutality life style fashion of conduct. They want us to meet their demands, then meet ours, the general public, by showing respect while servicing our communities…not a bunch of bullies in a playground schoolyard…smdh!

  11. The infamous NYPD. A very brave officer Frank Serpico exposed the evil workings of the Nypd in the late 60's or early 70's. All the corruption and etc. He was 'set up' by his own comrades to be killed in an arrest in a drug deal. He was shot in the face. His partners did not even call it in. A tenant in the apt complex where he was laying, called the police of a shooting and that's how he got to the hospital. He lived to testify before the knap commission about the corruption. He moved to Switzerland. His heritage is Italian. There was a movie made about this, SERPICO, played by Al Pacino. So the corrupt NYPD goes back a long way. Do they have no shame?

  12. Amen. They are showing the WORLD how ignorant they are. Because of the internet, the world can see more into our lives and ways than ever before.

  13. Athena Gay says:

    I know the movie and story quite well, Bobbie. A pity, but the culture there is a sad reminder of the bully behavior of some police officers. Only a 'We the People' coalition can correct this travesty and I hope they do. God bless America.

  14. Joseph Balin says:

    These cops need to STFU. They have been murdering, beating, and falsifying for a hundred years. When two pigs die they cry that their corruption has come back to haunt them.
    You fucking choked a black man to death! De Blasio needs to fire everyone of those pigs.

  15. Lenell King says:

    Just do your job go and serve and protect that's what you are paid to do and leave the Mayor's wife alone, bully's.

  16. Jose Agosto says:

    The Mayor wanted that tax money and the Police are use to strong arm those people that go against the system. A person dies and his hands are clean but the Police have their hands dirty doing what the law says to do.

  17. KeNt KiNg K-NiNe Demps says:

    It's not just NY it nation wide. The citizens are being hearded by these police & law makers. That's why they want you to live in fear. So you'll feel as if you need their protection. Like they're some type of super Heros or something.

  18. KeNt KiNg K-NiNe Demps says:

    NYPD are the real THUGS

  19. Sam Bogardus says:

    Didn't the First Lady recently get the same treatment after attending a soldiers funeral?

  20. Adisa LamarTwo-x Bey says:

    Time to separate

  21. those racist Police would've found something else to complain about regardless of what she had on. the Police has been racist towards blacks for over 200yrs. now the World knows. Either fire them or shot them, they're not to trusted.

  22. I feel that its sad that some of us focus on the less important things going on in our community.We are so stuck in color and race that we are tearing our community apart. The fact that the Mayor and his wife are if different race does not mean that he doesn't have a right to have a talk with his son about the dangers of being a black man and how to prepare himself if he encounter a bias situation. As a father his family comes first.His son can also become a victim.Us he saying that all cops are the same no!!! But be aware,l think its beautiful how they love one another.

  23. THE LAW doesn't tell those dirty cops to ride rough shod over people. The LAW does not tell them to beat people over the head, to maim, to steal and kill people for no reason or just because they know they will get away with it. It is inter departmental corruption and them looking the other way, and then punishing any decent cop if he says anything. The police' hands are dirty because they want to be dirty and are corrupt. And when it comes to 'dirty' cops, the prosecutors and grand jury is a joke.

  24. KeNt KiNg K-NiNe Demps herded.

  25. Omg wtf is there problem at least she wore clothes at all

  26. Adolph Dooley says:

    Jose Agosto the law does not require police break the law to bring revenue into the cities treasury, police break the law because they want to, and they know they can get away with it.

  27. Reggie Reg says:

    So it was respectable to turn their backs on the Mayor while he was speaking , even though the slain officers family ask them not to. Bite me

  28. Stupid.Do what is right and all this won't be necessary.You are reaching picking on the mayor's because you want to protect a few crooked cops.

  29. Of course it isn't about the clothing, their behavior is about their mistaken assumption that they have any right to be disrespectful of any one, let alone the mayor of the city they are sworn to serve. They are all bullies. Maybe this behavior can be used to let the people test potential police officers know that hiring psycho- or sociopaths isn't really all that appropriate.

  30. Barry Williams says:

    So much for passing the "Observation" portion of the Detective's Exam.

  31. Suzanne Galanis says:

    Fire these RACIST, IGNORANT people and slap some major fines on them. This is all racism.and it needs consequences, NOW.

  32. Suzanne Galanis says:

    Fire these RACIST, IGNORANT people and slap some major fines on them. This is all racism.and it needs consequences, NOW.

  33. Jade Phoenix says:

    I have known about the citations, illegal arrests etc since I got into High school 1994. The news talked about it lengthy and then just stopped talking about it. You cost my city money which takes away from things that we need, I'm firing you today.

  34. Nicole Bernard says:

    They're upset about a woman wearing jeans, but not a man being choked to death on the street?

  35. Carol Taylor says:

    Way out of control. Where is the national guard?

  36. Mr. Obama was critized for wearing a light colored suit. Caucasian Racist don't like NOTHING a Black person Does. Se people don't like to admit this but the Protest are about Racism in AmeriK-Kas Injustice System. Most Police are Racist to the Core. Blacks are sick and tired of them Beating and killing us. It's time Police receive some of that Medicine they been Prescribing Us…

  37. The behavior of the NYPD is a disgrace to LEO period.

  38. Isys Casale says:

    I say fire the lot with no severance pay. How dare they disrespect the First Lady!!!!

  39. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

    NEED is filled with bitch ass niggas. News flash.

  40. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:


  41. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:


  42. That is exactly what stood out to me! Especially since it's people of color and poor people who they harass, citate, and arrest! And yes it's nation wide our government ain't you know what!!!

  43. Rhea Jones-Price says:

    Man, they just keep slathering that egg on their face, huh?

  44. The Police Commissioner could stop all of the foolishness by firing some of these disrespecting jackasses! If two or three get a pink slip the others would get the message!

  45. James Gaines Jr says:

    With all the terror attacks going on I think the NYPD needs to be a little bit more focused and worry about protecting themselves and the city because New York is definitely a target for terror

  46. James Gaines Jr says:

    If the NYPD treat the mayor of the city with that much disrespect in public just imagine the things they do behind closed doors

  47. Cgb Spender says:

    I saw jeans, and she was carrying a nazi flag, then she flipped off the dead cop. Na-na-na-na-na-na. MOM the mayor is picking on me!

  48. Bridgett Cash says:

    FU NYPD. Grow the F up. You and only you are disrespecting the dead cop.

  49. Alden Rogers says:

    It's amazingly disgusting that anyone would be arrested when it is not necessary.

  50. Ann Eds says:

    "These people" — "Wife" — Some white people are just straight up fools. Ignorant ass fools.

  51. Ann Eds says:

    AND DESTROYING THE LIVES OF THOSE THEY ARRESTED UNECESSARILY. There wasn't any reason to make the arrests. Have you all read the statistics on the drop in crime stats? Black lives destroyed by false arrests.

  52. Paul Wagner says:

    There is a law that says DeBlasio can take their dues away.

  53. Ahab Galbraith says:

    The entire point of a military and paramilitary force being under the purview of a civilian government is to prevent the military aristocracies that plagued Medieval Europe and today's Middle East. When ANY military or paramilitary force ceases to obey its civilian masters, or rises up and tries to drag its masters down, it ceases to exist or hold any legitimacy under republic law.

    There is only one fix: disband the ENTIRE NYPD, rewrite the guidelines under one can become a cop in NYC, hire new ones on, and repeat everywhere.

  54. Ahab Galbraith says:

    Can we consider misbegotten gains from arrests and tickets to be revenue? Tax is one thing, it's the codification of the Social Contract, but ticketing is just a barbaric way to generate revenue, and produces a HUGE conflict of interest. I'd say instead of costing the city millions, it's revealed that the city had millions less in legitimate gains than it thought.

  55. I am no big fan of either the mayor or his wife but to criticize her for wearing jeans to a funeral is ridiculous. Those people are at the point that they would have found something wrong with whatever she wore.

  56. Edie Anderson says:

    Wow…so they're the "Fashion Police"… New York City police officers from where I sit look like "Country Bumpkins". They all need to be fired, thin-skinned men who want to be herald as heroes when they act like children. I'd sort through them all, and get rid of the kids. All upset about a women's outfit, I'd like to see what they would wear to a funeral if they weren't dawned in blue…New York, you guys are supposed to be trail-blazers. Aren't you concerned how these cops are making you all look. You look like a city of "Bigots"!

  57. How did they see what she wore when they had their backs turned?

  58. Marti Hurskin says:

    Time to Clean house in the police department…Are they fashion police now?

  59. Jerry Hebron says:

    Really! Or is it because she is black? What's the real problem here?

  60. Please quit calling them a union they are not.

  61. Tony Hicks says:

    When are people going to be fired? For the past two weeks, the department has been acting out in a prolonged temper tantrum directed at Mayor de Blasio because of his statement in support of the protesters angry at the killing of Black men, including a work stoppage that has seen officers across the city refusing to make arrests and write tickets—costing the city millions in revenue. If the police don't want to do their Jobs, find someone who will.

  62. Kenny Carter says:

    Redirect that hatred elsewhere. Idiots gone wild.

  63. Lonnie Hillyer says:

    That's the real issue here that jumps out at me.

  64. Fuck the jeans What about the I CAN BREATHE T-SHIRTS which was deliberately worn by these NYPD devils…. I GUESS THE ASHSTAR COMMAND found the weakest devils on the force to incarnate into provoking them!!! What goes around come back around again !

  65. Don't worry, come contract time, this should all blow up in the NYPD's faces. You might not want to bite the hand that feeds you.

  66. Ann Eds says:

    Shut Up NYPD. Explain this and the destruction you all waged on the innocent; destroying lives and futures and dreams.

  67. Michelle Sujai says:

    Last week 5 cop cars were in front of my apartment in Brooklyn NY because the back window of a taxi was broken by something someone threw. The driver wanted a police report but none of the 7 police officers would write a report. Additionally a car was parked 3 feet from the curb in such a way that they blocked anyone else from parking so I asked the cops if they were writing a ticket. they said nothing was wrong enough for them to write a ticket. Now I know why the jack asses said that. The mayor should put all cops on half time duty until they do their job. They don't bring in revenue, they don't get paid!

  68. Rick Tipton says:

    Jade Phoenix who you gona fire the Cops o the Mayor?

  69. Robert Burns says:

    Do you actually think we New Yorkers care about any of this? Everyone's going after their 15 minutes and when they get it, then it will go away.

  70. One of the L.A. County deputies in this area was originally an officer with the NYPD and so was his wife – she was repeatedly disrespected, threatened and when he complained, he too was "disciplined" and twice had to deal with dangerous situations alone because his backup were slow to respond and it was deliberate. They were "teaching him a lesson." He moved here to California, where there is some degree of "blue lining" but only a tiny fraction of the stuff that went on in NYC.

  71. Coy Redic says:

    Man fu$k the NYPD !!!!!! Nothing but a big gang

  72. Coy Redic says:

    Man fu$k the NYPD !!!!!! Nothing but a big gang

  73. Andie Paysinger!

  74. Andie Paysinger!

  75. Howard Sanders Jr says:

    My dad recently mention to me the Hatch Act not sure he was correct but in essence the police should be fired for what they are doing they are taking a political stance on something that the May did not make political.

  76. Lillian Johnson says:

    I read that there are reports of the new grads booing the Mayor @ their induction ceremony, how disrespectful can they be. These are the new recruits so who's teaching them to behave in this manner fresh out the gate? This is crazy~.

  77. Sanifu Hall says:

    Fashion Police too!? — D'oh!

  78. Ed Eller says:

    Very concerning indeed!

  79. Jacqueline Harris says:

    Whats so sad about the NYPD is its been so currupt for so long,that something drastic has to be done,like useing the power to fire alot of them,its an entity all by its self. What needs to be done has to be done on a national level in NY. I wouldnt be surprised if they make an attenpt on the mayors life,or any publicofficial that gets in there way.

  80. Theresa Chinita Baltimore says:

    I'm assuming by "…or shot them" you meant "…or shoot them". If so, I find your comment very irresponsible and dangerous. Calling for people to be shot because they are racist jerks is not the answer and just creates more violence. You may or may not have meant what you seemed to be saying, but there are nuts on social media who take those words to heart. I definitely agree that some firing is in order, but I think we should be more careful with our reactions and calls to action. jmo

  81. @ Theresa I meant that Blacks have to Defend themselves from Racist Police or Racist Caucasians by Any Means Necessary. If that means kill them, bite them, SHOOT them, etc., etc. I think it's being very Responsible to defend yourself or your Family from Racist Pigs or Racist Caucasians. I'm not trying to blow smoke up your A-s nor am I trying to entertain you. I hope that makes things Clear.

  82. Jose Agosto says:

    Bobbie Fountain Armstrong The thing that accepts me is idiots that think, because this man die, well we have to kill someone to get even and other idiots cheering them on. FYI those protestors who went to the brunches, they lucky I was not eating there. Just say my group will those famous words. Food fight

  83. Jose Agosto says:

    Adolph Dooley I admire that fact race have not been claimed. You must have heard who was the supervisor. Others didn't want to wait went full force race card. The Cop probably was looking at a manslaughter charge since Eric Garner die at the Hospital and not on site.

  84. Jose Agosto says:

    Serpico today would be indicted by the Administration and not NYPD.

  85. Man o' man that was a strong observation, Angelo.

  86. It shouldn't and doesn't matter what she was wearing. Even if she did have on jeans, she came and paid her respects to the deceased. The Lord God accepts you us ANY WAY we come…if it is ok to wear jeans in the house of the Lord for worship service, it is certainly ok to wear jeans to an NYPD funeral!

  87. El Judge says:

    Glad to see no name calling… Good job people – Good Job!

  88. Mr. Martinez, I'd like your permission to quote this on y timeline and in other forums. I like to give credit to whom it belongs but I'd respect your privacy if you prefer I not acknowledge where I heard your qoute.

  89. Natalie Williams says:

    exactly, that is the truth, right there. I doubt it was a typo error.

  90. DeBlasio needs to fire the cops who turned their backs on him (Just like President Reagan fired all those DC air traffic controllers who were on strike back in the early '80s), and hire some new ones who aren't afraid to use common sense and discernment–and don't get chokehold/trigger-happy whenever they see melanin.

  91. DeBlasio needs to fire the cops who turned their backs on him (Just like President Reagan fired all those DC air traffic controllers who were on strike back in the early '80s), and hire some new ones who aren't afraid to use common sense and discernment–and don't get chokehold/trigger-happy whenever they see melanin.

  92. I really didn't know funerals had a dress code people need to grow da fuck up

  93. Charles Gilbert says:

    They kill black men without a care but when they have something with them they act like bitches….

  94. de Blasio hasn't always been Mayor & at some point he did have to warn his kids about the police treatment of black men. The NYPD needs to grow up .

  95. This is the reason why they can't get a raise in pay. They are causing the state too much money.i say hit them in the pockets, takeaway their livelihood see what happens. Are all the police afraid of a few rotten apples.

  96. Wow! I wondered what they would say if they only knew that she is not an African American, but an American. A Descendant of American Slaves. One of America's first born descendants. They really would be pissed. Don't tell them.

  97. Franklin Fakear
    stfu, what are you his ela teacher…stfu.

  98. Bridgett Denise says:

    Angelo we already knew they were making unnecessary arrests to make quotas (which they aren't supposed to have btw).

  99. Robert Nathan says:

    Surprise surprise. The cops jump to a conclusion that is wrong.

  100. Beuteefulone Lugo says:


  101. Beuteefulone Lugo says:

    Be careful what you ask for!

  102. Deuntrick Na'Key Thomas says:

    what disrespectful is the back turning protest at the officers funeral that's disrespectful.

  103. Renee Moreno says:

    Who cares about what aomeone wears.She went to pay her respects that's what counts.Of course something was going to be said anyway because she is black.Shows who the racist ones are.

  104. This is absolutely insane….and anyone that entertain these idiots are dummies too…I have no words for this at all….PINK SLIPS NEED TO BE HANDED OUT IMMEDIATELY. ..THIS IS CRAZY….

  105. Kevin VinCal says:

    actually its irrelevant..she didn't go naked…. that would be a crime, and crime should be a police officer's only concern.

  106. Mike Jones says:

    These men are cowards. What kind of man picks on someone wife?

  107. As long a she was there is all that Matters, what did she wear at the other funeral? Basically this show the NYPD thinks it's above the Mayor's office, next they will be trying to get him impeached. It's like federal agencies disrespecting the president or congressional members! SAME ON THE NYPD!

  108. I am slightly disturbed at this cause I have served in the armed service and we took an oath when I enlisted. I know law enforcement take a similar oath, so how is it police can show open disrespect to there chain of command and not be punished. If a soldier takes this oath and committs a form of disrespect to our chain of command you are subject to criminal action. Police unions make it easy for law enforcement to act in the manners that have been plaguing our streets of late. No organization should have so much power that its policies and actions override the oaths individuals take. Being in law enforcement is a chose an individual makes, just like the chose I made to be a soldier. That oath to defend this country is not just a bunch of words written on paper it is a statement of your commitment to your profession, with the continuous acts of disrespect these officers are committing, only shows a total lack of professionalism they have. Sorry to say for every man and women who has stood and taken a oath, this level of insubordination is ultimately a slap in the face of every person that has served before them. #no honor, # no loyalty, #no truth

  109. Robert Burns says:

    The problem with New Yorkers who think like me Athena is that we know how New York City works. If you don't live here and witnessed yourself what's said about New York City, you'll have no idea of what really took place. You'll get a broad based opinion by somebody with ulterior motives; whatever they may be and they are usually put forward to further a specific agenda that has nothing to do with facts.

  110. Binta Harris says:

    They I want to call her rude? Did they call themselves rude those police officers when the Mayor was giving a speech when they turned their backs on him don't do anything that was rude? The New York Police Department of a bunch of jackasses and bunch of killers.

  111. Grown men so you say STOP acting like little GIRLS, this not about the wife.

  112. Kevin Barber says:

    I guess they are trying to meet the black quota.

  113. Bryant King says:

    The DeBlasio's might want to invest in some private security for their son. I have no doubt that there are some dirty cops out there who have him in their crosshairs.

  114. Ingrid Black says:

    First of all Do yall break to code of silence So she could wear what the f**** she want YALL FUCKI G WITH SOMEBODY MOMMY THEY GOING TO KILL YOUR ASS

  115. For real? Give me a break.

  116. >.> really.. I understand the lose of a friend but to cause drama over jeans? if it is true I haven't seen the video I don't know….. My condolences to the family of the fallen first and foremost.. Instead of causing drama about who wore what' how about you pay your respects to the family of the fallen and look at the world around you and maybe just maybe you will realize there's bigger things to worry about the what was worn to a funeral.

  117. Judith Ann says:

    Many of the police officers are bullies and the police union leaders are the worst New Yorkers. Most cops live outside New York ' s 5 boroughs so they didn't vote for the mayor. They come to the city for a pay check because they aren't qualified to serve as cops in the suburbs in which they reside.
    Their inappropriate focus on the mayors wife isn't appalling given the hateful climate shown to many blacks by some cops in NYC. I'm so ashamed of their actions. Hopefully they are too.

  118. Well, I guess that shows you the mentality of the police officers, they jump to conclusions before they even know the truth.

  119. So now we are concerned about some pants. Smdh… And this ladies and gentlemen is one of the biggest problems in our society today.

  120. Who made them the fashion police. If they had turned their backs since they are so fond of doing that they wouldn't have seen.
    These union officials make me sick it's not the police they represent. They love stirring the pot because they can't secure a decent contract. So they jump on this soap box to justify the high dues they collect even though they do very little. I'm not against unions I'm against union officials that fan the flames of public emotions to make themselves relevant. The workers whether cops, teachers, firefighter are the faces that move people in ways the union can't.

  121. Theo Ferron says:

    Protesting at a funeral is what is outrageous! For the record with these fools even the designer for the outfit said the thing was polyester and its part of a pant suit. Now those in the NYPD saying this are just looking like a bunch of desperate fools.

  122. Lesa Brown says:

    And it wasn't disrespectful to turn the funeral into a social issue by turning you back on the Mayor? Some were on duty. Where can you wear a company uniform and get paid to be disrespectful whole wearing that uniform. The police chief should be disciplining every one of those officers.

  123. Thats it, her outfit*what about the senseless killings*

  124. Yar Rewolf says:

    Fortunately the wife was not murdered for the show of "disrespect". The police will to often make up these claims, as they did here, to falsely show disrespect in order to get away with murder. Now the police should apologize….of course these horrible human beings don't have the decency to do the right thing.

  125. This is no time and no season. Tell me who will stand and fight.? Ppl just unite and seek truth, justice and rights.

  126. Donna Cee says:

    That's what this is really about because he is happily married to an African American woman. Shame on you guys your prejudice is REALLY SHOWING!

  127. Omega Payton says:

    I blame deBlasio. He is the boss and he needs to start chopping off heads in the NYPD. He also can smash Patrick Lynch. I'd bar his ass from all city building, including ALL police stations. I'd then begin to dismantle that fucking union, the PBA, bit by bit. I'd fire cops left and right for disrespect. Finally, deBlasio's own stupidity caused him this trouble. History points the finger at Bratton and Giuliani as the two pieces of shit who started the racist stop and frisk policy, which is really a modern day Black Laws – Black Pass program. Why the fuck would deBlasio go and hire the SOB who started the problem in the first place? Bratton's ass should never have been given another job with NYC. that other shitball, Giuliani, is now running around pointing to Blacks as doing all the killings in NYC. I wish he had said that shit in front of me. His people have been killing in NYC since the Black hand arrived here in the U.S. I guess all those Mafia killings don't count, huh? Sammy Gravano admitted to dropping 19 bodies in NYC. That is a fucking serial killer, but you never heard a word of protest from Giuliana when they let Gravano out; not one fucking word of protest from Mr. Bullshit Law and Order. Well, guess what? Gravano is back in prison, and this time it is for a cop MURDER! Hello, I can't hear you Giuliani or Patrick Lynch. No slick ass speech about why Gravano was out or how the cop got killed. Today, there is Blood on the hands of Rudy Giuliani and Patrick Lynch for the death of a brother cop who was murdered by a rat-bastard named Sammy Gravano. P.S. Perhaps, Rudy Giuliani can help the crime problem in NYC by having a talk with own daughter and ask her to STOP stealing from stores, instead of running his damn mouth and saying that Blacks are committing all the crime in NYC. Low blow! Damn right, I don't fight fair.

  128. Curtis Curry says:

    This doesn't deserve a comment.

  129. Come on now, we all know what this is really about…The sheets are off all over this country..shame on us.

  130. Looks like a house cleaning is needed at NYPD!

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