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4 thoughts on “This Author Flawlessly Explains How Mass Incarceration Is the New Form of Slavery in America

  1. Ted Langham says:

    THE BROTHER SPEAKS TRUTHFULLY…..Thank the GREAT DOPE DEALER RONALD REAGAN!(be careful who you elevate to the Presidency).

  2. Jay Contreras says:

    I agree with what what you said but I'm sure this was planned at the highest levels of govt way before Reagan came into office. I think mass incarceration & the so called drug war & the CIA's involvement in flooding the ghettoes with drugs–were all the US govt's official 'un-official' answer to the black communities push for civil & human rights in the 50's & 60's. They wanted to make SURE that didn't happen again. So lock up and or neutralize those most likely to take to the streets in rebellion–young, politicized black men. Some of the greatest minds and warriors we have are locked down. So yes, Reagan was a tool but he was simply that.

  3. Jay Contreras it is a harsh reality to accept the fact that the leaders of this country (largely White and mostly Republican) made those decisions based on past relations within the Black community, rather than on what would be best for the country. If 10% of the population must be "SACREFICED" for the good of the 90%, why do Black people account for over 90% of the incarcerated prisoners in this country? They are only 12% of the population at best, therefore they should only be 12% of the prison population, right? But, we know that CONVICTION RATES are highest amoungst Black defendants as opposed to White defendents accused of the same crimes, with no compunction or guilt felt within the legal community. I refuse to believe that there are more Black criminals. There is only less opportunities for Black men to live a more upstanding level of life within their communities. If selling drugs is your only means of supporting your family what is the alternative to working a legitimate job that you cannot get or does not exist? DEATH?

  4. Notice that the war on drugs are on the poor disenfranchised street level inner city dealer and not at the established jet setting, fancy boat, rich as bitch drug dealing level. Why not stop it at the at the top before it gets to the bottom?

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