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20 of The Most Important Lessons Black People Need to Teach Our Teenage Daughters

So many lessons, so little time. Before Black girls go out in the world, they need to know how the world will see them, and how they should see the world. They need to be braced for the slings and arrows that might come their way — but not let the possibility steal their joy. They need to know these things:

pretty black teen

Don’t let the world’s tainted view define you

As painful as it is to say this, there will be people who think less of you because you are female and you are Black. That’s why it is extra important for you to know how valuable and special you are before you even walk into the room.



High-School-Senior-pictures-of-black-teenage-girl-smiling-in-purple-leather-coat-at-Studio-Bpp_w860_h573Always look people in the eye when you’re talking to them

This lets them know you are self-assured and self-aware, which puts them at ease — and also makes them less likely to try to take advantage. In addition, you can check them right away if their eyes start dropping to places they shouldn’t.

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