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Warning Graphic: Shocking Video Shows Gunmen Killing Police Officer After Massacre at Parisian Magazine Office

[playwirevid id=’3234466′]

 This video captures the tail end of a massacre by gunmen in Paris that has stunned France and the world. It was the latest and most vicious assault on the magazine Charlie Hebdo (Charlie Weekly), a satirical publication that takes pleasure in ridiculing sacred cows such as political and religious leaders and the Prophet Mohammad — bringing repeated warnings from jihadists, who firebombed the magazine’s headquarters in 2012.

In this attack, hooded gunmen entered the magazine’s Paris office, killed a man at the entrance of the building, headed to the second floor and opened fire on an editorial meeting attended by eight journalists, a policeman tasked with protecting the magazine’s editorial director and a guest. The dead included co-founder Jean “Cabu” Cabut and editor-in-chief Stephane “Charb” Charbonnier. Twelve people were killed and at least four wounded. When they were back outside, one of the assailants shouted “Allahu Akbar!” (God is Greatest) and another walked over to a police officer lying wounded on the street and shot him point-blank with an assault rifle. Up to 35,000 attended a vigil on Paris’ Place de la Republique after the killings.

 Video by Liveleak

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26 thoughts on “Warning Graphic: Shocking Video Shows Gunmen Killing Police Officer After Massacre at Parisian Magazine Office

  1. Sarah Dottcom says:

    Can you tell me what the point of posting this uncensored video is? It's extremely bad taste Atlantablackstar.

  2. You ain't never heard of Assata Shakur Before!?

  3. Terry Gaines says:

    It's says extremely graphic before you open it. Sarah Dottcom

  4. Sarah Dottcom says:

    I know Terry, I am not complaining because I accidentally watched it. I knew what the link contained and I refuse to watch it.
    I'm complaining because I think it's highly inappropriate, unprofessional and completely unnecessary.

    It's something I'd expect from the websites out there that post gruesome road accidents with every gory detail on show, websites that exist just to satisfy twisted dark curiosities.

  5. Jacqueline Cooper says:

    Assta is innocent and set up by the COINTEPRO and the FBI~~ Read her Assata: An Autobiography.

  6. Shit look phony. I ain't see the cop bleed out..

  7. Atlanta black star, what is so graphic about a staged event? all but another false flag, the likes of 911, 7,7 bombing, boston marathon, just to spread hate abut islam. the very mother fuckers we complaint here about on a daily are the same suckers behind this, white supremacist and their desire for world dominance , power and covetousness over other people's possessions.

  8. That's how the cops kill unarmed Black/A.A in the Northern Shores of America, whose backs are turned, and their hands up in the air.

  9. Tomas Delgado says:

    All of you conspiracy theorists need to stop taking up so much space on these threads and stop watching so many made-for-YouTube documentaries.

  10. Sarah Dottcom Uncensored material is what gives people the sense of what the world is like. The world is not a happy place, and people need to know it.

  11. Kermith Bey says:

    Its fake, the wounded individual is not in the frame when the vehicle leaves.

  12. Mark Calland says:

    The point is were adults and it gives a warning, if you don't wanna see it don't cluck, it also goes to show the evil done in the name of religion and if we don't reigh theses fools in we'll be seeing that here in the states

  13. AfricanAmerican ComputerScience says:

    Exactly. Especially the last shot. The body didn't even jolt remotely.

  14. AfricanAmerican ComputerScience says:

    The video is fake. If you understand the dynamics of how high velocity bullets such as the two AKs shown work and especially the last shot at close range, there should have been blood splattered. And after taking a few shots of 7.62 or 5.45 at the range he was allegedly hit, you aren't going to rolling over to look back. you will have so much nerve damage from the shear force of the bullet entering that you will be paralyzed.

    This is what 7.62 does to ballistic gel which is made to relatively the same consistency of human flesh:

  15. Mickey MenKauren says:

    Too bad that wasn't Johannes Meserle, or Darrin Wilson.

  16. Shawn Mc says:

    AfricanAmerican ComputerScience you watch too much tv. you don't know where the cop was hit or what caliber projectile.

    you think that cop is in hawaii now or the rest of those people murdered partners in a secret plot to trick the french public.

  17. AfricanAmerican ComputerScience says:

    Shawn Mc Your comment is just retarded. Nuff said.

  18. Kungu George says:

    Sarah Dottcom dark? why not white curiosities……again david is right….most people like to live in their cocoons…this is what happens in real life…and it can happen to anyone anywhere….it happens here nearly on a daily basis…with the al-shebab..the white folks always say its blacks on blacks crimes….maybe the chickens are finaly comming home to roost….am a kenyan in kenya…here they slaughter hundreds and nobody cares because its blacks against blacks….they kill twelve whites and it has an international coverage on an hourly basis…do you know who funds this guys? you would be shocked to know…the boko haram uses humvees and M16s which they have no idea of even how to import from the USA…the goverment has none of that..who gives them this things? its not good to play the ostrich which buries its head in the sand and leaves the whole body exposed for the lion….its a world wide threat which needs to be countred and addressed….ignoring a problem does not make it go away…big-up atlantablack star….

  19. Kungu George says:

    its very funny….and sad at the same time…a certain lady commented that its wrong to post this clip, and I say its right…..its a high time people realised that this is a world wide threat, and that it can happen anywhere anytime…its not a black thing the way some western guys put it….there is a lady who has posted a comment here saying,"its something I'd expect from the websites out there that post gruesome road accidents with every gory detail on show, websites that exist just to satisfy twisted DARK curiosities"…note the use of DARK in her words….why dark? why not white curiosities? this types of ignorance is what is fueling this people(fighting for dominance) and racism among the western people and also shows how the black western man has been brainwashed to a point of seeing and thinking that everything black or dark is african and evil and twisted…address the problem from the roots..who funds ISIS, ALNUSRA, ALQAEDA? where do they get this weapons from? especialy outfits like the boko haram….why distabalize the oil rich african states? look at libya, egypt, nigeria? are they better of now than they were with their dictators? ever heard of someone naturing a cheetah thinking that he/she can tame it to do his will, only for it to turn against them and eat them? Maybe the chickens are finally comming home to roost… all comes down to one thing;CONTROL…..FEAR=CONTROL…they(ISIS, AL-NUSRA, AL-SHEBAB) are now looking for their creators…to challenge them….to see who is superior…..its a high time that the americans woke up to this fact…..what this people forget is that the african people are proud of their culture and heritage…they are waking up to this facts…facts that the west is no-longer trustworthy..facts that the west is out to oppress them and take their resources by whatever means neccessary….(instead of sharing and aiding each other because we are all one)….and each one of us has something that the other needs, we are all superior in our own ways and can help each other instead of terming some as black and others white…terming some as monkeys and others as nearnderthals(caveman)…when 12 white guys get shot in france, its a massacre and has an hour to hour coverage around the world, but when the al-shebab slaughter our people(kenya) in hundreds with weapons supplied by the west in a single month, no one bothers…its a black on black crime….lest you forget, they are slow but sure(the muslim radicals)…inch by inch they come, in all forms…changing your thinking to conform to theirs, instead of the americans changing them, its actually vice versa…there is a book written by michel houellbecq called submission….its about the islamization of france…and its scary..very scary, but sadly it could be true..Cantlie is british white male now living among the ISIS freely, most of the high ranking ISIS fighters are from the west and are ruthless, they are coaxing the blackman to slaughter each other with their guns so as to sell them more weapons and reduce the population so as to access his resources without any hitches…but its slowly getting out of control for the western powers….i repeat that;maybe the chickens have come home to roost and you should be very, very bothered as an american….be you green, red white or black….

  20. Jack van Geelen says:

    geloof maakt de mensheid eens kapot men wordt het nooit eens met elkaar.

  21. John Allen says:

    I served in the military. Note the muzzle flash or kick-up from the bullet hitting the concrete in relation to the angle of the weapon. Does not add up my friends. No blood splatter, no brain matter. Hmmm

  22. No recoil, no blood, no damage on the floor. Fake!

  23. Keeta Boo Archer says:

    Pure fuckery

  24. Eileen Semente says:

    Sarah Dottcom
    ther is nothing graphic about this video…..blanks have been shot to a man playing dead on the street…this is quite clearly a set up with the aim of getting the massses to dislike Muslims in order to justify certain politics and avoid criticism for actions that western leaders know to be inhuman…….we should all be scared as shit as to what's going to come next…but no….everyone is running around crying about free speech and muslim terrorists that don't exist……

  25. Carlton Classe says:

    David Martinez III Sarah Dottcomall material gives people the sense someone else´s world. Your own Experiences give you a sense of your world,,, images are just that an image of what someone wants to show you for what ever reason it is. for example the cop got shot a few times and didn't bleed. All the other footage ive seen has been people walking away,,, Now the massacre in Nigeria…… I see lots of dead victims….. and no killers….

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