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31 thoughts on “This Video Is a Revealing Look at How the End of Slavery Was Quickly Substituted for Another Form of Systematic Oppression

  1. Lynn Jackson says:

    For the pass few years more black males, and females, are reported missing , I think they are just being snatched up by the ones who are killing them for no reason.

  2. Jordan Croff says:

    Not just lynched but you could get your whole community burned to the ground just because you refused to step off of the sidewalk. Today minorities get heat for rioting but back in those days whites were quick to riot over the slightest infraction. And they did more than just loot and burn down a few stores. They leveled whole communities and murdered dozens and even hundreds of men, women and children at a time. White violence is the reason that some cities formed police departments in the first place just to control the angry white mobs.

  3. Justin W. says:

    So so infuriating! Now our community is in a nasty cycle of self destruction and a good amount of white people today refuse to acknowledge how the past has shaped the present.

  4. David Kamps says:

    Amazingly sad… and infuriating! Not that I doubt the history of rampant and horrid racism, I just find this history so unbelievable! How could people treat other people like this? It's disgusting! Appalling! Well, I know this… those that perpetrated this hate and did nothing to stop it are suffering the warming justice God gives them.


  6. Still in slavery. Right here in South Carolina, they think they have it good in a shack I wouldn't leave my dog, they 'get' to live in for free by doing labor on the plantation many hours a day, several days a week. These families have lived here since slavery. Uneducated and no paycheck, there's no way out.

  7. Not only that this was done under the sanction o God by Christians who believed it was fine. Can you show me in the bible where God condemns slavery? Not even Jesus speaks against it!

  8. Gwen Shumake Gilchrist says:

    There has been a lot of Human Trafficing in the news all over the world, but not enough media attention on things that are important.


  10. Michael Cashaw says:

    I completely agree with you, and as my father always said, make sure you are not making it worse for yourself, there will be people to do this for you.

  11. Does anyone know what the name of this show is? I want to watch the rest of it.

  12. This is merely a glimpse

  13. Sherry Cole says:

    This Country has been nothing but dishonest, and absolutely nasty to Black people! Racism still exist, sabatoge, sarcastic, and disrespectful attitudes by whites toward Blacks have not stopped to this day!

  14. Nick Tye says:

    Its more black men in prison now then there was slaves during sla.

  15. Nick Tye says:

    Its more black men in prison now then there was slaves during slavery. America is and always will be notorious for hate crimes committed against the black. How can we expect it to be justice when we are still being governed by the same laws that was made by racist hate filled white men that seen us as less then human beings.

  16. The 13th Amendment did free the slaves but the 14th Amendment granted all former slaves citizenship. It was the 15th Amendment that granted adult African American males the right to vote. Shame on you BBC!

  17. Scott Allen says:

    .What actually is your point sense conditionally these amendments protects the rights of Africans(Blacks now free after emancipation)the full protections and rights afforded to those who call themselves Whites? Where is the shame…….actually?

  18. killing them for their internal organs…

  19. Time warp prayer… up with few of these ppl. carrying a fully loaded stun gun….

  20. Slavery continued for years after the Emancipation Proclamation.

  21. People including many Black folks are unaware of the many successful, thriving Black townships across America, north and south. The majority of them were destroyed by jealous Whites and of course there was no laws to protect Black folks or give them justice. Rosewood, Atlanta, Chicago and Tulsa are a few that experienced those atrocities. Integration actually did more harm to remove wealthy from us then it helped. Everything we obtained came a heavy price and benefited all others more than it did us as a people in America.

  22. Josh Johnson says:

    So the majority of black people in prison are in there because of racist laws that go specifically against black people? Want to know different views, so please explain.

  23. Clive Grant says:

    The systematic oppression hasn't stopped , it's just done in another way today , more subtle.

  24. Josh Johnson there are many, but how about the war on drugs, that sentenced black people to longer prison terms for less drugs than whites.

  25. Youtube: Racism: A History [2007].

  26. Fifi Cockney says:

    someone needs to go back and learn some true history…… worrying a teacher giving false information.

  27. lie! u dont deserve to teach,m especially history!

  28. the real shame is that we are not aggressively healing each other( starting book clubs, developing speaker series, field trips for our people, loving each other, ministering to each other, etc 0

  29. get real! wen have differing impressions of freedom. such grand standing only supposedly freed slave in the confederate states. did we listen to the same video? many white people have an extremely opposite view of issues than most black people.

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