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37 thoughts on “Melissa Harris-Perry Makes an Astounding Argument for How Criminal Activity Is a Social Construct That Can Be Changed

  1. Many blacks will no even look into the truth or claim it out loud , many will not even take the time to listen to this video and it is really truthful.There is nothing wrong with sticking up for your own , what would have happen if Moses didn't stick up for his people.

  2. Shawn Mc says:

    its hard to say don't lock people up for any little thing when you live in the ghetto, the ghetto where people are standing infront of your business for no reason, where people are throwing out trash on the street and kids are smoking weed on your stoop,
    the things some people consider small crimes is what makes the ghetto the ghetto.

    its easy for MHP to talk about not considering everything a crime because she lives in a crime free neighborhood probably gated and her kids go to an exclusive private school.

  3. Bone Roberts says:

    I don't think incarceration is the answer maybe education and employment Is

  4. Donielle Owens says:

    Nope. She lives in New Orleans

  5. Shawn Mc says:

    Donielle Owens all of N.O. isn't ghetto, there are extremely nice areas outside of the black areas that she DONT live in, never lived in, her kids dont see and dont have to walk past.

  6. I live now where 85% of the people are white ,also i lived in Chicago .With that i have had a chance to see both side and let me say white people do the same as you just mention the trash and all the white kids have their gathering in front of business .They bust more meth labs than you can imaging , They smoke weeds and the young white kids are more likley to do harder drugs than black kids . The point is whites are doing no different than blacks it's just that main stream media report more on blacks problems not white.. I have been in social service for 20 years and trust i know what i'm talking about because i know what i see , no one train my mind were i can't see what's in front of me

  7. Shawn Mc says:

    Marie Hamilton then why did you move to a white area if the crime is so rampant ?
    is there also a need for a safe zone so that kids get to and from school safe?
    is the store covered in bullet proof gas?
    can you walk out side at night ?
    can you go to the park at night ?
    can you go to any gas station and get gas ?
    does the schools have a metal detector at the front door?

    i could go on and on but i think you get my point and its probably the reason you left chicago.
    Im happy that you don't have to deal with the ghetto and you have a safe area to raise your family but don't look back and say its nothing wrong with the ghetto when you don't live there
    dont exaggerating the area your living in now trying to justify ghetto ignorance because of politics.

    we got too many black folks that made it quick to tell poor ignorant black to stay in their position and fight the good fight while your in paradise in comparison .

  8. Shawn Mc says:

    Marie Hamilton you really think because they bust a couple meth labs thats the equivalent of gang bangers shooting each other up and also innocent kids in the process. every day there is a black kid shot in chicago.

    "young white kids are more likely to do harder drugs than black kids"

    who cares ; black kids that do drugs cant get jobs because of company drug test and they have no family to hook them up.
    you s focused on white vs black you cant see in between the line, the complete destruction of a generation of people because of ignorance.

    if you want to help stop talking about white folks and talk about how you got over, tell me what steps you took, i dont need to hear about white statistics

  9. Shawn Mc lol lol a couple ? really ? Let me tell you something i'm here because of my job i don't even like it here also there is crime here and commited most by white . You need to get to know the country you live in yes small town American where you will find mostly white .Im not taking up for blacks but if i was so damn wrong about that . I'm giving you the truth of whats out there as a social worker i have been in these people homes and most of the kids taken into state custody because of meth is white and the problem is very very bad .You are speaking with limited fact i been on the ground with this . i'm not trying to point out what they do and say our people do nothing wrong what i'm saying we are not the only one who have problem in our community IV'E SEEN BOTH SIDES!!! also if this system we live in is not responsible for many things wrong tell me why did God himself plan on bringing it down DANIEL 2:44

  10. Shawn Mc You know what don't respond back i don't have time to teach you have a good rest of the day.

  11. Shawn Mc says:

    Marie Hamilton "You are speaking with limited fact"
    I'm speaking with limited fact and the only crime you keep bringing up is meth use in the white community as if this is new information , you do know they are 79% of the population of 300 million plus people, you may at the most had 100 clients out of 237,000,000 people.
    if you would stop looking at thing so politically and racially and start looking statistically you would see the obvious flaws in your argument.

    "m not taking up for blacks but if i was so damn wrong about that"
    you have the right to say whatever you want but dont get upset when someone questions your reasoning when you live so far from the ghetto never been to the ghetto or around ghetto folks.

    ." i'm not trying to point out what they do and say our people do nothing wrong what i'm saying we are not the only one who have problem in our community"

    they are 79 % of the population and we are about 13 %, they can afford to have problem where whole generations are being effected by drugs ,gangs and ignorant culture.

    "if this system we live in is not responsible for many things wrong tell me why did God himself plan on bringing it down DANIEL 2:44"

    thats your plan; wait for god to take down the system, what system ? theres systems everywhere, there are black people living great in this system like yourself, instead of waiting for god to take down the system why dont you share how you beat the system.

  12. Shawn Mc says:

    Marie Hamilton teach me what, about your politics, religion and the white man ? i think i understand your position lol

  13. Ali Bey says:

    Excellent points

  14. Jd Hart Hart says:

    well spoken i agree

  15. Shawn Mc You know how i beat the odds? by not believing in everything that is told to me by the media or religion or statistics .Let me say this God to me is real if he say he is going to do something he will and why would i take over his work ? i trust him and you know what that is the real reason I BEAT THE ODDS because of him.. You don't believe in what they have done to his word you believe in him it take a lot of work but knowledge is there. For the record I DON'T BELIEVE IN POLITICS IF I DID WHY WOULD I BRING UP DANIEL 2:44 ?? KEEP LIVING KEEP LEARNING. You look about my son age so maybe in time life will teach you more

  16. Janet Cooke says:

    The ghetto? Sounds like any suburban mall to me.

  17. Criminal activity, is a 100Billon, dollar game, they don, t won't to stop it,

  18. Dedan Biko says:

    She without a doubt very very smart but tickles the surface on race cause she is half and half which never works in our favor.

  19. Justice is not equal. It depends on who you are, how much money you have, what good lawyer you have and sadly, it depends on nationality, race and gender.

  20. I agree, everything we do as a people is a choice. All change is a process, now you have to decide if you are going to be a part of the process or part of the problem. The Black community or any community has a right to govern their own behavior, and that lies within education as well as the negative behavior society have many to believe we portray as a whole. Nothing starts off in the negative, that process grows over time, now what we need to do is begin to allow the behavior to be a stepping stone to great things, meaning education, growth in the community, grooming the youth to be leaders. This can be a starting point…

  21. Marie Hamilton You are absolutely correct! I live in a small semi-rural Texas county on the gulf coast where the black population is about 2% of the total 20,000. There are hundreds of meth labs and white people on drugs, unemployed and unemployable youth, many with records starting at age 14, trash strewn everywhere, domestic violence, murders, burglaries, etc.

  22. Donielle Owens says:

    Shawn Mc while I am sure there are. She doesn't live there. She has shown her home on her show and spoken about fixing the entire neighborhood up around her home even after the hurricane. Here is the home she is in now the one she bought in 2012. They have since remodeled it of course.

  23. Shawn Mc says:

    Donielle Owens that was a pet project, you telling me she lived there when she was a professor ? no
    did she grow u there ? no
    do she walk around there ? no

    she and her husband always fix broken homes and sell them. .
    she openly talks about her kids being educated in an exclusive school, there are no schools like that in that area.
    updated info on MHP home flip

  24. Shawn Mc says:

    Donielle Owens this is a women that was raised middle to upper class in seattle,
    shes trying to make up for it by creating some connection to the ghetto but shes not stupid enough to move there, she like to support from afar lol

    she will never tell you how to get out the ghetto because she needs connections in the ghetto to be relevant

  25. Darryl Shirley says:

    @Shawn Mc – not sure you understand the point MHP is making. Look at it like this…if you see someone smoking pot, do we really want to lock them up or should we issue a ticket? When the police see someone jaywalking, should they grab them and hassle them or say hey, that's jaywalking – next time I'll issue you a ticket instead of grabbing them – getting into a fist fight, then cry self-defense by firing 12-15 shots missing the target and the bullets going all over the area potentially hitting innocent people.

  26. I hate to say this but the mulattos have always brought awareness to black plight…

  27. Erik Brodnax says:

    We need to be careful Professor Harris not to see danger and freedom as unrelated. They are not mutually exclusive categorical imperatives. In fact often freedom leads to greater risk to the common weal. So that to assert that we can take danger out of certain behaviors and in so doing promote an agenda of freedom is based on the faulty assumption that the two are somehow binaries, when in fact it is difficult often to say or affirm that you can have one without the other.

  28. Rossi Love says:

    Shawn Mc you have some very good points. If we break down all of our issues, they will all start with economics. If we had any chance at have of what their constitution says we are supposed to have none of this would be happening. They are afraid of the black people outdoing them. This is way they stack the deck so high against us. I can go into great detail about this, but you have to know those people would not be standing around if they had decent jobs to go to. They would not be smoking weed if they know that they would get pissed tested and could lose their job. Ask yourself why was the training programs taken out of public schools? Then remember who did that. the very people who complain about us standing around. Now ask yourself why is schooling so damn unaffordable? It is all a game. It is designed to catch us up. They planned it that way. My people may be ignorant to the many ways the dominant society has us tricked, but we are not dumb. I a place where people are to scared to train you, always making you out to be a criminal, then blaming you for everything. Of course we get high to try and rise above the things we can not change.

  29. Donielle Owens says:

    Shawn Mc ok imma just say it like this…. so f***ing what if she lived there or not if she is buying houses in blighted neighborhoods and fixing them up all the time, that does more for the neighborhood than you WILL EVER DO. YOU ARE A HATER. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

  30. Shawn Mc says:

    Donielle Owens not a hater just a criticizer of black folks who never lived in the ghetto but feel they know how things should be run there.

    hey if you feel shes your savior so be it but she would NEVER live next to you.

  31. Frst Brn says:

    Actually Shawn Mc every thing you described is what happens in oppressed and poverty filled areas. Locking people up simple for standing around is barbaric.. That is where they live also.. If you have a problem with it you can exercise your right to move…

  32. Frst Brn says:

    Crystal Fowler Just the 'mulattos'? Sad, you probably need to read up on your black history… I can name numerous advocates and activist of all complexions and races….

  33. Shawn Mc says:

    Frst Brn I did.

  34. Linda Taylor says:

    Other public policies have also been responsible for some of the conditions that exist in the inner city; policies that were suppose to assist but only turn out to be harmful in the long run.

  35. Linda Taylor says:

    Other problems this war has caused is the disruption of families and neighborhoods because of the number Blacks incarcerated. The stats for Blacks have been quoted at about 2.3 million. A large number of Blacks have had some legal/criminal involvement. Having a felony prevents access to social capital that is afforded to others in a time when resources are already scarce i.e. education, housing, etc. A vicious cycle is created.

  36. Linda Taylor says:

    Don’t misunderstand the reasons for such large numbers of Blacks being incarcerated as a Black thing because drug use is just as prevalent in other communities. Just as many other races are using drugs but the focus has mainly been concentrated on Black communities. The numbers in comparison has not reflected this fact.

  37. Linda Taylor says:

    The War on Drugs actually welcomed a War on Blacks. This public policy created issues around racial profiling, sending more Blacks to prison than any other race in America. Most of these arrests have been determined to be nonviolent offenses. The role of mass incarceration has become a lucrative business as well as has changed the public spaces of inner cities what I term as ghetto-making.

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