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8 Wealthiest and Most Influential People From Jamaica

Joseph M. Matalon

Joseph M. Matalon

Matalon is among the foremost leaders in Jamaica business, part of a family with a legacy of successful business practices for decades. He is the chairman of the ICD Group, a Jamaican investment holding company. For more than 20 years, his knowledge and expertise have been utilized in the areas of transactional finance, investments and banking in various institutions. He is the chairman of British Caribbean Insurance Co., the Development Bank of Jamaica and president of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ). He also is a director of the Gleaner Co. and Commodity Service Co. and a former director of the Bank of Nova Scotia (Jamaica Limited). In addition, he has been involved with a number of special committees to advise the government on financial and economic matters.

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18 thoughts on “8 Wealthiest and Most Influential People From Jamaica

  1. Trevor Riley says:

    This is so full of errors. For one, you are conflating Joe Issa and his father.

  2. Can Joe Issa, follow in his father footstep? Only time will tell. Abe issa was a philosopher and philanthropist .

  3. Eran Spiro says:

    Full of BS… Get a life and do your homework.

  4. Alexander Sinclair says:

    As usual the leaders in Jamaica are still either white or light skinned.

  5. Pam Hart says:

    Wen since cronyism become advising….dwl dwl dwl…ah sah…yaad saying…higher monkey climb, more him show him backside…

  6. MSheree Simpson says:

    This is rather very old. Wayne Chen don't own the Superplus chain no more..that must have affected his net worth one way or another.

  7. unresearched and lacking cogency.

  8. Dyhartid Laybarite says:

    Trevor,no mistake there, Joey owns all the Cool Oasis petrol stations in Jamaica

  9. Trevor Riley says:

    Dyhartid, Joey is neither chairman of Superclubs nor vice chairman of Gleaner. The entire piece is poorly researched, badly written and replete with errors.

  10. It's fascinating that Issa is credited for the development of the all-inclusive concept in the 70's when he was just a kid. What a remarkable child!

  11. Débè-Ann Chen says:

    a lot of this information is quite incorrect.

  12. This WEALTH report is a perfect example of POOR reporting.

  13. Should have stuck to sports journalism!

  14. This idiot obviously has never heard of the politicians and the dons

  15. John Nre says:

    All mixed people and non blacks, except for 1 black woman.

    Any suprise Jamica is a shit hole for blacks when all the wealth is with people that don't identify with africans?

  16. Amir Delane says:

    Must've been written by a moron.

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