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7 Ways a Black Teacher Makes a Difference for Black Students

Of the 3.3 million teachers in American public elementary and secondary schools in 2012, according to a study by the National Center for Education Statistics, 82 percent were white, and just 7 percent were Black. It’s taken as conventional wisdom in many quarters that one of the reasons so many Black children, especially Black males, suffer in school is because not enough of them are taught by Black teachers. But how do Black teachers make a difference to Black children?

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Blacks Teachers Treat Them Better

Researchers Kenneth Meier and Joseph Stewart found that African-American students scored higher on standardized achievement tests in the presence of African-American teachers. They surmised that Black teachers may be more empathetic toward Black students. Other researchers found that although Black teachers were no more likely to praise young Black students than white teachers, they were much less likely to respond negatively to them than the white teachers.

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4 thoughts on “7 Ways a Black Teacher Makes a Difference for Black Students

  1. The truth is, black parents are at fault for their children's inevitable failures when they negligently place their children in school settings with predominantly white teachers.

  2. Tibby Poindexter Wells says:

    I've noticed something else that isn't really addressed here. Even when you remove race from the equation, students seem to do better with male teachers than they do with female teachers. I truly believe that we need more alpha males going into education. I see it with my daughter (she is ADD). With her female teachers, in most cases, she can get around them using sympathy to get her way. I have noticed this with my son and with friends' children as well, although they tend to use other types of manipulation. When it comes to the male teachers, they get one chance to straighten up and then there are consequences. Male teachers just seem to have a better grip on their classrooms, both for giving information and for keeping the kids in line. The funny thing with that is that, at least in both my kids' cases, they actually enjoy the classes taught by the male teachers more AND they retain more of what they learned in the class.
    (The absolute worst teacher we have run into is the middle aged tenured white female elementary teacher–knows nothing can be done to her and doesn't care because they're young enough to "catch up".)

  3. So why did Mandela ended the apartheid? You know what is necessary, not you put black with black and white with white, is the black respect white, and white the black ;).

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