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The Top 10 Richest Women in Africa in 2014

Sharon Wapnick

Wapnick is one of the largest individual shareholders for Octodec Investments and Premium Properties. Both companies were founded by her father, but Wapnick’s own additional investments made her one of the wealthiest women in Africa. Smart moves in real estate and other investments eventually gave Wapnick a net worth of $43.1 million.



Bridgette Radebe

Radebe had to do more than just make the right investments in order to obtain her wealth. Through hard work and serious dedication, Radebe founded her own successful mining company in South Africa called Mmakau Mining. The mining company has operations in gold, platinum, coal and so much more. Being the founder of her own mining company came after she rose through the ranks as a mine worker herself. In 2013, Radebe’s net worth was an estimated $100 million.

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