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7 thoughts on “See Why The US Government’s Sneaky Tactics When Dealing With Africa Will Not Turn Out Well For Black People

  1. Paul James says:

    Imagine a cultural revolution in America and the world, black/global focused educational systems, economics based on resources from africa and others. A connected social diaspora from Colombia to Cuba to Madagascar and beyond. A society built on human-scaled principles versus the 19th century corporate/capitalist one we live under now. A society created to persevere past the 21st century and beyond. We'd better start getting our minds right or we will be committing our children to a world of strife and poison.

  2. Quione Cooke says:

    I believe Marcus Garvey dreamed it. I feel it is our duty to see it fulfilled

  3. It's about who is gonna control the resources! Africa wake up!

  4. The information reported is long far from being new at all given that white race controlled Euro-America / European nation' governments / their white private sector big business benefactors / partners have since the 1600's easily tricked, well deceived, / also terrorized Africa' people / stolen Africa' great wealth by every / any means that both white race devils / their many bedeviled brainwashed, mind-sick, self-hating black Euro-educated, ignorant, fearful, selfish / extremely useful black helper minions in Africa, America / Europe deemed necessary.

    White race criminal actions include centuries of quite deliberate black genocide murders / strategic tactical divisive division of millions of black men, women, / children via white men's diseases, guns, sea/ground/air military troop invasions / enforcement via weapons, wars in Africa for land colonization / riches thefts including her people' / children' lives horribly harnessed by racist / discriminatory white race brutal force for heinous / perverse enslaved labor, sexual assault / murder, white race deployment of secret special ops intelligence / invasion units to deliberately initiate / instigate unethical rampant interference in the elections of African country state political government head leadership, full scale corruption of African presidential leaders / other high level government officials, pay-offs to them / their equally corrupt African renegade military forces, / also the vile long-term imprisonments / murderous assassinations of unfavorable successful / also uncooperative political candidates / any compelling black nationalist activists / revolutionaries, / overall long ongoing extreme poverty, dependence, poor health / murder of both Black Africans / African American people.

    Black Africans and African Americans absolutely / urgently must communicate, share / act upon their knowledge, rapidly strongly support one another / relentlessly unite tightly together with one another right now in forgiveness of one another in love, faith, trust, guidance / protection first / foremost from the All-Powerful Leadership of Almighty God via immediate return to obey / honor His Holy Laws, Covenant established with our ancient ancestors, / His Sacrificed / Risen Son Lord Jesus Christ. And, we must then do the same with one another under Almighty God as is well written in scriptures and highly divinely expected. There is no other way to both endure / thwart our evil oppressors, which we ourselves in countless ways have for many centuries far too long allowed to easily deceive, divide, dilute, weaken, destroy millions of us, and too many of us have also in great despair, depression, sinful arrogance, selfishness / foolish fear of mankind / fearlessness of / against Almighty God succumbed to becoming evil similar to / self-destructive as our oppressors / exploiters. The time is now or never to finally unite all those Black African / African American courageous people indeed relentlessly willing to stand up / unite under the Faithful Power / Promises of Almighty God.

    All African leader heads of divided nation state African countries who are highly favored and heavily supported by the USA, UK, and other major wealthy white European controlled countries should be immediately shunned and ousted by the vast overwhelming majority of the African people of their respective nation state countries by any means necessary at whatever consequence cost / the people of all African countries must unite together / must also unite together with their African American brothers / sisters to create The United Africa for true actual self-determination, freedom, / independence from racist white race discrimination, control, / exploitation. The black people of all countries in Africa, USA / Caribbean must immediately unite together to create The United Africa or else remain dangerously divided, more diluted, oppressed, imprisoned / murdered for refusing to do so before way too late not to burn as well along in partnership with the evil oppressors of Almighty God' Chosen People en mass. Peace!

  5. If those of us black people on earth relentlessly well-knowing Almighty God Is The Only Supreme Power Period / we therefore are willing to live for Him boldly / actively resisting / fighting against all forms of evil, abominable sins / injustices daily waged / also escalating against Almighty God' People, then we must also be courageous in being fearless, willing / unafraid to only physically die fighting against evil for the sake of righteousness. For what is there to fear from mankind not even remotely nor in their foolish dreams, imagination, science or machinations of any kind whatsoever any potential match for Our Maker The Life-Giver & Creator of All Things Past, Present, / Future. Fear yes not mankind, but instead have relentless love, trust, faith in, obey / honor Almighty God with our lives / breath He Gave Us, Made Us, Can Take Away From Us / Give Back to Us Anytime at All. Should we fear fleshy evil men / women or always undoubtedly know, remember, act only though the All-Consuming Power of Almighty God as His Own Chosen People in the Name of His Sacrificed / Also Risen Son Lord JC? What have we to fear other than Almighty God? Definitely not all of the sick mice called mankind willing to be permanently destroyed mind, spirit, body / soul deliberately trying to go against Almighty God / His People. Fear them not! Fear only Almighty God period!

  6. William Eaton says:

    Still blaming whites for niggers being dumb niggers

  7. Billy Mason says:

    kill white race of siis to h.u.

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