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‘Hardcore Pawn’ Season 8, Episode 28


Hardcore Pawn Season 8, Episode 28 Million Dollar Resolve airs tonight on TruTv.

The Golds have the opportunity of a lifetime when they stumble upon pieces of art that could be worth millions. But will they strike it rich or will they be left holding the bag? Seth gambles on a piece of Detroit history, and Ashley’s patience is put to the test when dealing with a customer and his memories of his long lost cow.

The Gold family and their employees never know what to expect when people’s personal items are on the line and conflicts escalate. American Jewelry & Loan is a large, lucrative pawn shop where people bring in everything from alligators to prosthetic limbs. Every pawn ticket has a story and there are over 40,000 stories to tell in this warehouse.

Hardcore Pawn Season 8, Episode 28 airs Dec. 29 at 10 pm EST on TruTV.

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