7 Black Celebrities Who Waited Until Marriage


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Lakita Garth-Wright

The author, public speaker, musician and former Miss Black California has always been an avid promoter of abstinence. She even hosted UPN’s Emmy-nominated show The Truth About Sex.

“Abstinence is a lifestyle,” she said. “It is mastering the art of self-control, self-discipline, delay of self-gratification. I was taught that you cannot master life unless you’ve mastered those three skills. The message that I always heard from my parents was ‘Begin with the end in mind.’”

She married husband Jeffrey Wright in 2005, making her a virgin until the age of 36.

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Shaun Alexander

The former Seattle Seahawks and Washington Redskins player was a virgin until he married Valerie Boyd in May of 2002 at 24. But, even more shocking is that they never kissed during their two-year courtship.

“The first time I kissed her was at the altar after Pastor Treat said, ‘You may now kiss the bride,'” he said. “It was worth the wait.”

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