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13 thoughts on “If You’ve Heard Someone Say Bill Gates Is The Richest Man Ever, You Have To Show Them The Wealth Of This Noble African King

  1. wait what? I thought he gave riches away. ugh

  2. José Justino Bronze says:

    You fools have proven to be as dangerous or even more dangerous then the enemy of black people.
    Here you are posting NatGeo's propaganda and attempts to draw Mansa Musa as how they depict black leaders as dictators.

    I will RUN from the fortresses that people like you folks defend. Empty handed and naked it I have to. At least then I know my back is covered and I can kill enemies.

  3. Christopher Brasspalm Fireaxe says:

    He did. NatGeo is anti-Muslim racist propaganda tool. They can never tell the whole truth about blacks. It's been that way since they were only a magazine. Here's where you can get the truth about Mansa Musa

  4. Christopher Brasspalm Fireaxe says:

    You might as well have gotten this video off of smh. NatGeo? REALLY? Ever since they were just a magazinne they have portrayed blacks as savages. This propaganda video is another anti-Muslim message. He lived by the sword……..GTFOH with that ish.

  5. until the European came to our richest land and thought the evil deed to the native, we were living in peace! now they try to destroy our original life style by giving false information. When you hear such negative comment, be aware of the devil.

  6. Ayanna Asante says:

    You guys could have kept the beheading out of the video…smdh….propaganda.

  7. Kevin Bean says:

    So what if he beheaded someone. Have we forgotten all the be headings in Europe, the butchery that occurred throughout their history! It is an issue that this King beheaded someone yet King Leopold killed millions of our people so that he could steal our wealth! Don't let this nonsense distract you from the more important fact that we were not simply savages in our country. We were great kings who did things that changed the world! We built the pyramids. Our mathematicians confounded the world to this day with their accomplishments! When they try to slip in something negative to diminish the positive rise above and redirect attention to the positive!

  8. had to end the clip with a someone being beheaded. smh

  9. Kevin Abraham says:

    You silly and immature. You're a dummy, Nat Geo know how to present a story

  10. Lamin Keita says:

    Twisted story. Mansa Musa was one of the most humble king in the "Keita's dynasty". The beheaded is included just to again ridicule the Blackman history. As an African and a possible descendant of the Keita's royal family, I have never been told about such being part of my history.

  11. Chantal Laurent says:

    This posting was lazy and uninformative, but a couple of the comments are great.

  12. Chidi Ebere says:

    European coming to Africa was like Satan visiting you.

  13. why didn't they mention that he took europe out of the dark ages with his wealth. they made him look greedy and power hungry in this video. such a shame.

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