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15 thoughts on “What the LAPD Did to Michael Brown’s Mother and Family Is One of the Most Disrespectful Things You’ll Ever See

  1. Time to get off the plantation and fuck the police! all of them.

  2. So, TMZ released this film and there wasn't an all out Federal Investigation into the Glendale police department and practices. However, you take a look at what happened to Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson, and all the others who had a video revealed and you see the blatant hypocrisy. F… America!

  3. Rees Taylor says:

    Completely unacceptable. There should definitely be investigation and jobs terminated. Black people, we must learn the truth about who we are and who we share the world with. There are people covered under the guise of protection who are actually out to bring people of color down and keep us down. There are systems presented as helpful that are harmful. Be sharp. Be aware. Ask God for the ability and power to discern and see clearly the world around you. We are a people with a rich, rich, and vast heritage that has been hidden from us for various reasons. My desire and my mission is to help our youth to realize their greatness by truly showing them our true heritage and history. Learn about how we were the first Americans. Learn about how we created the alphabet, built the first universities, created our own Wall Street and so much more! Become truth seekers! Know who you are Kings and Queens! Now, to the individuals who took the time to write, play, and sing such a heinous song about a lost life, get right and do right. I pray that the hatred in your hearts and minds dissipates so that you can receive the full blessings of God. Until that happens within you, the lives that you are hindering and hurting the most are your very own.

  4. Let us not be hasty I didn't see a single police officer in uniform did you? that could be any openly racist public event. You get alot of those down south which is where the singer sounded like he was from, lets not become warmongers that will only get more young black men killed.

  5. Debbie Taylor says:

    just so sad.

  6. Jay Contreras says: are on the wrong site. go on the FOP and admonish them to stop murdering black people in cold blood. Cowards in uniforms. If they have to risk retaliation maybe they'll think twice before they start just wantonly murdering. Nothing but gang members in the employ of the state.

  7. Jåmëł Wôödš Hrhšjw says:

    rascist assholes

  8. Dmax Lomax says:

    These are just hurt and belittled individuals spewing what lucifer taught them best. All because they feel that the country has betrayed them in electing Obama. The hatred can no longer by hidden in their poor souls and this is what you get. I always said to expect some real push back from these type of cretins in this country when Obama is POTUS and this just further confirms it.

  9. I've got news for you baby, black men are already being killed, let's hope you're not next. I hope I'm not being too hasty son!

  10. Leonard Stewart says:

    I got a song for them Brinsley shot the Sheriff and the mother fucking deputy!

  11. Tony Adams says:

    Jessie the Dumbass?? It was a bunch of retirees!!

  12. Tony Adams says:

    Laugh now. Pay Later.
    Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos of the NYPD were the WRONG ONES. They are not the type to brutalize
    and murder us.
    Ismaaiyl Brinsley didn't do his homework.

  13. Logan Scott Graham says:

    you and those police are not helping. but I won't bother arguing folks like you won't change because those police wont' change. and the police won't change because people like you won't change.

    no better than just saying "kill all cops" or "kill all black folk" or whatever nonsense people are spewing. fucking lizard squad wanting to take on the gov, folks shooting police making them more scared. scared or racist cops shooting first asking questions later because god knows if it's another man/woman come to take his life just for putting on the badge.

    fuck your hatemongering retardation. fuck it hard in the ass with no lube. that boy Jesse up there is the only one on this page I've seen with even a bit of sense in him.

    He wants to look at the situation and figure out what's really going on and you and these dumb rednecks just want to shoot each other and insult each other spreading more hatred.

    Good job being THE problem man.

  14. Just absolutely pathetic…..:-/

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