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24 thoughts on “Why Is Bill O’Reilly Lecturing Dr. King’s Son On How Black People Should Protest?

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    this is how sociopaths talk. I'm telling yall these white people are demons walking the earth, but yall ain't gone wake up until next year.

  2. We can't trust Fox or Bill for that matter! Fox has lied and spin stories for years! Stop the false press!

  3. What about the cops that set fire to the Advance Auto Part and the cop car? I mean this Blue Devil can't speak for us. Snake!

  4. Tony Thompson says:

    Bill have a way of adding dirt. He think black people should be grateful. And use all the low bows to make his point. At the same time adding a little pity here and there. To hill with media ass holes..

  5. I wish MLK JR's Son Would grow some testicular fortitude and check this Devil for blaming us for getting killed by Racist Cops. So our single parent homes and having babies at a young age like your people do is the problem? That's why Police are justified in Killing an unarmed Black Person, You sick Freak? He insulted King in his face and made him agree. Our so called leaders are weak ass fuck to this enemy. I would of told bill to kiss my ass Cracker and put the flag under my feet before I kick him and those like him in the ass with that toilet tissue so called flag.

  6. What did billy o Reilly say wrong?

  7. Elle V Elle says:

    O'Reilly is one of those "whites" that find it impossible to look at the deep cracks within their own mirrors, WHITE DENIAL. The fear of seeing their own rotteness and cancer, so people like O'Reilly carries on this mental irate obsession with "black" ills, while neglecting the disease and sickness within their own communities… White teenage pregnancy? White abortions? White divorce rate? White single parent homes? White drug addiction? White drug dealers? White crime? White on white crime? White alcoholism? White unemployment? White poverty? as long as it is not worse than "them", then they're good. All good for the false narrative that they so love to propagate. Just have to laugh at the ignorance.

  8. Dubie Turner says:

    Bottom line bill O'Reilly is a asshole racist. Fuck him and fox news.

  9. Michael Green Sr. says:

    Arrogance is more like it.

  10. Meeko Dav says:

    misquoted fabricated statistics stated a cause instead of the effects misleading the public(whites) as if the brutality of law enforcement is JUST a black thing..and showed MR KING that just like the chicken you'll still eat from the hands that choked your neck …..

  11. Donna Haynes says:

    huh? how someone be telling us what to place on our t shirts? I m baffled much…#blacklivesmatter #246blackunity.

  12. Elridge E. Glasford says:

    Why is he going on that show anyway. That guy is an asshole…only shit comes out his mouth

  13. Dmax Lomax says:

    Hmm, I wonder if he critiqued his ways when blacks and a lot of other races lectured him how to conduct himself on his show.

  14. Rufus Rufus says:

    Fuck Bill O'VILEly.

  15. King jr is just as guilty in this clip because he never even checked bill for his inaccuracies.

  16. Joe Brilly says:

    Why on earth couldn't the son of MLK stand up and put the smack down on Bill O'Reilly.
    That is a sad state of affairs when the son of a civil rights icon cannot put things into correct perspective. When George Wallace was standing on the steps of the State University where was the white outrage? When they sicked the police on the civil rights 'protestors' , where was the white outrage? I know where it was. The outrage was that black folks had the nerve to stand up against white oppression. That is the only outrage they know. And to this day, these folk look at MLK no different than they do a common criminal, a trouble maker and ultimately 'a problem'. Because in their world, the American system is good and great and when black folks stand up and accuse it of unfairness, they defend it out of hand. And the son of MLK should be able to shut Mr. Oreilly up. Where are the cases of black cops shooting down hundreds of white kids? But yet and still he talks about words? No wonder we are going backwards…. These civil rights leaders have failed us. How can you talk about coming together when your people are being murdered? Come together for what? What about ending the murders of young black men? And when has the white system EVER done anything to make black neighborhoods into wealthy prosperous enclaves. Black folks have ALWAYS been in poverty in this country. And this man sits here and says this country is noble even though a racist murdered his father and the situation today is not much different than the situation his father faced 60 years ago? Please. These clowns make me sick.

  17. I would love to see how O'Reilly or any other person who is not of color, would fair in black skin for 30 days! Regardless of the city state or economic climate…hummmmm.

  18. Calvin Venson says:

    Are black people really listen to Bill OReilly? Listen, these white cop's are mostly kkk members and white power supremacist, that are radicals trying to start a race war, or a civil war, the killing of black men's around the world is alarming, and these kkk crackers ain't listen to Bill O'Reilly, and his hiding lies he tells his audience. You see Bill O'REILLY knows, in order to deal with Satan, you have to think like Satan.

  19. There is a bottom line to everything. The bottom line to this behavior is that in the last days before the return of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, this type of behavior would occur. So doesn't it mean we are at the time if the end of the world as we know it –this system of things? One never know when s/he will become a victim. So it is always best to remain on the godly side. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is deontological thinking that does work in a democracy or any other society.

  20. Ryan Golden Franchise Reid says:

    teen pregnancy is a problem across the board…man all the wrong people get struck by lightening ehh?

  21. Ryan Golden Franchise Reid says:

    I agree…I guess he's bound by the legacy of his father. You know if even he thinks about raising his voice, their going slander him.

  22. Mike Askew says:

    Didn't you all know that o'reilly is an expert on colored people, colored people mind you and they died 50 years ago, outside of that he don't know squat!

  23. Marisol Mirón says:

    He stated things that were not facts. He's ignoring the systems in one that lead to the conditions being seen. Teen pregnancy happens in just about every race. He talks about Black people looting stores, but ignores the fact that a bunch of white people set things on fire and looted stores FOR FUN in Ohio after winning a game. He ignores the fact that many times people in minority neighborhoods can't focus on the upkeep of the appearance of their communities because they're too busy working multiple jobs or extra hours just to pay the bills because they get paid less than what they deserve. Usually, there isn't some close relative that owns a business and can just GIVE them money or possessions, etc. I come from one of those neighborhoods, and while I may not be Black, I have seen the experience and have had my own as a Hispanic woman in this society. He's getting upset because people aren't taking the slap in the face and saying "thank you, America"

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