8 of the Most Racist Movie Characters Of All Time

Halle Berry’s ‘Monster’s Ball’ Character Leticia Musgrove

In the 2001 movie, a racist white correctional officer named Hank (Billy Bob Thornton) kills a Black man and shacks up with his Black widow. That plotline, despite valiant efforts to be a salvation story for a hopelessly racist white Southerner, ends up portraying the exact opposite of its purported message.

This is especially evident in the sex scene where a desperate and mourning Leticia begs her husband’s killer to “make me feel good.”  To make matters worse, the Academy saw it fit to validate the racist portrayal by awarding Berry an Oscar, making her the first and only woman of African descent to win one for a leading role.


Soul Man‘Soul Man’
The character Mark Watson, portrayed by C. Thomas Howell in the horrible 1986 movie with a misguided premise, Soul Man, is a white guy who pays his way through Harvard Law School by getting a scholarship reserved for Blacks only. So how does he exist with the scholarship on campus? In black face. Enough said.

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