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Giuliani Blames Cop Killings in NYC on President Obama, Black Protesters and Activists

Never one to let pass an opportunity to attack President Obama and other Black leaders, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani went on Fox News yesterday and blamed the killing of two NYPD police officers on the president and other Black leaders for promoting “hate the police” propaganda.

“We’ve had four months of propaganda, starting with the president, that everybody should hate the police,” said Giuliani during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.” “I don’t care how you want to describe it—that’s what those protests are all about.”

Just as he did all too frequently when he was mayor, Giuliani once again demonstrated his penchant for fanning racial flames at a time when others are looking for calm reason. On more than one occasion while he ran the city, Giuliani responded to controversial shootings committed by NYPD officers by blaming the victims of the shooting. In this case, he blamed the shooting of the two police officers by a mentally unstable man on the protesters who were demonstrating against deadly police shootings—not on the deadly police shootings themselves, or even on the killer’s mental instability.

Giuliani said the nationwide protests of police killings and grand jury decisions in Ferguson and New York, in addition to the ongoing criticism of police tactics and the criminal justice system, were part of what led to the shooting of two NYPD officers in Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon.

“The protest are being embraced, the protests are being encouraged. The protests, even the ones that don’t lead to violence—a lot of them lead to violence—all of them lead to a conclusion: The police are bad, the police are racist,” said Giuliani. “That is completely wrong. Actually, the people who do the most for the Black community in America are the police.”

That thinking was directly addressed by the activist group Black Lives Matter, which issued a statement yesterday denouncing the killing of the officers.

“An eye for an eye is not our vision of justice,” said the group, which has been organizing protests. “We who have taken to the streets seeking justice and liberation know that we need deep transformation to correct the larger institutional problems of racial profiling, abuse and violence.”

The claim that police do the most for the Black community is an argument Giuliani has made before. A few weeks ago he tangled with scholar Michael Eric Dyson on “Meet the Press” when he said police are an oft-seen presence in the Black community because they are there to keep Black people from killing one another.

Dyson countered that his claim was part of the “defense mechanism of white supremacy.”

“Your attitude reinforces the problematic perspective that prevails in the culture, sir,” Dyson said. “Look at this. This is the defense mechanism of white supremacy at work in your mind, sir.”

On Fox & Friends, Giuliani a few weeks ago even said he had saved more Black lives than any mayor in New York’s history.

“I’d like to see if Dr. Dyson has ever saved as many lives in his community as I’ve saved,” he said.

On Fox yesterday, Giuliani accused Black commentators of creating “an atmosphere of severe, strong anti-police hatred in certain communities.”

He also accused New York Mayor Bill de Blasio of “allowing protests to get out of control,” adding that it wasn’t time to call for de Blasio’s resignation because “a lot of other police officers were killed under a lot of other mayors.”

“If I was in the situation that Mayor de Blasio is in, and I feel sorry that he’s in this situation, I would give a speech to the police department and I would explain that maybe I was wrong about a few things,” Giuliani said. “Maybe I was wrong about putting too much emphasis on, you know, police misconduct, when in fact police misconduct is a minor part of the problem. Community, serious violent crime, is a much bigger part of the problem.”

“I think I would say to them, and I have said this to the police, ‘You know, the people who are saving black lives in this city are you, the New York City Police Department.’ I’m not doing it. President Obama is not doing it. Mayor de Blasio is not doing it,” Giuliani went on. “He’s not out at night walking up and down housing developments and trying to save children from being killed. The police officers are doing the most, right now, in these very, very poor communities.”


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11 thoughts on “Giuliani Blames Cop Killings in NYC on President Obama, Black Protesters and Activists

  1. Where was he when Tamir Rice got killed? Somebody need shut his ass up. Put a bullet in your head Giuliani!

  2. Jay Contreras says:

    The Below is a PERFECT Summary of Black People's Predicament in the US…I didn't write it & the link is at the bottom:

    “You can’t win, you can’t break even, and you can’t get out of the game.”.

    This is one of my favorite songs from “The Wiz”. I didn’t know what it meant back then, but it is the perfect song to describe what is happening to Black American people.

    “You can’t win.”.

    The game was not designed for you to win. It was designed for you to keep playing. Its purpose is to keep you investing. Kinda like how every year, a new better version of the same phone you bought last year comes out…that you have to get.

    For years, Black Americans have been singing “we shall overcome…someday”. Well, it’s been over 400 years and we are still climbing up the rough side of that mountain, just to end up in the same position. Why? What are we doing, or not doing, that keeps us in the same position?

    We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

    Albert Einstein

    That’s what you are doing. You are trying to solve our issues with the same mind that created them.

    Let me explain.

    Slavery was the systematic destruction of the black man’s will to resist, until he came to think like, think for, believe in, and trust everything his master told him. The slave even taught his children to be subservient to the master.

    The master was god, and his word was law. He taught his children that as long as they followed massa rules, everything would be fine. He taught his child to pray to massa god. He taught his children that the only way to be successful was to please massa, and get educated by massa’s. He taught his children that the only way things would change, or get better in their lives was if they appealed to massa, and asked for rights. He taught his children that they could be “just as good as” massa, and to work hard to prove to massa they were worthy to be in his system. Slavery is an amazing process, and you are living it’s affects, today.

    That’s what you are doing today black people. You can’t win with the same mentality that got you in this situation. Appealing to massa. You are following rules that were never set up with your success in mind, nor with your inclusion into the system considered, in the first place.

    Let me explain:

    If you don’t know how to play poker, you can’t win a game of poker against someone who has marked the cards and stacked the deck in their favor. Then, expect that person to teach you how to win against them.

    Nope. They are going to play you out of your socks, but in a way that you THINK you are playing with them on their level, not realizing they are playing you for everything you have.

    You can’t win.

    “You can’t break even”.

    The more you invest, emotionally or financially into the system, the deeper you get sucked into it. Kinda like quicksand. The more you struggle, the deeper you sink…..CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO READ THE REST…

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    Bernard Manier
    Melanated people around the world need to unite with knowledge and purpose !
    Like · 73 · Reply · More · Oct 19
    3 replies

    Supreme Understanding Dass
    Thank you family. You can see more at

    Like · 53 · Reply · More · Oct 21
    3 replies

    Lamik Khalifa
    Peace to the god for spreading nothing but truths…
    Like · 21 · Reply · More · Oct 20

    Romone All Hers McIntosh
    Dropping jewels on us …I love it
    Like · 22 · Reply · More · Oct 19

    Jay Banks
    The Best Dam Video…
    Like · 14 · Reply · More · Oct 20

    Trebor Cole
    This brothers books really started my search for knowledge of self!!! How to hustle and win a great introductory book for the streets
    Like · 19 · Reply · More · Oct 19

    Shirley Fields
    SPOKE THE TRUTH! Blacks really need to stop adopting the White man's ways. Embrace your culture, hair, and dignity!
    Edited · Like · 20 · Reply · More · Nov 26

    Kool Keef
    Reading how to hustle and win again now. His name supreme understanding
    Like · 9 · Reply · More · Oct 20

    Kevin Nichols
    The rich and powerful Europeans have been manipulating and exploiting the entire world for centuries. They play people against each other in order to prevent people from uniting. People fighting over race, wealth, land, create a nice distraction so that they can get away with their greed. All wars and fighting can be traced back to two things wealth and power. We would have far less terrorists if we didn't keep more than half the world in poverty while at the same time exploiting their cheap labor and the natural resources of their lands. The elite are almost finished with America except for taking all the money from the banks and the government, they are now working on increasing the exploitation of people from Asia, South America and Africa. That in turn will continue to drain America as we send dollars out of the country every time we buy $5 T-Shirts made in Malaysia.

  4. Jae Ban Ree says:

    How come nobody ever blames Slavery?

  5. Lisa Jackson says:

    Giuliani… Did you people in "authority" believe that cops could go on killing unarmed black people and never see retaliation? The justice whether right or wrong will come out somewhere. Instead of blaming the President for a community/ occupation of armed forces against the "BLACK" people who can't breathe! What has the police done to create a true and lasting relationship with the black community considering the majority of police are non black?

  6. Tony Thompson says:

    As we can all see the snakes are slowly showing there heads.

  7. Can you believe what this motherfreaker said? He must've slipped, fell, and bumped his motherfreaking head!

  8. Ibro Djama says:

    stupid Americans! You all deserved this! How can you remain silent, allow and support brutal cops murdering innocent people based on their skin color? The whole world are aware of how awful is America. You would lose your life by a law enforcement just because you are dark. This is the most racist country in the world! There is no other country in the world where you would feel so threatened for your life at any moment. Not even Germany or Russia are known for this.

    Americans are so dumb and crazily racist that they would go after their own leader for anything that happened while he is such an eloquent and charismatic leader who brought back the image of america in the world arena, boosted the economy and created over 10 millions of jobs while the previous one tarnished his country image by destroying other countries without a reasonable proof, set up a financial crisis and behaved like a stupid teen in front of other leaders worldwide. Shame on you Americans! How can you tolerate this? How can you support police brutality? The evidences were all genuine against officer Darren Wilson but he was acquitted. The victim, Mike Brown, was portrayed as a thug and shown up in a fake footage. Mike Brown did not steal anything as he did not even went to the store. The owner of the store clearly told that he did not meet Mike. Mike Brown was a good guy not a thug. All of these were intentionally staged to protect the murder cop, Darren Wilson. While the victim was not given justice and killed in a cold blood in front of many witnesses, the killer cop got financial support and many demonstrated to his favor. How can you behave like this? Fuck you americans! You have no right to kill innocent people.

    Eric Garner was murdered publicly. The jury acquitted the guy the same way they did with Wilson. Hundred of people protested in support of the cop branding shameful t-shirt "Breath Easy". Now, color people can't even feel secure in their own territory. They cannot trust the justice system. It is racist as hell! Now the boomerang effect has taken place. 2 cops got killed by someone who had enough of this. And many more cops will also face the same fate. You had been silent on this issue and secretly despising Blacks for whatsoever. I hope many more cops get killed the same way they did to innocent beings who had done nothing wrong but being born with a darker color.

  9. Mamadou Sene says:

    Guliani forgets that his ancestors are the ones who brought more violence than any community in NY: the Italians! Sicily in Italy is more dangerous than any American city!

  10. Mamadou Sene says:

    He is Italian and you know they brought the mafia culture in the US! Bizarre nobody tries to remind him of that!

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