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8 Celebrities Who Lost It All and Had to Get Average Jobs

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The former member of Wu-Tang Clan gave up his worldly possessions and became a taxi driver in 2002 after difficulties with his wife caused him to lose peace and money.

“I was actually living in the street,” the rapper told MTV in 2003. “It was by choice. But it was more of my way of rebelling against the materialistic world.”

The rapper eventually moved back home with his wife.


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Delonte West

During the 2011 NBA lockout, Boston Celtics guard Delonte West found a job at The Regency Furniture Showroom. He reportedly only made $15 million throughout his entire eight-year career, which is low for the NBA.

West seemed to embrace his lack of money as he tweeted in 2012:

“Got broke again…got back again….and so the world continues to turn…..hey u can’t take it wit cha…”

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