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10 Slave Codes That Were Designed To Oppress and Humiliate Black People

Enslaved Blacks and Africans did not readily accept slavery. There were many uprisings where white settlers were slain or injured, in the South and North. Plantation owners were fearful for their lives from a violent rebellion, so much so that they came together to create what they called “slave codes,” a succession of laws (some differed by colony) that restricted enslaved people’s behavior to control their actions and reduce the chances of an uprising.

MZmppRejecting Slavery, a Crime Punishable by Death

Since the slave codes were inspired by the fear of Blacks, it’s not surprising that the most cruel and inhumane punishments were reserved for those who most rejected slavery. Attempting “to raise an insurrection” meant certain torture and death, but capital punishment was used for even lesser acts of resistance, such as destroying “any stack of rice, corn or other grain” or setting fire to “any tar kiln, barrels of pitch, tar, turpentine or rosin,” according to Free Blacks who harbored escapees would be beaten by the slave owner and fined.

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55 thoughts on “10 Slave Codes That Were Designed To Oppress and Humiliate Black People

  1. Joe Baker says:

    Slavery was bad for blacks and is still bad for them and all of us because too many people still want black citizens held down below them.
    We as a nation are paying for the economic gain by using slaves..
    Racial attitudes hurt us all over the world.

  2. Joe Baker says:

    Slavery was bad for blacks and is still bad for them and all of us because too many people still want black citizens held down below them.
    We as a nation are paying for the economic gain by using slaves..
    Racial attitudes hurt us all over the world.

  3. The roots of gun control are based in racism. The purpose was to keep black folks enslaved after the prohibition of slavery, and allow white Americans to easily be able to enforce the immoral Jim Crow laws for another hundred years.

  4. Most of these codes still exist today. The injustice system with all white juries, biased laws created and used to criminalize blacks, blacks being killed for carrying toy guns in opencarry states & why SYG only seems to apply to whites & non blacks (Zimmerman vs. Marissa Alexander), inferior schools and education system in black communities, etc. The root of these black codes are still a part of the system which is why black people are still marching, protesting and saying "black lives matter" in 2014. Nothing has changed, it only changed form.

  5. Cam Yar says:

    Pity party

  6. Bwire Vincent says:

    Amerikkka is apartheidist.

  7. Carlos Spann says:

    Thanks for breaking it down for me, Cam. I needed that.

  8. Meek The'haitian-King Zamor says:


  9. Loser that's what you are.

  10. simple minded loser and a coward!!!

  11. We still have race problems. No doubt about it. But nothing around today remotely compares with the era when Black skin actually meant that the person was a piece of property. Thus, although an all White jury is wrong in the eyes of almost everyone today, in the era of slavery the Master could actually kill a slave without even the formality of a trial!

    So far is slavery from our philosophical view today that we cannot even conceive of what it might mean to own another human being. That ultimate baseness, the human being's not be a person at all, is beyond our conceptions. Whatever you might think of me, racist, sexist, or whatever, at least I will think that what you say comes from the mouth of a person . When Blacks were slaves, that was impossible. That in some ways is why the Autobiography of Frederick Douglass is so magical – the man made that infinite leap from piece of property to person.

    I adore this paper because it is actually discussing slavery in detail. It would be nice for the authors to give links for further reading, especially on a complex subject like this one, the legal supports to slave holders.

  12. David Fisher says:

    Ms Watchell why do you think ppl are protesting now.
    black ppl are getting killed by the ones here to protect them.
    The Constitution was not meant for black ppl.

  13. David Fisher Slavery is why we had the civil war, amendments XIII, XIV, & XV, as well as the voting rights act & the civil rights act. The reason for this point is not to say that we do not have racial problems, it is to remind everyone that slavery was infinitely worse than anything we can possibly imagine today. Why is this important? Because it is vital to avoid overemphasizing matters, possibly through violence. This is incredibly important because when a real threat appears, people can react appropriately.

    I happen to be a professor of pathology down in Texas. My interest in this stuff is for a variety of reasons, one of which is an interest in violent crime. Police brutality is important. I think about it a lot, actually. But it is vital to remember that hardly any African Americans, in a country with tens of millions of Black people, actually face the threat of severe violence from police. The main reason to care, in fact, is because police brutality is a violation of everyone's rights, not just those of Black people.

    What I hate to tell you is that there may be a huge threat on the horizon that all must watch out for. I never thought bigots today would try to blame all Black people for the acts of murderers who happen to be Black. Believe it or not, I am reading such things more & more often. This can have horrific consequences, such as lynching. What is weird is that crime has been going down for decades. We now have murder rates that are as low as they were in the early 1960's. There is NO reason to bring up this nastiness, which I thought had been gone years ago. No one is responsible for a murder except the murderers & their accomplices.

    It seems like when I see it, I am almost the only one who sees it for the really horrific stuff it is. Please watch for this, organize online opposition to it, & help me sleep a bit better. Protests have been non-violent, by & large, which is fabulous. Once you get into stuff like blaming all Black people for the murders that only a few Black people commit, riots can result.

  14. all this information is very very very interesting,it goes to show all BLACKS, how good GOD. has been to us…AN, we as the younger generation should be thankful & more RESPECTFUL to older people……

  15. Terry Moore says:

    Please go to a holocaust museum and tell them that. For something that didn't happen in this country they are easy to find. There is one in every major city!

  16. Ann Eds says:

    You spoke nothing but truth. Just Genius. Thank you.

  17. "white guilt"…[email protected], the evils of your race are well documented.

  18. The day is approaching and these "QUALETUS" will pay for what they did.

  19. These werent new information for me, however viewing them here with a fresh set of eyes, I can say from my own perspective that nothing much has changed. Slave codes are on mental auto pilot at this point and its ran in our very own minds.

  20. People who overcome and prosper do it because they can forgive and let go of the past and evil . Why are you hanging on the past. Grow

  21. People who overcome and prosper do it because they can forgive and let go of the past and evil . Why are you hanging on the past. Grow

  22. Religion was given to us by these slave masters and we are still holding on to this and basically still have nothing to show for our struggle.

  23. Tell the holocaust survivors that. lol!

  24. Mitchell Wachtel have ever been black?

  25. the only thing that is different today is that we have more Black overseers who not only hate their own people but they feel shame of their people, but no need for shame because everything we do is learn behavior, such as: beating our children, drinking, druging, poverty are the designs and behaviors of whitey. They are the ones who came from nothing because we had it all, we had so much we thought we did not need the living God, which has brought about our suffering on these strange shores. We need to began turning to the living God so that we can claim what is rightfully ours.

  26. whitey is not important and not worth talking about, but knowing who we really are is more important. Think; only we have hair as the sheep- unlike the dog because we are the chosen people who wanted to worship idolatry instead of our creators, just as seen in today's society, tennis shoes, fake hair, fake lashes, fake nails, shameful clothing, electronics, we look and act like demons. The lord is good for us, but we want everything that dam us. accept the sacrifice of Jesus. Do the right thing, ask forgiveness for the things that you fall weak to, over and over. I am not holy, but a sinner trusting Jesus' forgiveness with the hope of seeing our creator because he will show me mercy.

  27. they know who we are (royalty) this is why they show envy toward us we will not depart from our royal attitude after all they have done to us. we are who we are no matter where we go, or what they do.

  28. I must admit we do not do well walking and living on cement grounds and wearing whitey clothing, we look crazy because we are not living in our natural habitat.

  29. Bill Wright says:

    We do not hang on to the past, we are recanting American history. Your forgive and forget advice are for those that wish to remain ignorant.

  30. My reason for providing this comment, is because I understand how reading storers like this creates anger and stress if you are an African American. That's because you feel the injustice committed against African Americans then and now.

    When I was a teenager, I though God was a racist, because of the teachings of Christianity, which teach that God is in control of everything, and God knows the future. I asked what loving God would punish African Americans, who through my observations were the most God loving people. Once I learned the flaws and misrepresentations in Christianity, I no longer believed that we were put here to be punished, and we are given fee will to make all of the decisions we which on the planet, without God's interference.

    From my memories as a child and my near death experience, I am confident that we have multiple lives, and we get to live at all levels, all races, and under all conditions. That's what makes life fair, and enables those who torment to live as a tormented person in their next life; those who die young, live to be old in other lives, and we come back to take advantage of the advancements of mankind. We are born without memories of our last lives, to allow us to come back with a clean slate, and to not live our new lives chasing our old lives, but if we wish to we can remember our past lives. We all can, and we all have.

    Providing us with multiple lives to experience fairness, and the love that God has for us is truly a blessing. Do know that people who committed atrocities in this life against you, will continue to come back until they experience atrocities committed by others. They may elect to be born in terrible conditions, but eventually we all will live at all levels, so relax. Without death, there would be no progress, because the world be pledged with the same racists, sexists, imperialist, and every type of person who stunts the progress of mankind.

    Don't believe that life has no purpose and your sole purpose is to go off into the spiritual world. You came from the spiritual world, which is why you were born know how to laugh, cry, be happy, be sand and love. We all had to be taught how to read, provide names for colors and objects, but we did not learn how to experience feelings the same way as others. Feelings are necessary for us to relate to each other hear and when we are in the spiritual world again.

    Over our next few lives, we are going to grow as humans to understand this information and prove it through our scientific advancements. We have evolved from sleeping on the ground, caves, cottages, to homes filled with all of the resources to communicate and instantly entertain ourselves with our inventions. So smile and relax, because you are loved and every injustice you will have to opportunity to overcome in this life and our in our next.

  31. Slaves were prohibited from reading and writing except for the Bible. And thus were sown the seeds of our ultimate psychological enslavement in the form of the embrace of the enslavers' religion, which we have swallowed hook, line, and sinker and, like a fish, to pull it out would rip out our guts. I reject the religion of the invader, of the colonializer, of the enslaver.

  32. Sounds like they are describing what is going on right now if not for the occasional written dates.

  33. THERE are more than 4000 incidents of BLACK WALL ST (TULSA 1921) When we grow the zionists instigate and incite the WHITE-GENTILE to confiscate illegal murderous, rape and theft all ASSETS owned by BLACK FOLK.

  34. Vicki Mason says:

    Because the past still excist Mark. It just happens less or undercover.Thank God for Cell phones with cameras. Easy for you to say Let the past go….. You have Never been black, have Never walked in his shoes and have NO IDEA what youre talking about.

  35. Black is a powerful nation .. Always remember blacks didn't born with any cuss

  36. Regis Russo says:

    lolzzz…are you a comedian Mark… I mean be serious dude…your type have been forgiven already…but we cannot forget the past because the legacy your people established is still here in our face every waking moment…Jesus Christ said, "revenge belongs to me…" So, I know what happened will come to light! But honestly Mark…if the role was reversed I can honestly say you wouldn't even made that type of statement.

  37. Regis Russo says:

    Cameron, I know when your time come I will have no pity for you!

  38. slaves were not allowed to read the bible no sir.

  39. The white supremacy system still practice such black code laws. They are trained and taught in their institutionalized schools and in the criminal justice system. They think we are so dumb we don't understand their language. The fugitive slave law is used well today. The police department and the sheriff department works together to carry this out. The signs are all in our face.

  40. karma coming to america. get ready

  41. I just want reparations and repiration. I do not want to live here. we are not suppose to live in such close proximity to white people. we were suppose to go on reservations if we did not go back to africa. there is no way we are suppose to live together because when white people feel threatened, they will take it out on us like they are doing in america, today.

  42. Karen Henderson Meachem in addition, we continue to suffer for worshiping their false gods.

  43. Still under BLACK CODES…. smoking a cig, swimming, music, jogging, Bible Study, horseriding, jail, running, driving, walking, play gun or a gun, helping others, to question a cop…NEW JIM CROW LAWS IN AMERICA.

  44. This article does not address the primary tool used to oppress African American slaves, which was religion. Religion was used to strip the will of slaves; by teaching them their rewards were to come in the afterlife, while they were mistreated, brutalized, slaughtered, and killed. Without religion, rebellions frequently took place. African slaves were required to adopt the religion required by their maters, which were practiced on plantations.

    The first laws enacted in most colonies were the Slave Codes, which were derived from the Code Noir (See: These codes were established by the French in Louisiana, before the U.S. Constitution, and contained all of the 10 codes included in this article, in addition to requirement of slaves practice some form of Christianity. Slave owners were not given a choice in requiring slaves to practice religion; it was a requirement.

    Slaves were only allowed to gather in churches on Sundays, which become their only social outlet. Slaves were allowed to have full course meals after church, and forbidden to work on Sundays, which was their reward for attending religious services. Slave owners provided limited sermons for the appointed Pastors to preach, which were used to condition slaves mentally, and included:

    Mark 12:17: “Give back to Cesar what is Cesar”. This and similar verses were used to teach slaves that GOD does not what his followers to be wealthy, while slave owners maintained wealth.

    Luke 6:29: “If someone slaps you on one cheek”. This and similar verses were used to condition slaves to accept the brutality provided by slave owners.

    1 John 2:15: “Do not love the world nor the things in the world”. This and similar verses were used to conditions slaves not want in this life, while everything they owned or created was taken from them.

    Matthew 5:12: "Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” This and similar verses were used to conditions slaves to seek their rewards in the afterlife, while they were brutalized.

    Philippians 4:6-7: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” This and similar verses were used to teach slaves not to take any actions to change their conditions other than prayer.

    Today, religion plays a key role in preventing African Americans from taking the necessary actions to better their conditions, but this is becoming a thing of the past as less African Americans follow religion, and engage in politics, and become lawmakers. Instead of praying for the removal of the Confederate Flag, policy makers lobbied and passed resolutions to have the flag removed.

    As more African Americans embrace science and technology, they are not embracing religion, as one need not look any further than the book of Genesis to see the errors in the bible, which conflict with scientific facts. Societies that are more religious have the least progress, and visa versa. We need look no further than the Middle East, the Amish and African Americans to confirm this societal treds.

    Currently, there are over 5 million unfiled jobs in America (See:, which require STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) skills, yet African Americans are least likely to pursue STEM curriculums and industries (See:, unlike other ethnic groups of color, including Middle Eastern and African Immigrants. As African Americans become more technically skilled, their ability to change their economic conditions will provide more options then praying, which has not worked very much in over 330 years in America. #DoTheMath

  45. You're kidding right Alfred? Slave were NOT allowed to read anything. Shame of you for giving the devil credit that it does not deserve

  46. So white of you Mark. Tell those fake white Jews to let the past go. Tell America to let Pearl Harbor go. You devils have ruined everything you touch then pillaged.

  47. Mitchell Wachtel …you might not be able to conceive of owning another human being. But I bet you most of the devils that are of your race believes wholeheartedly in it

  48. Jamesl Miles says:

    This still true today in our courts. I was struck by a white woman and when I struct back I was convicted of assaut. The judge was a Jew and she said that she did not believe that the white woman hit me. She went on to say that even if she did hit me that I still had no right to hit her. I felt like these old slave rules were still being secretly enforced and then if you complain the judge would probably say "why would I do something like that ? I'm a Jew!"

  49. The people who said that they were oppressed and slatered by Hittler, "Seems to be perpetuating the same thing on NEGROS in a different way, but call it JUSTICE" "How soon do they FORGOT" When they say that "I'm a Jew" It sounds like no one else life matters to exist but theirs.
    Remember, blacks never enslave or persecute them.

  50. For all thise who wish to downplay, and dismiss the connections that slavery, and today have.

  51. Speak for yourself Joe Baker. I don't want to hold any race down below. Maybe you do but don't lump me into your statement.

  52. None of these codes exist today. Go look at your state laws. They only exist in your own mind. You were never a slave and I was never a slave owner. So go get a life!

  53. Karen Henderson Meachem You are EXACTLY right! My family has been brainwashed for decades into believing that we have to wait until we get to heaven in order to have peace!

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