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Man Kills Two Cops in Brooklyn, Then Kills Himself, After Instagram Posts That Appear to Describe Killings as Revenge for Garner and Brown

shooting suspctThe nationwide anger over the cases of Eric Garner and Michael Brown appears to have taken a dramatically different turn this afternoon, as two New York police officers were shot and killed by a gunman who may have been seeking retribution for the deaths of those two Black men, based on Instagram messages that were posted several hours before the shootings by a man whose clothing matched those of the shooter.

After the gunman shot the officers–identified as Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos–as they sat in a squad car parked on a Brooklyn street corner, published reports say he ran into a nearby subway station—the G-train station at Myrtle and Willoughby avenues—and shot himself in the head on the crowded subway platform as cops closed in on him.

The pictures of the suspect–identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28–on a stretcher being wheeled into the ambulance show him wearing camouflage pants and blue-and-white sneakers that match the clothing of an Instagram user who posted the message, “I’m Putting Wings on Pigs Today,” and “They Take 1 Of Ours … Let’s Take 2 of Theirs.” The post ended with the words “This May Be My Final Post.”

shooting suspect

shooting suspect; NY Post

One of the posts was accompanied by a picture of a silver automatic handgun with a wooden handle—with the hashtag RIP Eric Garner and Mike Brown. Another post showed camouflage pants and blue sneakers that matched the clothing the dead gunman was wearing as his body was wheeled from the scene of carnage on a stretcher—though in the Instagram picture the sneakers had no laces, whereas the man on the stretcher had crisp white laces in his sneakers.

The man on the stretcher appeared to be Black, judging by the published pictures.

The Instagram picture of the pants and sneaker was accompanied by what appear to be lyrics from a song by 50 Cent called “Green Lantern.”

“Never had a hot gun on your waist and blood on your shoe…n*gga you ain’t been through what I been through… you not like me and I’m not like you” were the words written on Instagram that are almost identical to a 50 Cent song about a cold-blooded killer who is “gangsta to the core.”

shooter“It’s an execution,” one law enforcement source told the New York Post in describing the manner in which the officers were shot. The gunman reportedly approached them at about 3 p.m. on foot on the corner of Myrtle and Tompkins avenues in Bed-Stuy and shot both of them in the head from the front passenger window. Then he ran down Myrtle and into a subway station, where he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, Deputy Chief Kim Royster, an NYPD spokesperson, told the New York Times.

“I heard shooting— four or five shots,” Derrick McKie, 49, described the cop shooting to The Post. “It sounded like from a single gun.”

Fire Department officials told the Times that a 911 call came in around 2:50 p.m., reporting that two people had been shot.

McKie said he saw one of the cops being placed in one of the ambulances that quickly arrived on the scene.

“I seen them putting the cop in the ambulance. He looked messed up,” said McKie, a barber. “He took a high caliber weapon to the face. He was lifeless…I couldn’t see where the holes was at, all I could see was blood. His body was lifeless.”

Charlie Hu, the manager of a liquor store at the same corner, told the Times that he saw two police officers slouched over in the front seat of their patrol car and that at least one of the officers appeared to have been shot in the head.

The Post reported that the alleged gunman was a fugitive who had shot and seriously injured his girlfriend in Baltimore on Saturday morning,

Carmen Jimenez, 32, a social worker from Bedford-Stuyvesant who was on the subway platform when the gunman ran inside, told the Post that “everything happened so quick. We were standing waiting for the G train. We heard arguing from the other end of the platform. It looked like two cops came in there was lots of yelling and they said, ‘Everybody get down.’”

“We tried to get out of there, and there was a lot of shouting, people were screaming, people were trying to run,” said Jimenez, who told the Post she is eight months pregnant. “I threw myself on the floor. I was afraid for my life and afraid for my baby.”

If the Instagram posts did, indeed, come from the same person who killed the cops—and if that man turns out to be African-American—it certainly will add a new element to the national debate about excessive force being used by police against Black men. Those protests have been largely peaceful, but it’s conceivable this could start a cycle of escalating violence on both sides.

The entire tableau was eerily reminiscent of the case of Christopher Dorner, who executed four cops in Los Angeles last year in revenge killings, though they appeared to be because of personal acts against Dorner.

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51 thoughts on “Man Kills Two Cops in Brooklyn, Then Kills Himself, After Instagram Posts That Appear to Describe Killings as Revenge for Garner and Brown

  1. You Guys Believe This…

  2. Silver Tailleur Love says:

    I wasn't born on a farm but I know bullshit when I smell it.

  3. Innocent? Maybe…. But it's shameful that their guilty by association

  4. It does smell like BS. However, He should have taken some Jewish people out. It's slowly coming to that. As Hilter said "Death to the Jews" and their system!

  5. Jay Contreras says:

    What I find odd is that these supposed lone gunmen always have these cryptic posts on FB coming up after the fact..but nobody alerted FB beforehand? Hell, people who just write something politically outside of the center get our damned posts in the hell they seem to have NO problem finding & deleting OUR posts but they never seem to find these supposed killers' post before hand? And we must always keep in mind that FB is a dept of defense creation & crawling with CIA. This may be another false flag. If I don't personally know the brotha, I'll take it with a grain of salt.

  6. Neil Pye says:

    Atta boy, dawg: nothing says "KILL WHITEY!" like shooting an Asian and a Latino.

  7. Did he just snap or was he just fed up or was it a hit??? But they're real quick to blame the Mayor. I think it's BS myself, but if he did make the IG post before this, I can't say that he didn't feel he had a right.

  8. Dear Mr. Cecil Max-George, I'm hurt right to the heart by your comment here. I came on to read this story because Nick Chiles, whose work I admire so greatly, is a Facebook friend of mine, and his wife and I used to work together and are friends. I am Jewish. Do you really want to murder me? Will you dig the grave and put my body in it? Will you console my Catholic husband? Almost half of Jews are intermarried, so if you kill us, you will also inflict grievous pain on others, including those who likely share your exact faith, whatever religion you practice. We don't know each other but let me assure you, I do not control the world with an invisible hand. I get up each morning, go to work so I can keep the lights on, come home, enjoy leisure time, and go to sleep. Jewish people did not invent the police–and in fact, several prominent Jewish rabbis got arrested in NYC 2 weeks ago for marching in protest of the Eric Garner injustice. Eric Garner and the horror of what happened to him was all my 80-year-old mom and I could talk about over lunch the other day. So many Jews, myself included, stand with those who protest unwarranted police brutality. So many Jews, myself included, are pushing for change as best we can. Because black lives matter. Because ALL lives matter. "Death to Jews" is beneath you, Mr. Cecil Max-George. I wish you peace, love, happiness, and a New Year filled with prosperity, health, and ample time to gain new perspectives. Be well.

  9. Kevin Fonek says:

    Can someone tell me if they see what I what I seeing that's missing. Have you ever seen an execution style of 2 bodies in a car where the gunman supposedly shot up the victim and the vehicle's windows look squeaky clean. No blood splatters on the front, side or back windowns. No window shatters on the drivers side. They say he shot them both in the head, this guy must be a supper tight shooter to fit half a dozen bullets, leaning sideways, into 2 cops' heads without any of them going awry and hitting inside the car. If there is one thing we know is that, niggas can never shoot straight and this should've been a hell of a mess. But wait, there's more.

    Dunno if you saw it but I saw an over head picture from the front where it shows cops have bullet casing markers on both sides of the vehicle, which would indicate that our shooter had to shoot from both sides no?

    Okay, another thing id like to know. In this world of technology where there is practically a video camera everywhere, on top of a building, corner store, inside of a building, subway, inside the police car, can we see a video footage of his movements. I'm sure they should have something, or plenty of video footage of him going to committing the crime and leaving the scene. Something just doesn't seem write with this shit, its rubbing the wrong way.

    There's been some serious backlash against the police these past 3 weeks, this little incident here has just earned the cops a big break from criticism and put the ball back in their court to keep knocking heads, so, please excuse me if I think outside the box. Keep following this story folks, something just doesn't seem right about this one to me.

  10. Kevin Fonek says:

    To back up my claim. Look at the very first picture. And listen to the press conference, specifically by the police commissioner describing the details of the shooting. He says that the assailant fired SEVERAL SHOTS. LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF BULLET CASINGS. LOOK AT THE WINDOW OF THE VEHICLE……NO BLOOD….

    Go google a pic of Mob Boss Frank Castellano that was murdered in an execution style hit like this one where he had a bodyguard with him. Even look at the made for tv movie on youtube, tell me if you don't question this crime scene as fishy.

    Even though Castellano was killed on both sides by 4 hitman, look at the bullet casings on the link around the NYC cop, you'd think they were hit by 4 men too, no? They said the assailant fired multiple shots, specifically from the passenger's side window, and none of them hit anywhere else in the car but yet we have bullet casing markers on the right side of the car? If anybody every worked forensics, CSI or in the know how, could you explain and clear for me this mystery?

  11. Max Heath says:

    Don't pay any attention to this guy Deborah Skolnik . He's just another criminal bitter towards law enforcement. Read this for a good laugh

  12. Jay Contreras says:

    This is another Dorner false flag. Though it may seem outlandish to some..know that the Nazis have NO problem killing their own and blaming it on the 'enemy' to further their ends.

  13. Jay Contreras says:

    Kevin Fonek Brotha you think too's a dangerous combination in the land of the led and it! I agree. It was a planned hit & this SHOULD make other white people scared..know that you can become collateral damage too. They don't care about YOU either. lol…

  14. William Eaton says:

    Then you wonder why cops are so quick to draw in the ghetto not exactly doing your people a favor in the eyes of the nation. In fact about to do something stupid and start a war you can't finish

  15. Mary Jackson says:

    Shame judicial system

  16. Arcy Sone says:

    Smells like false flag to me

  17. Arcy Sone says:

    Smells like false flag to me

  18. Rufus Rufus says:

    Max Heath Your taunting is so typical of your ilk.

  19. Rufus Rufus says:

    Did you have the same indignation when Eric Frein shot two Pennsylvania state troopers? Of course not. Whites never see their own shortcomings, but are quick to point out the shortcomings of black folks.

  20. William Eaton says:

    Comparing Eric Frein a criminal on the run to a racially and political motivated double murder okkie dokey

  21. Jay Contreras says:

    Like yes, the cops haven't always been an occupying army in the hood? They don't NEED a reason. That's their job. They are the modern day version of slave patrolers. And if whites were really that sure about winning a race war, they could have done that centuries ago…but alas, a parasite needs a host. We don't have the highest suicide rates and the lowest birth rates so in the beginning we were here & in the end, we will still be here.

  22. William Eaton says:

    Jay hahaha uneducated afrocentric idiocy at it's finest. When someone needs help in the hood who do they call? The cops. If it wasn't for the law keeping some sort of order in the hood you would have looted and burned down your own home long ago

  23. William Eaton says:

    Jay hahaha uneducated afrocentric idiocy at it's finest. When someone needs help in the hood who do they call? The cops. If it wasn't for the law keeping some sort of order in the hood you would have looted and burned down your own home long ago

  24. William Eaton says:

    Jay also as for the beginning. Cromagnon was the first modern humans and cromagnon wasn't African but migrated into Africa breeding with the various preexisting species of hominid 28-32 k ago. Blacks didn't even exist until then.

  25. William Eaton says:

    Jay as for any race war conquering Africa since the dawn of time yes the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were Caucasian to the Carthagians to the Greeks and Romans to the Arabs and later the Colonialists is enough. As for any modern race war it would be over very quickly every white boy over 14 has and knows how to use a gun. Whites also have the best war toys. And just how long do you think the ghetto will last without any electricity, running water and sewer, food, firefighters etc blacks would be eating each other and anyone else in no time

  26. Bwire Vincent says:

    Between De Blasio and the man named Lynch, I think the latter is the one with blood on his hands.

    The guy has been spewing lynch rhetoric against civilians, since day one.

  27. Jay Contreras says:

    William Eaton Can 2 white people or 2 asians or two ANYTHING BUT BLACK MAKE BLACK? Did you skip simple Biology 101?..Black skin is DOMINANT, hell COLORED SKIN is dominant & hence why person of color mating with a white person, will produce 9 times out of 10 offspring that will be OF COLOR. Biology 101. White skin is genetically if what you are saying was even remotely credible–how did these white cro magnons make a black man–his genetic superior? You can't make an original out of a fax or a copy. Cannot happen. You need to go take a refresher biology course or go peddle that bs to somebody who doesn't know.

  28. William Eaton says:

    Did you fail basic physical anthropology and genetics and evolution? The African genome project found multiple unknown hominid DNA in sub Saharan African blacks not found in either Caucasian or Asian population? And cromagnon was the first fully modern humans and cromagnon wasn't African but migrated into Africa breeding with the various preexisting species of hominid 28-32 k ago.

  29. William Eaton says:

    Blacks have the smallest brain capacity of around 1,200cc and the lowest average iq of 80-85 barely above that of a retard. Blacks also have a prothagunism which isn't a modern trait

  30. Jay Contreras says:

    William Eaton Stop with the Storm Front Talking points–the Egyptians/Kemites were not what you see in modern day Egypt. They are the descendants of arab invaders. Those are NOT the people who built those pyramids. And if they were 'white' b/c that's what you are inferring by saying caucasian–where are there ANY corresponding or equally magnificent structures and monuments like those you find in AFRICA (Egypt)? Where? Show me ANY of that scale on the European pennisula? Eh? So I'm to believe that those brilliant 'white men' built structures that have stood for millenia ALL THE WAY DOWN IN AFRICA, but they left NOTHING of equal magnificence where they were supposedly from? Does that make sense Poindexter? Nope, didn't think that it did. And Herodotus, referred to by yo people as the father of history was a contemporary of the ancient kemites and he described what they looked like and it sho wasn't like Brad Pitt or even what you see there in Egypt today. Again, stop quoting Storm Front talking points. And I'm not worried about a modern day race war..whites make up less than 10% of the earth's population, you have the lowest birth rates & the highest rates of suicide AND you are genetically recessive for skin color AND this is a sun planet. As Booker T. Coleman so eloquently stated: 'They may be hunting us but the SUN is hunting them.'….My bets are on the Sun to win. lol..

  31. William Eaton says:

    No actually the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were Caucasian of Semitic stock

  32. William Eaton says:

    And white people come from the caucuses in the middle east

  33. William Eaton says:

    God niggers are dumb

  34. William Eaton says:

    And the oldest man made stone henge on earth is gobleki tepi in Anatolia at 19k

  35. Jay Contreras says:

    William Eaton You keep holding onto those fantasies of your great recessive genetic strain.barren asses. Again, you have the lowest birth rates globally. You have bigger problems poindexter than worrying about who built the pyramids (again, where are the great pyramids in Europe?)…and again, 2 black people can make black, brown, red, yellow & white (albinos..or white people)…2 white people can't make ANYTHING but another white person. You haven't refuted anything I've written. You know why? Because you have NO credibility. None. I don't expect pathological liars to proffer anything but lies so you are only doing what your dna allows.

  36. Jay Contreras says:

    William Eaton And you have that switched don't you? Didn't they find neanderthal DNA in ALL BUT continental Africans?

  37. William Eaton says:

    More uneducated uninformed ignorant afrocentric idiocy. The African genome project found multiple unknown hominid DNA in sub Saharan African blacks not found in either Caucasian or Asian population. Or do you deny it? Blacks have the smallest brain capacity of around 1,200cc and the lowest average iq of 80-85.

  38. William Eaton says:

    And do you even know what the megalithic culture is? There's megalithic structure all across Europe dating back 5,500 years since the Indo European migrations into Europe from Anatolia. The oldest stone structure on earth is Gobleki Tepid in Anatolia 10,000-1 years old

  39. William Eaton says:

    And albino has nothing to do with being Caucasian did you fail basic genetics. Can you even name the chromosomes pairs that the difference between Caucasian and blacks are on

  40. William Eaton says:

    And actually no two blacks can only make a black. See the African genome project.

  41. William Eaton says:

    Do niggers even know what haplotypes and rhesus factor are? What are the only two black sub Saharan haplotype group abd what rhesus factor are blacks

  42. William Eaton says:

    And do you even know what prothagunism is

  43. Jay Contreras says:

    William Eaton Po lil short 'man'…you wrote all of that WHY, to convince ME or yourself of your supposed superiority? If it's self-evident, WHY are YOU WORKING so hard and expending SO MUCH ENERGY? If I REALLY believe I'm innately superior, I have NO FEAR of you gaining on me b/c you can't, you won't..b/c no matter what, my superiority will prevail. The white man acts in direct contradiction of this logic–always proclaiming your 'supposed' superiority..and black men's 'supposed' inferiority..always plotting, scheming and fomenting chaos and division. You are SO SCARED that the sleeping giant will awaken. Fear permeates everything you do and everything you say. Everything. Again, if your superiority is a foregone conclusion, why do you need to shout it so loudly, huh? Or are you hoping that your loud inane shouting will keep us from seeing you shaking like a fuckin' leaf? People don't come after the weak…no need..they go after those they fear most. So you can save all that noise, you haven't convinced me of anything b/c you don't believe it yourself. Otherwise you wouldn't be here trolling. lol…Beings don't expend energy on things they deem unimportant. Your presence here betrays your true fears white boy. You ain't foolin' nobody but yourself. lol..

  44. William Eaton says:

    That would be a no to everything I asked. The only two black sub Saharan haplotype group are A and B. Blacks are rhesus positive blood type and related to rhesus macaques. Prothagunism is a protruding jaw found in archaic hominid and chimpanzee and gorillas.

  45. William Eaton says:

    Ever see how blacks shower in Africa? Watch cow urine shower video on YouTube lol

  46. Jay Contreras says:

    William Eaton So trick, you pulling a double tonight huh? On FB and here? So you know 'they' don't trust your stupid ass to do any REAL crime enforcement or espionage work so they put you on troll patrol? lol…maybe you'll get your GED and pass the FBI test one day…lol..NOT.

  47. William Eaton says:

    Get back to me when your people catch up with the rest of humanity and invent something as basic as the wheel

  48. William Eaton says:

    I find the uneducated uninformed ignorant revisionist afrocentric idiocy of the nation of Islam nuts astounding. But what do you expect from a hominid with a average brain capacity of around 1,200cc and the lowest average iq of 80-85 barely above that of a retard. And who couldn't invent something as basic as the wheel

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